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Recital Going Begging On September 13th In Brighton


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Due to family committments, I have had to withdraw from a recital at St Mary's Church, Rock Gardens, Brighton on Saturday 13th September.


This is a date in a regular Summer Saturday afternoon series.


It is a beautiful Bevington organ high up in a gallery in this rather magnificent church which is well worth discovering.


The organ is in reasonable condition, although the action is quite heavy, and there are no playing aids.


I have played there several years in a succession and have always been warmly welcomed, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. The organ is so musical that you can play virtually anything on it, subject, naturally, to dealing with the registration. The organist in charge, Bill Sibbey, is extremely helpful and likes to assist at the console. There is always a good, appreciative audience although, regrettably, no fee.


If anyone were able to step into my shoes they would be doing me a huge favour, and I would, I am sure, thorougly enjoy playing this very fine instrument.


Please do not hesitate to send me an e - mail off board if you could help ; first come, first served !


Kind regards,


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Those who are intrepid enough to pass through the vestry and into the organ loft (both of which are usually filthy and full of rubbish) may spot, somewhere on a wall, a photo of me taken with my predecessor in 1971 when I was appointed organist there. I think it is fair to say I look totally different now - hardly any hair at all and certainly not covering my (rather large) ears as it did then!!


The organ is good for Franck, particularly with a Vox Humana on the Swell, but the tremulant operates over the entire instrument and you need very strong muscles if you are going to use couplers.


You also get the option of playing part of the recital on a 4 manual Wyvern theatre organ which was left to the church by Ernest Maynard.


Malcolm Kemp

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