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We are considering upgrading the software for this forum to the latest version.


The advantages are that it is more secure, has a cleaner look, is more intuitive, has additional features and is easier to administer. An example of a forum using the latest software is here: https://www.devfuse.com/forums/


The most important point in all of this is you, our user. We do not want to lose you and yet we wish to provide you with the best forum experience we can.


Change is always difficult but perhaps the time is now right to move to a more modern board with functionality that the majority of the other forums have on the internet today.


Users and topics will be moved over and unless there is a huge outcry we intend to move to the new forum in the next couple of weeks.

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There has been no adverse reaction to the suggestion of the forum software being upgraded to the latest version and so this will occur in the next few days. The current version is about 5 years out of date.


The board will look different, have more options and will I believe enhance your experience using of this forum. In addition, it will provide a secure connection to your browser which will improve the security of username and password when logging in.


Most of the changes will be obvious and intuitive however there is one that you should be aware of now and that concerns usernames and display names. You will still be able to login using your current username and password however you will need to change your display name yourself to your preferred option as that will not be carried over.


If you have any queries or there are some issues then please email: adminnospamnewvalleywebdesign.com (replace nospam with @)

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