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  1. I recently stumbled across this performance of Sidney [not Sydney] Campbell’s Variations on the Plainsong ‘Vexilla Regis’. I never knew him to play, or promote, his own organ compositions, but he did once recommend these to me, saying that he would ‘like to hear them again’. I did eventually learn them, but not until after he had died. John Pryer makes them sound very well here. The acoustic helps. Campbell knew how to tailor his compositions for a big space: his impressive Te Deum, written at Canterbury for the enthronement of Archbishop Ramsey in 1961 is another example. Some of the regist
  2. You took me there yourself. It was just the two of us, so I think it must have been a second visit for you. I always wondered how you got to hear about it.
  3. My book says that commas in an address may be omitted (my italics). I was taught at school to use them in addresses, but I no longer do so because it seems superfluous to demarcate separated lines. On the other hand, my daughter asked me this week to arbitrate an argument she was having at work about the punctuation of individual bullet points, viz capitals or not; commas or full stops? I had to admit that I wasn't 100% sure: I'm not sure they had been invented when I was at school. So I looked it up. Basically, bullet points are just a display format and do not affect the underlying grammar.
  4. There's a very fine Salve regina by John Bull, although, strictly speaking, it's an alternatim setting requiring plainsong interpolations.
  5. Ah, so you've met my psychiatrist... 😎
  6. Especially if shaken, not stirred, I imagine. (We really have gone off-topic, haven't we? Mea cupla.)
  7. I remember a None on Peter Collins's organ at Shellingford, Oxon, way back c.1968-9, but I can't remember any more about it other than that I wasn't entirely convinced. NPOR tells me that it was subsequently replaced by (turned into?) a 1' Sifflöte.
  8. The first movement of Messiaen's Les Corps Glorieux is based on the Salve regina - not that you'd recognise it simply by listening. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_NGyXvyER4&pp=QAA%3D
  9. Ah, thank you. That will be more up-to-date. I ought to get it. It's interesting how many different forms of guidance Oxford issue. I hope they all agree...
  10. Thank you, Martin. Your previous post overlapped with mine, so I have only just seen it. The book I was referring to is somewhat different to your link; it's basically what used to be 'Hart's Rules' - now out of print: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Oxford-Guide-Style-Language-Reference/dp/0198691750/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=Oxford+guide+to+style&qid=1599848088&sr=8-3
  11. The Oxford Guide to Style is unexpectedly silent concerning the plurals of nouns adopted from other languages - so far as I can see, anyway. It has always seemed logical to me to retain the native plurals for nouns that are still treated as foreign and thus printed in italics, but to pluralise nouns that have become fully assimilated into English and are thus printed in Roman (such as forum and syllabus) as if they were English - except where it is the plural itself that has become naturalised: no one talks of an agendum or a datum.
  12. A collection I rate very highly is Carl Piutti's 200 Choral Preludes. The only downsides are that few of the tunes are used in Britain and the pieces are all a little bit on the short side (being intended as functional chorale preludes). Other than that, the pieces are professionally crafted, mostly very-to-quite easy and mostly very attractive in the classical Romantic vein - so Brahms is the style that springs most readily to mind (although a couple, such no. 45 Es ist das Heil, are almost Wagnerian). There are many real gems. The score is on IMSLP. Don't be put off by the dense look o
  13. As I admitted above, I do this a lot, but the downside is that, if I only read the emails and not the post on the forum, I miss any edits that are subsequently made. I say this one who is almost incapable of saying what I want to say first go - though maybe people aren't missing anything important.
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