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  1. Hi all It's slightly off topic on this thread, but recently, a member of the congregation reading the intercessions, started to read the list of those needing prayers, who were ill, under the heading of those who had died. Jonathan
  2. Hi all In a sort of opposite version of the last comment, I asked once, as to why some stops were working without being drawn. ? ______ "check the crescendo pedal !" Jonathan
  3. Hi everybody In the programme for last Sunday's service at my church, - in the hymn "For the fruits of his creation" the third line was printed as "for his 'gits' to ev'ry nation" Jonathan.
  4. Hello All The version that I have heard is that WTB arranged to demonstrate an organ to a local dignatory (spelling?), when the chap didn't show up, WTB made to depart, only to encounter him on the stairs. "I've come to hear the organ he said, whereupon WTB made his way back to the organ, jammed some keys down with a broken pencil and left. Jonathan
  5. Yes Please Simon Thanks very much Jonathan Thornton (companypleasant on forum) Poole Dorset
  6. re my previous post ---apologies--- just search for hector c parr
  7. Hi everybody re. the discussion on recital health warnings and the "visibility" of the organist, the article by Hector C. Parr on the web , titled "Organs and the music lover" is interesting (and his others) Search for www.c_parr.freeserve.co.uk/hcp/muslov.htm Jonathan
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