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  1. Two renditions of the same piece. I had never heard the piece in question until earlier today when I was trying to find Kalevi Kiviniemi's renditon of a piece by Wagner. The piece in these clips, however, is Michel Corrette's "Carillon". First up: the rendition by Frédérique Gros on the organ of the Cathedral at Puy; a lovely building described on Wikipedia as exhibiting "architecture of every period from the fifth century to the fifteenth". Organ by Jean Eustasche (1691); moved and / or modified 1754, 1776, 1827, 1848, 1892 & 1937 and then restored to the composition of the 17th & 18th Centuries by Boisseau-Cattiaux 1995-1998 - https://www.aeolus-music.com/ae_fr/Instruments/Orgue/Le-Puy-en-Velay. I wouldn't mind a look at this Cathedral and I hope I will get there one day. It looks to me as if the main case dates from at least 1691 or perhaps slightly older? The picture of the organ in the link can be clicked on to give a much bigger photo. The second clip is played by Kalevi Kiviniemi on the well-known organ (Holzhay 1792-1797, res. Kuhn 1979) of Neresheim Abbey, Germany. I have heard this instrument on BBC Radio 3's "Choral Evensong" a few times and love the sound it makes. I like the way that this organ has been put in without hindering the light through the windows and that certainly helps the Abbey to look at its best internally. Both clips best listened to with a decent pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Enjoy! Dave
  2. From the FB page of Belfast Cathedral, along with a photo of David: "Belfast Cathedral is saddened to announce the passing of David Drinkell, a former Organist and Master of the Choristers here at St Anne’s Cathedral, making a wonderful contribution to the music and worship. Our thoughts and prayers are with Elspeth his wife at this very sad time." Very sad news, not only for us on this forum but also for all who knew him personally. Like many of us I only knew David through his posts on these forums but his posts were always an enjoyable and informative read. He also once told me on the lines of this forum that, as a student, he used to use the organ of my local church (St. Mary Magdalene, Stoke Bishop - NPOR D07728) for practice. Two verses that spring to mind: "Laudate eum in tympano et choro; * laudate eum in chordis et organo" ("Praise him with timbrel and choir: praise him with strings and organs.") (Psalm 150, v4) "So David said to Michal, “It was before the Lord, who chose me instead of your father and all his house [.....] Therefore I will play music before the Lord" (2:Samuel 6:21, NKJV) In relation to the second part of that bible verse (which is only quoted in part) we may safely assume - with no doubt at all - that David is now doing exactly that. May he rest in peace. Dave
  3. Heard the concert on BBC Radio 3: 'superb' is the only word for it. Dave
  4. Just looked at the photos of St. Mary's, Southampton on their Facebook page. Not my scene either in terms of church and music but each to their own. TBH I wasn't too pleased when it was decided that my local church - St. Mary's, Stoke Bishop (Diocese of Bristol) - was to have the pews removed back in 2011 in favour of moveable chairs as well as other improvements (ie. heated flooring). Until, that was, I attended the wedding of a friend a couple of years ago which involved use of the church (service, wedding breakfast & evening cèilidh) and the adjoining church rooms (in-between those three parts). It is, in fact and despite my scepticism, a good and flexible setup which has changed my opinion somewhat. As for services we here in Stoke Bishop have both types: 9am HC, followed by 10:30 All-Age service. The 9am is accompanied by the organ (IIIP/34: Hele of Plymouth 1909, reb. Daniel of Clevedon 1979) with the 10:30 done in a more modern way so all tastes are catered for. We have a new vicar coming later this year and I hope she will keep things as they are now as far as the church is concerned. The church at Stoke Bishop is smaller than the one at Southampton but the modernisation at SB has, going by the photos I have seen, turned out better than Southampton's: I wonder if any of the congregation at St. Mary's Southampton decided to go elsewhere when the modernisation was done there: I certainly think that stage is in the wrong place. Anyway sorry if I might have gone off-topic here. Dave
  5. In connection with this I see from the September issue of the now monthly (not bi-monthly) Choir & Organ magazine that David Stevens (who will be succeeded at Belfast by Matthew Owens) is going the other way to be ADoM of Wells Cathedral. Dave
  6. Klais and Flentrop are indeed working on this. Details (history and proposals) on the Peterhouse website: https://www.pet.cam.ac.uk/organ Dave
  7. Although the console which was in use for the great organ at the time of the fire is now a write-off I thought this might be of interest. The clip dates from 2016 and shows the arrival of the console at ND when it was new. HTIOI, Dave
  8. Thanks for sharing those links in the Canterbury pipework: very interesting. Going to be a fabulous instrument and I wonder who will do the opening concert. On another note (pun not intended) I am glad not to be working on it: I don't have much of a head for heights! Dave
  9. A couple of updates on this which I don't think have been posted to this forum yet. 1. The "Organs of Paris" page on Facebook has posted that, and I quote, "the church of Saint Germain l'Auxerrois, located near the Louvre, will temporarily serve as the place where the 'cathedral liturgy' will be held during the restoration of Notre-Dame. From September onwards, the masses of Notre-Dame will be celebrated there, including the broadcasts of KTO. The church has two organs. The great organ is built by Francois-Henri Clicquot. In the 19th century, the diapasons were modified by Dallery, Ducroquet and Merklin, but its classical grand jeu survived. The choir organ is built by Abbey, but underwent several modifications in time. Maintenance works are scheduled on both organs this summer." 2. The recent edition of Choir & Organ magazine for July / August 2019 reports in its news section that the console of Notre-Dame's grand organ is unusable: the electrics and electronic system are entirely out of service so the console must be rebuilt. It could also be that dismantling of the organ is underway or has been completed already: the same article also says that "Bertrand Cattiaux, who visited the instrument in May, commented that it is still unknown what corrosive effect the greasy dust from the fire may have; he felt it crucial therefore for the pipework to be dismantled and cleaned without delay (the case still remains in place)." Dave
  10. I am unsure if it has been posted here already but the website of Worcester Cathedral advertises on the concerts page that this year the anniversary organ recital (the 11th) will be given on 05th October by Thomas Trotter who, IIRC, gave the opening concert. 6:45pm start: no clues as to the music at present on Worcester's website. http://worcestercathedral.co.uk/index.php?pr=Concerts Dave
  11. Congratulations to Sir Stephen. And I agree that Francis Jackson should be given something too. It could be that he has been offered something in the past and turned it down. Dave
  12. That looks an excellent programme: music by organists of Notre Dame (Antoine Calviere, for anyone not in the know, was at Notre Dame 1730-1755). If by chance I find myself up that way I will go. One point of note, however, is that someone got Vierne's first name slightly wrong..... Dave
  13. Minor correction to the date. I just checked the Proms website to find out what O.L will be playing and the date is given as 04th August. Looks a good selection of music but I am surprised that, or so it seems, the concert is timed to start at 11am. It also seems that the concert will not be broadcast on Radio 3 but, in case it is, I will have to hope that the volunteer work I do on Sundays does not cause me to miss the concert. No doubt it will be another fantastic masterclass (for want of a better word) from M. Latry. Dave
  14. It is. Looks from that photo as if case and pipes will need a good cleaning but no doubt the mighty beast will roar again in the not too distant future. Deo Gratias. Dave
  15. Good to see the proceeds of the Dresden Philharmonc concert going towards the restoration of ND. https://slippedisc.com/2019/04/notre-dame-organist-is-in-germany-raising-funds/ Dave
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