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  1. BWV 565

  2. BWV 565

    I wonder what he would have thought of this.
  3. Clairons/Clarions breaking back

    This is interesting. I have long known about 4' reeds having flue pipes for the extreme trebles, but I confess I had no idea that the stops might actually break back instead.
  4. Poldark!

    I see there was a tweet yesterday from Anne Dudley, who wrote the music for the series: "Emotional scenes in #Poldark tonight. I wrote a psalm with Debbie H - "Greater love" - 4 part harmony from the cast -I love them." I have to say that the four cast members didn't sing it at all badly either: both balance and tuning were very pleasing (if about as believable as the rapidly reloading muskets and pistols! )
  5. RCO Orgelbüchlein competition

    You've every right to feel proud. Good luck.
  6. Buckfast Abbey

    There was a short piece about the new organ on the South West's local TV news this evening. It starts at 18:00 here.
  7. James Dalton RIP

  8. Easter highlight

    I thought the Easter Hymn outstanding. It really suited the choir and the soprano soloist was superb. I noticed the divided pedal in use near the end. Another highlight for me was the soloist in RVW's "Love bade me welcome". He really got to the heart of the words and his diction was crystal clear. Some notes were a cent or two below pitch to my ears, but not enough to spoil my enjoyment. I also liked the descant to the final hymn: simple and effective.
  9. Synchronising organ and singer

    Most of the singers I accompany are on another planet. Will this technique still work with them?
  10. Luxuriant Adagio

    There is also his Douceur des Champs de Lavande fleurie from the Huit Images de Provence. I think the vogue word is "lush".
  11. Luxuriant Adagio

    I have received an email from our former poster TheMythes, who sends his greetings. Sadly he is no longer able to enjoy music due to hearing problems and has lost the ability to log on here, but he still reads the forum regularly. He has asked me to recommend O clemens! O pia! from the Cinq Invocations by Henri Dallier. I nearly mentioned this myself earlier, but I wasn't sure that it would meet Martin's requirement for luxuriance. Be that as it may, it is a lovely piece. In fact, all five of the invocations are super, although the last is a right royal pig to play. (It's been on my "later, perhaps" list for years and, since I hardly touch the organ these days, is going to stay there.)
  12. Luxuriant Adagio

    Actually, although it's not strictly adagio, when it comes to luxuriant intensity, I think this is probably my favourite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPhLK28PMNs Another possibility (although not if you want to avoid sadness) is Guy Ropartz's Prélude Funèbre: Then there is the Elegy from Herbert Brewer's Elegy, Introduction and Fugato. They are all on IMSLP.
  13. Luxuriant Adagio

    Thalben-Ball's "Edwardia" (in The Hovingham Sketches). In much the same mould as Campbell's Lento, but higher cholesterol.
  14. Are the 8's three opens plus two flutes? How nice to see a French Horn on the Solo. Our local foghorn has one and it's a superb stop - smoothly realistic and very useful. Why is this stop so rare?
  15. Asking a bit much?

    Ah. Then I would consider that optimistic in that particular area, but if they can get what they want at the price...