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  1. I thought I’d recognised it. I must unearth my copy!
  2. I am not sure that there is ever a "perfect passing', certainly not for the family. My heart goes out to the family who have lost a loving husband and father. I had great fun assisting in a recording that Martin made made many years ago on the temporary organ in Salisbury Cathedral when I worked for a toaster company (I believe Sean Tucker was also present). Harry Mudd was the long suffering recording engineer. Martin was forthright in his views about how he wanted the organ to sound, and it was my job to interpret his wishes with the limited resources I had at my disposal at the time. He was a superb musician and also great company. My abiding memory was of a rather convivial evening at the hotel where our late lamented Chairman and Managing Director (JRMP) attempted to match Martin drink for drink in the hotel afterwards. It was a memorable evening! RIP Martin.
  3. I think that the final piece is from Dan Locklair’s ‘Rubrics’
  4. I have a copy - it's worth a punt! You can buy it straight from Amazon - just put in the title and composer (£7.99).
  5. I can confirm that the voluntary at Canterbury was not played on the new Ophicleide stop, but rather on the ordinary Tuba. My wife and I visit our twin boys, who are choristers, and attend services there regularly. The new Ophicleide is fine in the nave, and ear splitting in the choir - very unpleasant to listen to at close quarters. The old Tubas are in a box now and are much further east. I've heard the Cocker at Canterbury before, and this was disappointing in comparison...
  6. I wonder if it might be that the stop is 1/2 length. I have played French organs where there has been a Basson Acoustique and it has simply been a normal stop. Listening to the Erveux organ, the 32' is definitely real - not a Compton style stop.
  7. I have been re-reading the Forsyth-Grant book and very much enjoyed the chapter titled 'The ones that got away' - schemes that never quite reach fruition. I would be fascinated to learn about schemes that were submitted for cathedrals and churches but never made it, either because of lack of funds, or simply because the contract was lost to another builder. For instance were there alternative schemes for the organs of Gloucester and Christ Church, Oxford. It would be fascinating to learn just what might have been...
  8. Many thanks to all who have been responded. I have been overwhelmed by the generosity of our members - thank you. Like most things, I am sure that there are other pieces that never made it to the publishers. Thiman seemed to remain in the 'modest but playable' league throughout his composititonal life. I wonder if there are larger scale pieces that are lying in a filing box that we don't know about...
  9. I found myself looking through the 'V' section of my music library and found a mis-filed item 'Preludes and Voluntaries for the Organ - Book III' by Eric Thiman. This is a book that I must have been given as for me I would have considered a little lightweight. However, curiosity got the better of me and I played through the piece in the book on my organ at home and discovered that the content of the book is rather good. They're not long pieces, but all beautifully crafted and worth playing. I'm on the lookout for the rest of the volumes and have drawn a complete blank. Does anyone have copies that they no longer need and are prepared to part with them, or does anyone know where I might find copies (I have tried the normal routes already).?
  10. Tonight was the first evensong with six of the men at Canterbury (dec and can men are alternating). It was pretty good and as you can gather, I am a very proud dad of twin choristers. Canterbury has a brilliant YouTube channel. Do investigate it as the boys and girls’ choirs have done a marvellous job keeping the music going under the most trying of circumstances.
  11. Keep and ear out for Canterbury Cathedral's broadcast of choral evensong on the 14 October. I have a vested interest as my twin boys (now full choristers) are singing. From memory, the music is Stanford in A and I was glad - Parry. It should be a good shout! You will get a chance to hear the revamped organ and the terrifying Ophicleide on the Solo division. Evensong is currently in the nave and the organ certainly makes it's presence felt, the new pedal stops shaking the place. The choir will be singing in the choir of the cathedral for the broadcast, but not in the choir stalls. Tomorrow is the first day with the boys and men (Wood in Eb no. 2). All services are webcast and can be seen on Youtube. It's been really tough on the choristers as they are all socially distanced 6,7 and 8 in one bubble with the probs (year 4) and new full choristers (year 5) in the other which is slightly separated from the others.
  12. I hear that the organ at Newcastle Cathedral has been coaxed back into life recently. I learnt this from a Facebook post which was basically suggesting that the Phoenix organ is up for sale. I think the intention is still to replace the Harrison/Nicholson organ. Nevertheless it's good to hear that the pipe organ has been reinstated, albeit for the time-being.
  13. I can heartily recommend: https://www.carus-verlag.com/themen/programm-fruehjahr-2016/instrumentalmusik-zum-gotteslob/choralvorspiele-fuer-orgel-zum-gotteslob-bd-3-im-jahreskreis-i.html These are more substantial and rewarding hymn preludes and far superior to the conveyor belt music that has been appearing of late. There are four volumes and plenty of PDF previews to whet the appetite. I have just ordered a couple of volumes (via Amazon) which will arrive Friday and I can't wait!!
  14. I think that the rather fine Orgue de Choeur has survived (apart from the console which was destroyed). It is unusually large for such an instrument. I have an excellent recording of the organ works of Rene Vierne played by the current titulaire which is well worth buying.
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