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Margery Moore

Paul Isom

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Apologies for the FB reprint of my composer enquiry.

Any organist friends out their ever heard of Margery Moore? I've stumbled on two rather attractive Lenten choral preludes for organ and they are really quite superb, bordering on the stunning. They were published in 1934 by Novello. I understand that she was from the West Country (Launceston). I can find nothing on the www about her, only that there are a few other nuggets out there waiting to be reprinted.  Date of birth etc would be appreciated and information about other compositions.  Do look these choral preludes up they are really lovely.

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According to the Western Morning News, Thursday 31 March 1932, Margery Moore was 25, putting her year of birthday as 1906 or potentially early 1907. (the 1911 census has the birth of a Margery Moore registered in 1907 in Plymouth, but - interestingly - the place of birth was Birkenhead!)

The article mentions an opera she had written on the subject of Drake.

Impressively, Margery Moore was LRAM at 17 and Bachelor of Music at 22.

There are other organ works to be discovered, such as:



Five Little Organ Studies



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