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Choral query


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Evening all,


Having got back on Sunday afternoon from a splendid residential retreat at Lee Abbey (nr. Lynton, North Devon) - who can resist a view like this: Can you see Wales? - and in the evenings they have something called "Christ In Quiet" which is basically a chance for prayer. During these CiQ sessions there is music played off a CD in the background.


On the Saturday evening the CD of music heard at the CiQ session contained a piece sung by a choir and the anthem (?) contained the line "Sing to God with a joyful heart" (the only line I could make out the words to) but I was unable to find out what the piece was.


Does anyone here have any ideas what the piece might have been? I did make a discreet recording of about 2 minutes of it if anyone thinks they might know: I can forward the sound clip by email for anyone who fancies trying to ID the piece.




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