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A prolific, (and unknown to me), British composer


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I have a copy, somewhere, of his "York Minster" from the Three Cathedral Voluntaries - outrageous....





Well that tells us an awful lot, doesn't it? :lol:


Could you tell us WHY it is outrageous?


This may explain why I, and no-one else that I know of, has ever heard of the gentleman, but he did teach Birtwistle and one of my former brass tutors, Arthur Butterworth.



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From Henderson:


"Richard Hall (1903-82), a prof at the RNCM was a minister as well as a musician. He was precentor at Leeds Parish Church for 10 years; composed 4 symphonies etc."


Henderson lists 5 organ publications. I used to have a copy of Three Cath Voluntaries (op 62 1936), which was given to me by Miss Banks but I gave it away as I never played them. I can't remember anything about them - not even the names of the other two cathedrals so they didn't make a great impression....



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