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Marko Hakanpää

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Does anyone here have the scale of the Contre-bombarde 32' (low C) in St. Ouen, Rouen. This one is the most brutal Cavaillé-Coll-reed I have ever heard and it would be nice to see the diameter of the resonator, size and thickness of the reed and diameter of the shallot. I know that the organ has been thoroughly explained in a book by Günter Lade, but I find it a bit expensive to buy the book for this piece of information only.


Any information would be gratly appreciated.


Marko Hakanpaa

organist in Finland

I'm sorry, it's not in the Verwer book as edited by Günter Lade. The tables (pp. 105 and 107) are incomplete, and the data of bottom C of the Contrebombarde are not included.


Stephen B would have had them, I'm sure. Anyone else?




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