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  1. Clairons/Clarions breaking back

    Yea, verily...e'en at Tonbridge School, where I believe English is spoken. The Great Clarion 4ft breaks back, doubling the Trompete 8ft. The Swell Clairon 4ft ascends with flue pipes.
  2. Sorry to see this posted on Peter Collins Ltd webpage. Notice : the organ building firm of Peter Collins Ltd entered a creditor's voluntary liquidation on 20th January 2017 and a meeting of creditors was held on 30th January 2017. All enquiries should be directed to the liquidator at Elwell, Watchorn, Saxton LLP 109 Swan Street Sileby Loughborough Leicestershire LE12 7NN Phone : 01509 815150 Email : leicester@ewslip.co.uk
  3. Aubertin comes to Sussex

    Just came across this fine looking instrument on the NPOR, by Aubertin. Must be only a few miles from me, yet I knew nothing of it. Anyone else know about it ? http://www.npor.org.uk/NPORView.html?RI=M00005
  4. Soissons Cathedral organ damaged

    The link requires a login with username and password. Unable to see the article or pictures.
  5. Bishop & Son Ltd

    Anyone know what's happening with Bishop & Son Ltd ? From information in the public domain, it appears that Doug Levey of Musicom Systems Ltd is the sole Director and majority shareholder now. Just curious... H.
  6. David Graebe

    Sad to hear this news. What a talented man. His case designs will be a lasting testament to his skill. R.
  7. Diapasons and Flutes

    Yes, David, you are quite right. There was a substantial article in The Organ and I think the instrument was probably used as a 'demonstrator' for potential clients. It also had a Willis Infinite Gradation Swell engine, long since disconnected ! Let's not get started on that...!
  8. Diapasons and Flutes

    More Sylvestrinas here ... http://www.npor.org.uk/NPORView.html?RI=N14189 ...in a ravishing acoustic. Fantastic ! R.
  9. A new application of physics

    Aha...the enigmatic, or should I say 'anagramtic' Mr Paril. Well done !
  10. Clavichord for sale

    Just came across this, if anyone is lusting after a 4 octave Morley Clavichord http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1970s-JOHN-MORLEY-London-4-Octave-Clavichord-Stool-Spinet-Harpischord-P28-/391403402859?hash=item5b2175f66b
  11. Loudest Tubas

    Leicester was always described to me as an E-type Harrison. H
  12. music help needed

    Is there a kind soul out there who could PM me a scan of Archer's Prayer of St Richard, please ? Postal service has let me down 8-( Thanks in anticipation! H
  13. Organ Music and Rivers

    Noel Rawsthorne's Hornpipe Humoresque - vaguely nautical, anyway. Always goes down well, with lots of well-loved themes given some pleasingly revolting treatment.
  14. If I recall correctly, the Swell box was very large and split on two levels. I think the secondary ranks were on the lower level. Looking at the NPOR spec, it doesn't make it clear that the 16/8/4 Harmonic Trumpets were enclosed in the Solo box, on 10" wind. The Positive was fairly useless, being too far away from the main organ, usually at a varying pitch, with lively winding and a poor soundboard that had been well overheated. Access, for the brave, was via an extending ladder reaching up to a trap door in the base of (as my colleague referred to it) the 'orbiting dustbin'.
  15. What went wrong?

    Secondly, this thread has developed into something which has nothing to do with its original subject. Please stay on topic. I will not tolerate anything which contravenes these basic standards and if it continues, I will start to delete posts. What is more, running this discussion board is not my main job, which takes up enough of my time as it is. If running and moderating this discussion board starts to take up too much of my time, I will close it down. John Dear me, I hope you're all sitting on the naughty step today ! H