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    I have a Peter Collins organ: 8 8 4 2 over 2 man and ped. + 8 ped reed (1/8 length)- foolishly and against Peter's advice with a R&C pedal board (no one should use an R&C pedal board these days, particularly if you have a large shoe size! - makes life needlessly difficult).
    Yamaha U3 piano, now carefully revoiced to get rid of brassy tenor and bass.
    Guelph 1 manual American reed organ.
    I have a severely shrinking repertoire - I mostly blame my organ shoes - but there must be something else...I use Dupre editions of Bach, Mendelsohn, Franck...I have a large number of CDs .. mostly avoiding English organs.. with a lot of St Sulpice. Karl Richter and his Munich Choir and Orchestra are also old favourites.

    I don't play on Sundays for a variety of reasons.I used to play with a visiting choir and was lucky enough to play on a number of large instruments in the south. I only play for fun....Science pays the bills...

    Live not far from Farnborough Abbey - the best small organ in Great Britain.

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  1. I have just come back from the Orford Organ Festival. This included recitals by Paul Hale and Bernard Haas (almost completely from memory!) and organ with choir and orchestra with Catherine Ennis. When the organ was in the Turner Sims Concert Hall, where the reverberation was negligible when an audience was present, the organ allowed much music from the Barock era to be played satisfactorily with appropriate tone colours and balance; it was most satisfying sound yet one could not describe it as beautiful. St Bartholomew's church Orford's interior is both wide and lofty and provides a few secon
  2. I am pleased to find out that the Easter Vigil is being broadcast live from St Sulpice (to-night) at 8:30 pm UK time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_j9b7Bfy0jE
  3. Allan Wicks also said that it sounded all right for playing trio sonatas rather than large scale pieces
  4. Allan Wicks showed me their electronic organ around 1974 I’m pretty sure it was a Hammond.
  5. I have just found details of the opening Orford Organ Festival The organ has been installed by Cousans who have had to do a lot of work on pipe work that was badly damaged by the length of time it was all in storage. I've got my tickets and I'm looking forward to hearing it once again!
  6. Further details can be found here https://orfordorganproject.com/
  7. Looking forward to hearing this fine instrument once again!
  8. When I started this topic I never expected it to come to such a sad and undeserved end. And it was too upsetting to see the photographs of the organ being dismantled. Thanks Mark for providing the short recording of your recital - what an exciting and interesting sound! I don't know of any recordings of the Turner Sims organ. (Although there is the Regent Records CD "from Chamber to Chantry" that features several other Peter Collins organs.) When I was deciding to buy my own organ from Peter Collins I spent a few hour at the Turner Sims; and had the pleasure to meet Prof Evans
  9. 20 or 30 years ago- I remember going to a talk by Arthur Wills in which he explained how the rebuild had put the organ back towards its original sound. I asked how he could say that when the Great 32ft had been removed. It was clearly an unwanted question and I received a short and fuzzy reply - which I unfortunately don't remember. It is interesting how one person's improvement is another person's vandalism.....
  10. This is really a terrible thing to happen. The extent of the cuts seem to me rather like panic. It is difficult, but not impossible to raise large sums of money these days. They have only to look to St Davids and consider the amount of money raised there over the last few years for various items - the new Cloister, the Shrine, the Pilgrim Centre and the recent new organ! There is a petition to sign here http://savellandaffchoir.weebly.com/index.html
  11. Things now seem to be going from bad to worse. I recently enquired when the organ would be going back into the concert hall and I received the reply that they were not sure whether it would be going back! I think that this eventuality would be a serious musical loss - the recitals there were quite well attended - the organ made a respectable sound, appreciated by many fine players, despite the lack of reverberation. This would be a very sad end to Professor Evans notable achievement.
  12. But don't forget the cost of your gym membership subscriptions vide- http://mander-organs-forum.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/3407-hymns-appear-to-be-getting-heavier/
  13. My organ teacher told me that Boris Ord had often said that he had many ideas for compositions and was looking forward to putting these down in his retirement, but unfortunately he died aged only 64. I think this must have been told to my teacher by Harold Darke with whom he had had lessons; Darke was deputy choirmaster at Kings during the war. ....Never put things off...!
  14. There have been several references to the changes in the Kings boy's voice production between the choir under Ord to that under Willcocks; and also to the Johns choir under Guest. This morning I came across this Thomanerchor http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4FHhEqnQZY recording (1950 !!) of Cantata BWV41 where the boys, as well as singing in the chorus, sing solos. There was cleary much to do in the UK to catch up with the tone quality of the German boys, and Guest In particular aimed in this direction.
  15. I watched it several times and found everything admirable in its own way of that time; I also admired the wonderful delivery of the readings. One thing that I particularly noted was the matching organ sound to the hymn words for mighty dread had seized....full swell plus sub octave?? The conductor has to fit in with solemnity of the service, it's not a concert; the gentle nod, the meaningful look, the subtle hand and helpful finger are all that is required.
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