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  1. I'd get new spies if I were you old boy!
  2. Magna


    Here here! But then we had this conversation rather loudly in the pub on Friday!
  3. Yeah, but they've got the Pope! You can't have it all
  4. [ANORAK] Liverpool Cathedral is 619ft long. It covers an area of 104275 sq.ft. The tower is 311 feet high. The height of the under tower vault (i.e up to the corona gallery is 175ft). That's one hell of a space to fill! It is the largest enclosed in Christendom, with the exception of St. Peters. Oh, and the bells are the highest, heaviest peal in the world! [/ANORAK] The organ needs to be loud, as trying to bully 3000 people into singing a hymn at the speed you want it, takes a fair bit of welly. It also then needs to withstand the noise, when that 3000 strong congegation decide to have a "we can sing louder than you" competition. I think the organ is pretty damn perfect. It is the most versatile intrument I have ever had the priviledge to play and no matter how many times I play it, you always find new combinations of sounds (to pinch a quote off Daniel Roth!) For those of you that haven't heard it - Liverpool Cathedral tomorrow, 11:15am!
  5. pcnd hello! See, I can write down long web addresses after lots of Stella! I will get down to hear yours eventually. Was a bit annoyed I missed Oxford, it's always a laugh. Even if the organ isn't one of my favourites...... Did you take any music this year?
  6. If you've got it flaunt it! What else is the "Full Organ" piston for?!
  7. It is true that only the staff or visiting recitalists get to play Liverpool Anglican. It is "the one" that everyone wants to play, but sadly for everyone who wants to play, the Dean & Chapter stipulate that the organ can only be used for practice when the building is closed (other than for services). When the building is closed, someone has to be there, which costs money. Money is something Cathedrals don't seem to have a lot of these days. It is not the staff being awkward or unfriendly, it is just the way things have to be. Would you want to explain to Ian that you'd broken her?!?
  8. A set of 8' Party Horns (AKA The Trompette Militaire) on 50" wind pressure was added a few years ago. Trust me, you do not want to be under the Corona Gallery when this stop is being played with Sub & Super drawn. The effect is absolutley frightening. The Tuba Magna also now operates on a full 50" wind pressure, rather than the lack lustre 37ish he had operated on for so long. For those that haven't seen them, an image link from Danny Bishops site:
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