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  1. Hi all, How about this "little" instrument - It's just a little of the beaten track, being in the Land Down Under; it's kinda sorta Anglophone, if you can understand Orshtrayun; and it was built just a few years before 1985 - The Grand Organ of Sydney Town Hall, William Hill & Son 1890, 5 manuals + pedal, 126 stops.
  2. Hi MM Yes, this is a wonderful performance of Manari's great pedal study by Robinson. As to the composer, the Youtube information gilds the lily slightly - he wasn't ever enthroned as a bishop, at least according to what I've read about him - but he nonetheless seems to have been a most remarkable man. Raffaeli Manari was born in Càrsoli (L'Aquila) on 21 April 1887 and died in Rome on his 46th birthday, in 1933. He packed a great deal in his relatively short life - in particular, he: studied theology and sacred music at the Seminario Vaticano and Collegio Capranica, taking Holy
  3. Healey Willan accompanies the recessional hymn (Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones / Lasst Uns Erfreuen, taken at a very stately pace) at St Mary Mag, Toronto and improvises the postlude ... at the age of 86! Rgds MJF
  4. Hi all For various reasons, I haven't been "on board" for a while, and I therefore apologise if these have already been posted somewhere in the preceding 22 pages. Interesting transcriptions of organ music for another medium: Widor's ubiquitous Toccata (Only the first 4:30 of 7:18; remainder apparently blank) Toccata from the Suite Gothique Rgds MJF
  5. Did Benjamin Bayl return to Sydney after his time at King's College, or remain in England (where there are undoubtedly more opportunities in this area)? Rgds, MJF
  6. What is the current situation of the Harrison at the City Hall in Newcastle-upon-Tyne? Some years ago, I heard that it had been at least partly brought back into working order (for some sort of a "private function", I understood), but I've heard nothing since. Rgds, MJF
  7. I looked up the chapel organ out of interest in the Rugby School website (referred to above) and NPOR. Both have photos of the console taken from a similar angle to the left. I looks to me that the left and right jambs - what I can see of them - each have two double columns of drawstops. Now I assume that the left hand jamb has the Swell and Pedal drawstops and associated couplers as usual, while the right contains the Choir and Great and their associated couplers, again as usual, together with the Solo / Bombarde. Am I correct in thinking that the 6 stops of the Solo plus a tremulant a
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