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  1. Mine too! And the Prelude "New Commonwealth" from the 49th Parallel does work well on the organ. OUP published an arrangement by Christopher Morris. It was 2/6.
  2. Andrew Wyatt has been appointed ADoM at Truro Cathedral from August 2020. Currently ADoM at Chester Cathedral.
  3. I wrote to Banks yesterday - received prompt message to say that he had it on order... so it's on its way. Very good service.
  4. Does anyone know about the new organ here, replacing the Copeman Hart? Just received a forwarded tweet with a picture of a very attractive terraced console, but no mention of the builder.
  5. Ah, many thanks, Tony, and sorry to have doubted your initial response! I have been in touch now and am waiting to hear. BW Martin.
  6. Many thanks, all - and am I right in thinking it's Banks Musicroom I need, rather than Banks Music Publications?
  7. 1. Has anyone ever seen a copy of the Sumsion arrangements of the two Hymn Preludes (for Orchestra) by Vaughan Williams? One is on Eventide and the other on Dominus Regit Me. 2. Please could someone point me in the direction of an archive printing firm that handles the OUP archive? Allegro Music used to do this, of course, but now that they are no longer functioning, I am not sure to whom to turn. (Musicroom?? They do Novello offprints.) Many thanks.
  8. John - not sure if it will help but the heading on your post says 2019.
  9. I agree with Rowland that JPM was being very modest about their involvement at the RAH. Of course, there is some merit in keeping ancient console labels, but, I see no problem in a multi label that lists those who have been involved in the organ during its history. So, in the case, Henry Willis and Sons, Ltd 18xx, Harrison & Harrison, 19xx Mander Organs 19xx. Not sure if there is a Willis label anywhere at St Paul's - but surely the organ there is still described as a Willis of 1872 rebuilt by Mander in 1972-77, etc.
  10. Thank you very much for your response, Colin. I have the sample rate on 44.1kHz. I'm uploading to a very new MacBook Air. And yes, I now what you mean about the different sort of clicks and the relevancy of much of what is on-line. I am absolutely new to this and am not using the Tascam every day, so I have to renew my knowledge and skills each time I come to it. But... I think I read something akin to your suggestion about the upload speed. Could there be a setting in Audacity that I ought to be look at at? If I can find reference to what I think I read, I will come back to you. And here I am coming back... So, I read this... If you hear crackling while playing and recording at the same time, try increasing the "Audio to buffer" setting in Recording Preferences. On Mac you may need to reduce the Audio to buffer setting, even if only recording. Is this what I ought to be looking at, do you think?
  11. C90 cassettes! Ha! Those were the days - with my little Bush cassette recorder, and Lord knows how many batteries I put on my father's account at the ironmongers before scarpering back to boarding school - there was no mains option. I graduated from my Bush to a Phillips reel to reel which served very well in my later boyhood. I have forgotten much of the terminology associated with the actual tape, but I remember buying a spool of BASF tape that had triple the playing time, but goodness me it was desperately thin - a bit like C120 cassettes. It's great toi be reminded of all these things. Not just recorded media that falls apart, of course - some of my printed volumes of much used pieces from my youth - (Novello Bach volumes, for example... Thalben Ball Elegy... etc) are in a shocking state. And in the case of the Bach, did it do any good to coat them in fablon which is now all cracked and horrible on the most used copies. I try to ply Bach from the Barenreiter volumes now, but still refer back to the Novello for fingering etc. But I have had to purchase second copies of a few things. And, Gosh... my copy of Harris's Flourish for an Occasion cost 28p in 1972.
  12. Can anyone just offer a little advice? So, I record with my Tascam, and then I upload the file into Audacity to add a bit of reverberation which seems to work well and then Ib turn it into an mp3 file for use. Last time I did this, I recorded some organ music, but when upon transferring it to Audacity, lots a little 'clicks' have become apparent. This only happened on the last occasion I used it. I can't hear the clicks in the original wav file, but do you think that, perhaps, I didn't have the 'gain' set correctly at the time of recording?
  13. Ha - yes, I agree - there are two Stanley voluntaries fitting that description but I think I know which one you mean!
  14. Buxtehude chorale preludes; The 'Tallis to Wesley' edition of the Stanley Voluntaries - been slogging away with those tedious OUP facsimile volumes for 30+ years - why didn't I invest in the TtoW version right from the start? So... do folk have a favourite Stanley voluntary?... or Buxtehude chorale prelude?
  15. So might I in the end - our final hymn too - but don't tell pcnd!
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