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I recently pulled out Fleury's 2nd Symphony, which has remained unplayed since I bought it on a whim at a cheap price a couple of years ago.


Having had a bash at it, I'm not extremely impressed so far - the 1st and 3rd movements seem to ramble a bit and the 4th seems to me to be a lot of rushing around without actually going anywhere. Perhaps with time I'll warm to these movements, but the 2nd 'Vif' movement seems quite interesting - somewhat akin to Vierne's 'Naiades'.


I'm quite keen to explore some of his other music, so I'd be very interested to know what's out there which is worth taking a look at.


I've heard the 24 Pieces might a good place to start - apparently they are quite accessible. Any other recommendations?




Vox Angelica

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I've had trouble warming to the 2nd Symphonie myself - I prefer the 1st... I have a private recording of it if you want to have a listen and see if you like it (it really is more cohesive IMHO)


Of the the rest of his works, I'd definitely recommend the 24 pieces - they are VERY well written and quite useful as service music (as well as being fairly easy, although not without an occasional challenge).

The 2 preludes and Fugues are also wonderful, as are his Variations on a Noel (easier than Dupré). The Prelude, Andante and Toccata is also nice. I've heard or seen just about everything he's written, and I think Sym. 2 is probably the weakest of the lot, although not worth bing forgotten.


Oh, and almost forgot - Allegro Symphonique is wonderful as well!


Drop me a PM if you want some more info!




- G

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"but the 2nd 'Vif' movement seems quite interesting - somewhat akin to Vierne's 'Naiades'."


Ahem - akin is putting it politely... When exactly does flattery become plagarism? :(




Haha - they are indeed very similar - but I would probably rate the Fleury lower than the Vierne in terms of difficulty, that's for sure!


Many thanks giwro for your suggestions - I can't say I've heard many of the works mentioned, but the Prelude Andante and Toccata seems to have been recorded a number of times - where does this one lie on the difficulty scale?



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I enjoyed learning and playing Fleury's Prélude, Cantilène et Final (1981). The Final is useful to add to one's repertoire for postludes, although it does require reeds that don't become too anaemic at the top of their range. In the great scheme of difficulty, I found this not to simple so as to be boring, it did benefit from a serious approach with written out fingering etc, but much simpler than some of the Vierne that so many of us like adding to our repertoire. For instance, I found the Cantilène easier to prepare for performance than Vierne's Sicilienne

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