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  1. F H Browne and Sons is proud to announce that it has acquired Mander Organs of London and from 1st October 2020 will trade as Mander Organ Builders. The acquisition of Mander Organs allows F H Browne, now in its 150th year, to continue recent growth within the organ building industry, reaching a wider market, and building on the collective expertise of both F H Browne and Mander. The company will maintain and extend the provision of all our existing services (new builds, restorations, tuning and maintenance, and coverings), led by the current F H Browne management team. We are also
  2. No - but suggest £300 - £400 would be a realistic approximate figure.
  3. Many thanks for the message Steve and I thought it might be easier to reply to the forum so all are aware. I am the web designer that looks after this forum and also the Mander Organs web site. The future of this forum lies with the liquidators. I have been in contact with them and am waiting to hear their views. Practically I think that it cannot continue to be funded by Mander Organs as they are no more so the options are as you say - funds are raised through crowdfunding to pay the monthly bill of $45 - or a forum is set up by someone elsewhere and if possible, the posts from this foru
  4. Mander Organs are currently working on the organ at Waltham Abbey. Further details are under the news items on the home page of the web site: https://mander-organs.com/
  5. Mander Organs Ltd is pleased to announce that, with effect from Thursday November 1st 2018, the company’s shareholding has been transferred into an Employee Ownership Trust. Geoff McMahon succeeds John Mander as Managing Director, and Michael Blighton joins him on the Board as Tonal Director. Photographs and further details are available here https://mander-organs.com/mander-organs-is-now-an-employee-ownership-trust/
  6. Ladies and Gentlemen, There is some speculation and information in this topic which is misleading and is causing offence. Consequently, I am locking this topic.
  7. Readers might be interested in the updated page on the Mander Organs web site covering The Queen's Organ Westminster Abbey. The link is here: https://mander-organs.com/the-queens-organ-westminster-abbey/ Webmaster
  8. There has been a request to sub divide the Organ and its Music into 2 topics; one for the Organ and the other for Organ Music. The majority of the posts in this topic are for the Organ and so the music posts are being lost. Looking at the size of this topic, this makes sense. Therefore this topic has been sub divided into two parts which will allow for those with more of an interest in the music to have greater visibility of their posts. We are always looking at ways to improve this popular Mander Organs Forum so please use the contact form for any suggestions.
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