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Fanfares for a King

Martin Cooke

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I thought I'd just mention, in case it's been missed by anyone here who perhaps doesn't keep an eye on the digital organ world, that Church Organ World are published an album to celebrate the coronation. I am not at all connected with COW and actually own a Viscount, but they are very good suppliers of organ sheet music and their own publications are worthing keeping abreast of. There are details of this new album on their website and they are also doing a special offer on their Organ Encores series which Ian Tracey edited. I only have two of these albums but have found useful and attractive material in both of them. There 6-volume set is currently available for £50 which represents very good value. 

It will be interesting to see when Iain Farrington's new organ piece for the coronation is published and whether Patrick Doyle's new Coronation March will ever be arranged for organ as the two Walton ones were.

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