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Couperin Mass chants


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I first encountered the Couperin Organ Masses on Piet Kee's 1954 recording from Alkmaar - just the Qui Tollis Peccata Mundi from the mass for"convents". He played it more slowly than any other performance that I have heard - but I think that the piece benefits from that slow tempo.


Later I heard many of the movements played on English organs, and bought the score. It was a long time before I heard them on authentic French instruments. They were all very beautiful, but apparently a ragbag of short pieces with no obvious links or overall structure.


Eventually I learned of the alternatim nature of the pieces, and heard them performed as intended, each piece preceded by the chant which was taken over by the organ, but with members of the congregation able to sing (if only mentally) the chant along with the organ work.


Does anyone know if the chants are available online, or if there are any organ editions which include the chants?

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