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Hollins, Bonner And A Piano-organ Duet


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I am looking for the score - in whatever form - of a piano and organ duet that Hollins used to play at Victoria Hall, Hanley with W.T.Bonner on piano.

According to a programme for October 9th in 1922, The organ and piano duet "Polonaise", written by Hollins, was played for the fifth time at the Victoria Hall concerts (for which it was composed).


The programme says: "The polonaise is in D major, with a trio, or middle part in B flat, which is afterwards repeated in the tonic, forte, and with a florid counterpoint in the pedal". Reading Hollins' biography it appears that this duet was very popular but strangely enough I have never been able to trace it in printed form. It looks as though he played it in the USA too.


So - anyone spied anything like it lying around in a loft or some such? Most enquiries have met with blank stares. Sounds as though it must have been quite a fun piece...



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Jenny you might try contacting David Liddle who has made a speciality of Hollins:




Best I can come up with!



Hi Peter,

thanks for the suggestion of David - uh-duh - I should have thought of that. I recall he did mention something like that when I wrote to him about my book.

Will let you know if I find something!



PS : tried sending you a PM but your inbox is full - how nice to be so popular!! :rolleyes:

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