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Peachtree Road United Methodist Church

Guest Geoff McMahon

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This sounds like what I believe to be an "english cathedral organ", not an neo-classical-would-be-eclectic one.

It manages to be round enough for Howells while still precise enough

for polyphony.

And that, without "over-doing" anything!

Again, one hears here that this "Repertoire-flexibility" has nothing to do

with stop-lists theories, but rather with voicing practice.


This is the kind of organ we need on the continent to broaden our

organ style's palette.


Best wishes,

Pierre Lauwers.

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I'd been told that this church has a very dry acoustic and the programme certainly does reveal that there's not a lot of reverberation. Yet the organ still manages to make you think you're in a resonant cathedral. If it's not just clever miking, I'd say that Manders have pulled off quite a trick here. Very impressive.

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