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  1. DaveHarries


    "Präludium und Fugue D-Dur" by Franz Schmidt as played on the Nave organ in Cologne Cathedral. Sounds fab: wouldn't mind hearing this live (ie. not on YouTube) if I ever get the chance but the noise-cancelling headphones I have make it sound as if I am there. Good processional piece for the end of a service perhaps. Dave
  2. DaveHarries

    Appointments 2

    Maybe as assistant. Church website says that the current DoM has been there, on his second spell as organist, since 1994. Dave
  3. DaveHarries

    "THE" Toccata

    May I also add my condolences to those expressed above. There is nothing wrong with a loved one being played out to his choice of music at all so I would say that it is better to respect the wishes of the deceased and therefore that you have done the right thing. Dave
  4. DaveHarries

    Ecce Sacerdos Magnus

    Greetings all, Yesterday (20th October 2018) the new Bishop of Bristol (Rt. Rev. Vivienne Faull, lately Dean of York for anyone wondering) was enthroned in what was an enjoyable occasion in Bristol Cathedral. For the occasion there were four motets which were: - "We wait for thy loving kindness, O God" (William McKie) - "Jubilate Deo" (William Walton) - "Eternal light, shine into our hearts" (Canon Richard Shepherd, Director of Development at York Minster - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Shephard) - "Ecce sacerdos Magnus" ("Behold, a great priest") (James MacMillan) The piece by Richard Shepherd was commissioned for the occasion and was a beautiful piece. The service booklet did not refer to him as Canon Richard Shepherd but the Bishop of Bristol, in her message in front of the booklet, referred to him as being a Canon of York. Anyway with the MacMillan "Ecce sacerdos" I have tried to find it on YouTube and I think this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6Qi6cdH514 - may be it but I am unsure: the service I heard it at was the first time I have heard any arrangement of Ecce sacerdos magnus, let alone James MacMillan's. I have tried to find it on Amazon to see if there is a CD with MacMillan's rendition on but to no avail. Anyone know if it has ever been recorded previously on a CD that is no longer available? It would be both a pity and a surprise if the answer was no. Dave
  5. DaveHarries

    Rugby School Chapel Organ

    I have never played any instrument by KJ and Associates but, in my opinion, it surely doesn't say much for the quality of their pipework if they have problems at Rugby School with sagging pipes after only 18 years of use? Pipework problems like that I would normally associate with much older instruments. Dave
  6. DaveHarries

    Cathedral organ activity

    I think the work on Bristol Cathedral will start sometime early next year as, in the meantime, there is the enthronement of the new Bishop of Bristol (who, for anyone wondering, is to be the now Rt. Rev. Vivienne Faull, lately dean of York) followed by Christmas to contend with. Info on the organ project can be found on Bristol Cathedral's website: https://bristol-cathedral.co.uk/music/organ-and-sound/ Dave
  7. DaveHarries

    Organs in & near Lisbon

    Thanks Rowland for those pointers: there are more English-built organs in Lisbon than I originally thought. I will look for some more when I hopefully go back there next year. Dave
  8. DaveHarries

    Organs in & near Lisbon

    Greetings all, I recently returned from a few days holiday in the lovely Portuguese city of Lisbon. While there I took time to visit several churches and look at the organs in them and saw some lovely instruments. I took photos of at least some of them and have used a selection of some of the resulting photos to make a Flickr album. One of the organs I photographed, and which features in the selection of photos, is given on the church's website as being "of English origin" and dating from 1872. An online source I have found since returning home - http://orgaos-portugal.net - gives the builder as Gray & Davidson but I think that the church in Lisbon might have acquired this organ second-hand, perhaps from a redundant church in England / Wales. If anyone has any more information as to where the organ in question (Santo Antonio) came from then I would appreciate knowing. The album can be found at https://www.flickr.com/photos/14103794@N04/albums/72157671870042677 and I hope that members of this forum will enjoy looking at the photos. Dave
  9. DaveHarries

    Last Night of the Proms 2018

    Thank you wolsey. Dave
  10. DaveHarries

    Last Night of the Proms 2018

    Evening all, Caught the last half hour of the Last Night of the Proms on BBC2 on Saturday evening (8th September) and it was good to hear the RAH organ used. However when Andrew Davis gave his thankyous during his speech he forgot to thank the organist. I looked in the TV schedule magazine under BBC Radio 3's schedule and there was, as far as I could see, no mention there either as to who was playing the organ. There is also no mention on the RAH website. However I did see the organist take a bow during the applause at the end of the night. Anyone know who was playing that mighty instrument? Dave
  11. DaveHarries

    Appointments 2

    Presumably he moved down to / near Worcester after leaving Durham. Good choice for interim DoM. Dave
  12. DaveHarries


    I love this. Kalevi Kiviniemi on the organ of Sibelius Hall, Finland with "Zug zum Münster" (from "Lohengrin") by Richard Wagner. Nice Zylophone (?) during the course of the piece too. Dave
  13. DaveHarries

    NPOR Down?

    Can't access it as of 1605hrs today (Sunday). Dave
  14. DaveHarries


    Nice rendition of "Magyar Himnusz", the Hungarian national anthem, as recorded at Esztergorm. I was given some noise-cancelling headphones for my birthday back in February and this sounds fantastic on those. Dave
  15. DaveHarries


    Nicely done. I had meant to attend this but distance - I am in Bristol - made it tricky. Dave