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  1. Psalters

    Ah - excellent - I can't think how I didn't see that for myself. Many thanks, DyGW.
  2. Psalters

    Thanks for spotting that, Colin - I'll hang on and see if anything slightly more affordable turns up! I've had a bit of an expensive time recently buying from Purvis organ music from Ebay in the US.
  3. Psalters

    Does anyone, by any chance, have a copy of the Oxford Psalter that they no longer want? Happy to pay, obviously! Many thanks; Martin.
  4. Holiday playing

    I am bound to say that I had a lovely time playing it yesterday. It was the sort of instrument you can play for hours (with the right music). It had strong, bright tone and was perfectly in tune despite not having been attended to, it seemed, since 2011*. I did actually use the pedals but the Bourdon only had an octave of pipes. The pedals were permanently coupled to the manuals and the Bourdon worked on the manual as well as the pedals which was a nuisance, actually. It was humbling that my appearance to play gave the small congregation such a lot of pleasure. Like many churches round here, they have to resort to CDs most weeks. * This set me thinking as to the role of diocesan organs advisors. Churches all have to have quinquennial inspections and I can't help but think it would be a good idea if the organ was officially 'inspected' from time to time to make sure that it is being looked after properly and possibly to check on insurance. It has struck me a number of times that churches somehow raise money to do all sorts of things but because there is no organist, the organ is forgotten, despite it being the most valuable artefact in most church buildings.
  5. Holiday playing

    Goodness knows what the answer is to your question, Paul, but I have much enjoyed spending the first hour of the day looking through the Les Maitres first two volumes. I am playing, for the first time, on a 1 manual + 1 octave of pedals William Hill organ on Sunday and I shall enjoy some of the manuals only pieces which I have printed off. Of even greater joy to me this morning was locating the delicious Pastourelle by Fela Sowande that you once recorded on the temporary Wyvern instrument in Arundel Cathedral. I was able to download it from the Faber Music website for £2.50 and I am delighted to have it. By the way, if I may say, that was a really great CD with several pieces that I hadn't come across before at that time - the David Johnson Trumpet Tune in A major, for example - and a most stirring performance of BWV 545. I am an unashamed fan of digital instruments and you gave a wonderful account of the Wyvern in that recording.
  6. Salisbury Cathedral

    Perhaps so, but you know that Daniel Cook hasn't been in Salisbury for a while - St David's, Westminster Abbey and now to Durham?
  7. Salisbury Cathedral

    Following on from the post about York Minster's forthcoming rebuild/restoration, the local Friends of Cathedral Music newsletter says that, at his recital on 28th June, David Halls announced that the Salisbury organ is to be restored throughout 2019. This is old news now, I suppose!
  8. Caleb Simper

    Mmm... many thanks for the suggestions and thoughts on this. The piano version belongs in a volume called School and Gymnasium Marches and there is a copy available in the USA but I don't think it's really worth the trouble in the end, and, really, there are thousands of other pieces of music more worthy of my attention. Perhaps one ought to be clearing the decks for all those new Orgelbüchlein preludes that will soon be appearing!
  9. A discovery

    Not sure how it popped up but this YouTube video drew itself to my attention a few days ago. It's Antony Baldwin playing his own Mr Theo Saunders, His Trumpet Tune which is a really jolly piece. It's published by Banks as are lots of other pieces by Antony Baldwin and I look forward to discovering more. Any recommendations? I knew Theo Saunders a little at one time. He was Oxford and FRCO and worked for a few years as DoM at the Junior School of Ryde School, Isle of Wight. He was a splendid organist and amongst other happy memories of him, I remember a superb accompaniment he provided for me and a choir I used to run (the Tritone Singers) on the Island, of the Duruflé Requiem. This was on the Willis at All Saints in Ryde where organ builder, Andrew Cooper, is now organist. I'm not sure where Theo went in the intervening years after leaving Ryde, but as many forum members will know, he eventually became organist at St Patrick's Cathedral, Armagh, but became ill and died last year aged just 58. The Trumpet Tune gives a very happy remembrance of him and I'm only sorry that I haven't come across it before.
  10. Caleb Simper

    I'm bound to say I agree - everything in its place and a place for everything, and all that! His music was ideal yesterday and, as you say, Tony, it is eminently sight-readable. Perhaps there will be a resurgence of interest - a bit like happened with Lefébure-Wély a decade or two ago. If you had time for quick browse through your volumes that would be marvellous. I have volumes 1, 6-10 and 11 - not in those.
  11. Caleb Simper

    I can hardly believe I'm asking this but does anyone know where I might obtain a copy of his 'Silver Clarion' March? I believe it is available for piano as well as the organ. Any pointers gratefully received. [i had never played, nor even come across, a solitary piece by this chap, who was born not a million miles from where I live in Wiltshire, until today when I was playing at a church celebrating its Victorian heritage. Prior to this, I had been given several volumes of his music only a few weeks ago which I had never expected to have a use for. You never know!!]
  12. Funeral idea

    In the process of looking up references to Thalben-Ball, having just read the Rennert book - (1p on Amazon, by the way!!) - I have stumbled into this set of posts and though I may as well just mention that some of Herschel's music has recently been published by, I think, David Patrick.
  13. Appointments 2

    Not sure if folks will have noticed, but Portsmouth has had some work done recently to bring the console up to date. A new Trompette de Maris - a chamade positioned at the west end - is currently being installed. You can read all about this on the Nicholson website/facebook page, and hear the chamade played by its voicer in the works. It is to be inaugurated in September at a recital by Gordon Stewart with a new fanfare by Noel Rawsthorne.
  14. York Minster

    In announcing this summer's recital series at the Minster, Robert Sharpe has said that the organ is to be rebuilt. Do we know who will undertake the work (PPO?) and if there are to be any tonal changes?
  15. Poldark!

    Excellent - many thanks, Vox.