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  1. "The Organist" & "The Organ Portfolio" by Lorenz Corp. Older isuues widely available at Ebay.com. Mainly for non-professional organists. Oldest issues available at Sibley music library. Search there "The Organist" and you'll find several collections, "The organist's quarterly journal", "The village organist" etc.
  2. Try Ebay USA. I bought a set of 21 Maas Cathedral Chimes this year for a mere $ 700 + shipping $ 400. Here You can see and hear the chimes in action: Search "maas chimes", "deagan chimes", "organ chimes" or "cathedral chimes" for example.
  3. I would build a "tent" around the console with a safe heating device inside. This kind of light-weight-structures were being sold in my country when detached consoles were more common than they are now. A tent can of course also be built around an attached console. If the console is not clearly visible to the congregation, the tent can be left standing during services. If a tent is not possible, here are some examples of suitable heating systems: http://www.orgelzubehoer.de/54273.html Unfortunately in German, but maybe Google translation will help.
  4. I use the German PriMus: simple to use, flexible and reasonably priced. Customer support is quite amazing: in most cases I become an answer within 30 minutes. The program is available in English. There is also a built-in scanning and recognizing feature. http://www.columbussoft.de/?lang=en
  5. I thank Cynic very much for the kind help he offered. I am now a happy owner of this book. Marko H.
  6. I am looking for "The Hopkins album : consisting of thirteen voluntaries for the organ" / by Edward J. Hopkins. Any ideas where I could find this out-of-print public domain book either in printed or in pdf file version? Google doesn't help much. Music from that period seems to be out of fashion and thus difficult to find. Thank You in advance. Marko Hakanpää Finland
  7. We (ALL church musicians in Finland) are in the lucky position of being full-time musicians; we do this for living and don't need to have another occupation. Only in small churches there are organists with part time jobs, but even they are normally at least 50%. The average salary for us is about 2500 EUR per month, depending on the position an education (mine is 3000+ at the moment). We have a similar classification of the posts to Germany (A, B and C degree, A being the highest, equivalent to a DOM). Now back to the original topic again
  8. Plus that we are paid per month, not per service.
  9. It is not uncommon for us to have 6 weddings on saturdays: every 45 mins starting at 2pm. The busiest day I had at Turku (Finland) Cathedral included 4 funerals, 6 weddings, an evening mass, tuning the reeds (there are 21 of them) and then practising for the sunday service...
  10. Padre Davide da Bergamo (Felice Moretti) wrote a huge number (literally thousands) of Sinfonias, Sonatas, Sonatinas etc. so it may not be easy to find a specific Sinfonia. Please take a look here: http://www.zanica.com/padredata.htm#midi and here: http://www.armelin.it/CatalogoCategorico/organosolo.htm#P
  11. Does anyone here have the scale of the Contre-bombarde 32' (low C) in St. Ouen, Rouen. This one is the most brutal Cavaillé-Coll-reed I have ever heard and it would be nice to see the diameter of the resonator, size and thickness of the reed and diameter of the shallot. I know that the organ has been thoroughly explained in a book by Günter Lade, but I find it a bit expensive to buy the book for this piece of information only. Any information would be gratly appreciated. Marko Hakanpaa organist in Finland
  12. We are going to have a television service in the first sunday in Lent next year. We thought it would be nice to have some typical English cathedral music for SATB with organ accompaniment - music very seldom heard in Finland. I would be very grateful if someone here could recommend some compositions (composer + name of the work), I am thinking of music by Howells, Wood, Stainer etc. Our choir will sing procession music in the beginning and in the end, the psalm (Ps. 91: 1-4, 11-12, 15) and during the communion. I thought this might be the forum to contact people who work with this kind of music regularly. With many thanks in advance Marko Hakanpää Finland
  13. In continental Europe tracker actions are built almost exclusively, so even the larger organs have tracker action. I can now recall the organs at St. Marien in Lübeck with some 101 stops, Turku cathedral with 81 stops, Engelbrektkyrka in Stockholm with 86 stops (this organ has even mechanical stop action). So tracker actions with over 80 stops are not uncommon.
  14. Laukhuff builds their Bombarde 32's with small doors in the boots to enable access to the reeds.
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