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Please forgive this somewhat off-topic posting. I hope I'm not transgressing any Forum rules by doing so.


I need an extra person to help me man a trade show in Germany later this month.



- Available at least from Wed 21st to Sunday 25th September (inclusive);

- German speaker (good A-Level standard as minimum);

- Preferably an organist;

- Good working knowledge of computers, MIDI and audio;

- Sufficiently able-bodied to help load/unload/fetch & carry console parts;

- Current valid passport and EHIC.



- Travel, accommodation and food covered.


The ideal candidate would possibly be an Organ Scholar, or similar, about to return to university.

Suggestions/recommendations/expressions of interest off-list, please.


Thanks in advance.



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This position is still open.

The "requirements" are negotiable (though not the dates, obviously).

An interest in, and some knowledge/experience of, organs/computers is desirable.

Although I said "help to man a stand", this opportunity is open to both sexes (accommodation is a 2-bedroom holiday flat).

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