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Bach and Expression (Fugue State Films)

Johannes Riponensis

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Fugue State Film's latest production seems to me a remarkable achievement - a detailed exploration of Bach's organ music from youthful beginnings to mature works in terms of compositional techniques, performance practice, theological background and the whole 18c. concept of Affektenlehre.   In a 204-minute documentary Daniel Moult and his eloquent co-presenter, Martin Schweding, examine - both individually or in conversational dialogue - a variety of Bach's works, both free and chorale-based.  Together they offer some quite remarkable new insights.

The presentation is in seven chapters, each treating a different aspect. The thread meanders slightly at times and the editing is somewhat clunky in places, but the overall message is surprisingly thought-provoking and should make us re-think our approach to this music.

A second DVD includes around 30 pieces performed on various 18c. organs that Bach would have known - Rötha (2 organs by Silbermann), Sangerhausen (Hildebrandt) and Waltershausen (Trost). All four are also suitably demonstrated.  Not included, alas, is Hildebrandt's famous masterpiece in St Wenzel, Naumburg, of which we are offered tantalising glimpses but never get to hear - a pity since this is the one organ for which there is documentary evidence of Bach's personal involvement in its design and in its opening celebrations.

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