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Wim Verburg RIP


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Dear list members,


from the German Orgelforum I had to learn that Wim Verburg, after a short and severe illness, died today.


Many of you might know him from his incredible website www.orgelsite.nl as an avid organ lover, player, photographer, and even composer. He had a gift for making contact easily and kindly, as well as for communicating his love for the organ and his insatiable, and at the same time wonderfully relaxed, curiosity for everything concerning the instrument.


Wim had married recently. He was only 44.




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I know no Dutch, but I had visited his website and found much to enjoy there, not least the many wonderful photographs. Goodness, he had even got one of the organ in my old church in Bristol (albeit not the instrument I used to play).


44 is far too young to die. My sympathies to his spouse.

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