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  1. Tonight was the first evensong with six of the men at Canterbury (dec and can men are alternating). It was pretty good and as you can gather, I am a very proud dad of twin choristers. Canterbury has a brilliant YouTube channel. Do investigate it as the boys and girls’ choirs have done a marvellous job keeping the music going under the most trying of circumstances.
  2. Keep and ear out for Canterbury Cathedral's broadcast of choral evensong on the 14 October. I have a vested interest as my twin boys (now full choristers) are singing. From memory, the music is Stanford in A and I was glad - Parry. It should be a good shout! You will get a chance to hear the revamped organ and the terrifying Ophicleide on the Solo division. Evensong is currently in the nave and the organ certainly makes it's presence felt, the new pedal stops shaking the place. The choir will be singing in the choir of the cathedral for the broadcast, but not in the choir stalls. Tomorr
  3. I hear that the organ at Newcastle Cathedral has been coaxed back into life recently. I learnt this from a Facebook post which was basically suggesting that the Phoenix organ is up for sale. I think the intention is still to replace the Harrison/Nicholson organ. Nevertheless it's good to hear that the pipe organ has been reinstated, albeit for the time-being.
  4. I can heartily recommend: https://www.carus-verlag.com/themen/programm-fruehjahr-2016/instrumentalmusik-zum-gotteslob/choralvorspiele-fuer-orgel-zum-gotteslob-bd-3-im-jahreskreis-i.html These are more substantial and rewarding hymn preludes and far superior to the conveyor belt music that has been appearing of late. There are four volumes and plenty of PDF previews to whet the appetite. I have just ordered a couple of volumes (via Amazon) which will arrive Friday and I can't wait!!
  5. I think that the rather fine Orgue de Choeur has survived (apart from the console which was destroyed). It is unusually large for such an instrument. I have an excellent recording of the organ works of Rene Vierne played by the current titulaire which is well worth buying.
  6. I have just heard in the news that there has been a serious fire at Nantes Cathedral: https://www.leparisien.fr/faits-divers/nantes-violent-incendie-dans-la-cathedrale-18-07-2020-8354811.php Another tragedy in France in addition to Notre Dame, Paris and Soissons. https://www.musiqueorguequebec.ca/orgues/france/nantescsp.html
  7. Thank you - I found the impulse music one. It turns out that it is also published by Bardon as well. I have both albums on order!!!
  8. I've just heard Daniel Cook playing the Alcock - Impromptu in G on his Youtube channel and would really like to get hold of a copy. There are two impromptus on IMSLP, one in Ab, the other in D (contained in 'The Organ). This one does not seem to appear anywhere. Does anyone have a copy that they might be able to scan for me??
  9. I've been doing one of those completely fruitless tasks of trying to sort my music out. It's supposed to be in alphabetical order but still seems to be a mess. My organ music covers a wall of around 12' long by 6' high, so there's an awful lot of music (and I have still run out of room for all my Bach, the letter M and N) - and another trip to Ikea is needed! In amongst the music I found a wonderful piece by George Henschel - Prelude on a Hymn of All Saints (published by Crescendo Music Publications). It was written for Walter Vale who was Director of Music at All Saints, Margaret Str
  10. Elphaba Music's Amazon storefront can be found at the following link. Just type in 'Organ' in the search and a whole new world will open up in front of you! https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?me=A2JBLM8OC7TA11&marketplaceID=A1F83G8C2ARO7P There is wealth of what seem to be Novello reprints, in fact all sorts of stuff. Delatour's link is here: http://www.editions-delatour.com/en/ There is a very good search engine here. I can also recommend Emile Bourdon's pieces and also those of Ermand Bonnal from this publishers. Also rather fine are a number of Lionel Rogg books (ch
  11. The Preludes and Fugues are great fun and are at various standards, some more challenging to play than others. The Fugues on the Theme 'FUGUE' are eminently playable. I also found some other pieces by A. J. Pritchard (sometime organist of St John's Wood Church) which are rather lovely. Other finds with Elphaba Music were a pile of Vernon Griffiths, Pierre Cholley and much much more!
  12. Lockdown hasn't all been bad and it's allowed me to do some fairly serious music retail therapy thanks to Amazon and various other outlets. Two completely new composers for me are Alfred Dickinson and Ernest L. M. Pritchard. The Dickinson I found through listening to the excellent Youtube videos of Graham Barber. It is published by Barry Jordan music and available through the Leeds Organists Association. It's really lovely stuff - really indulgent! I found an outlet through Amazon called Elphaba Music and discovered a wealth of fascinating music (I cannot tell you how much money have spen
  13. Here is a photo of the organ at the Reformed church in Middelstum which I play on a fairly regular basis. It's a fine organ with the console on the side and the stops above the head. Logic suggests that the layout of the stops is purely for simplicity of construction. There are two stops which shut off the wind to each manual which enables the player, or rather the assistant to make changes at an appropriate moment. I have to confess that I hate having a page turner or console assistant even on an organ like this. The last occasion I had to play this organ, I seem to remember that I had t
  14. Does anyone know this particular offering from his Six Pieces? If you have access to a score of this I'd be very interested. The player has sadly just died....... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrztCovv6t0&feature=share
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