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Lionel Rogg: Bach Art Of Fugue


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One of my favourite organ recordings unfortunately has never been re-released on CD: Lionel Rogg's monumental 2 LP set (EMI) of Bach's "Art of the Fugue" played on the organ of St. Pierre Cathedral Geneva.


One of the interesting features is that the final Contrapunctus 18 is recorded in two forms in this set. The first, in its original unfinished state, and the second, with Rogg's masterful (in my opinion) completion.


I remember back in the '70s this EMI set was easily available, so I'm wondering if anyone has any idea why such an important recording would languish unreleased 30 years later in the EMI vaults.



Also, if anyone's interested, I can provide a (private) downloadable link to a high quality mp3 (at 224kps) that I made of Rogg's completion of #18. Please send me a private message here, and I'll send you the link :)





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I've never heard Rogg's recording, but I have his student Lynn Zeigler's recording on the Brombaugh at Iowa State University. I believe they both play from the same edition of the score. Somehow this piece seems so much more appropriate when played on the organ!




Check your messages. I've sent you a link for an mp3 of the last fugue.





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This is a very late reply to the previous message (I have only just joined the list), but I have good news.


Rogg's Art of Fugue is now available with some other works on CD EMI Gemini - 3817662 (CD - 2 discs) for a very reasonable price, for example at




Does anyone know if the sheet music of Rogg's completion of the 14th has ever been published, and, if so, where it might be obtained?


David Hitchin

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