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I came, I saw, he had a train to catch


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Thanks to our kind host for speaking at the Yorkshire Organ Day, held at Halifax Parish Church. Unofrtunately, a prior engagement meant that I couldn't be there to hear it, but it was good to meet John very briefly, just as he was about to rush off to catch his train back to London.


Although I could only attend Chris Brown's excellent recital at the culmination of the event, I gather that about 80 people attended the day, and as Alan Thurlow pointed out, "Outreach is essential if we are to keep the organ alive."


Full marks to those who went to the trouble of organising the event, and of course, similar events in London, the Midlands & Scotland etc.


I gather that next year, the evnt should move to Leeds: something of a mecca for organ-lovers, and one which I will definitely attend.






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Yes, an excellent day. I particularly liked John Mander's response when asked (as a panellist) for his opinion on the replacement of pipe organs with 'toasters': 'Organ builders like to see the installation of digital organs as they can look forward to a new contract in twenty years' (or words to that effect)!


There was another amusing anecdote from him about King's, Cambridge, but I'll leave that for another day.

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