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  1. Mmm... this is more of a task than I was expecting - he wrote a lot, and there are sometimes several pieces by him in each of the Mayhew volumes. In his weekly newsletter from Church Organ World, Dr Keith Harrington says that RHL had pieces in 44 of their volumes and that he wrote over 600 pieces of music. That's some output. I did start a personal reappraisal of some of the organ music yesterday and can only say that out of, say, ten I played through, I would have recommended eight. I shall keep going because I am playing a lot of music at church at the moment and there are clearly many delig
  2. I would be interested in any recommendations of organ music of his that would be good to play. I have played his - Recollection, Sweet Sorrow, and hymn preludes on Melita and Ratisbon but not recently enough to pass comment without looking them up... which I will do shortly. His Church Parade was published (as is lots of other organ music of his) by Mayhew a long time ago and I have played that sometimes around Remembrancetide. In one Mayhew volume there is a piece by him dedicated to 'the organist at Odstock' who is Richard Seal. If I get a spare hour in the coming few days I will undertake
  3. Bravo for bringing that to us, Rowland - and... well, yikes!!
  4. See the Radio Times, too, where Joanna Forbes L'Estrange has written to complain about the non-identification of the four singers and RT has attempted to put it right.
  5. Is this the same recording by FJ that was used on 'The King of Instruments', or did FJ record it twice? I don't remember the Tuba sounding so unregulated, but my 'fi' was hardly 'hi' in those days. I just lay on the floor in front of my mother's mono record player.
  6. Oh dear, the Tuba sounds awful in that recording! By coincidence, the Cocker was the voluntary at Canterbury's evensong on Saturday or Sunday... but it sounded as though the new Ophicleide stop might have been used instead of a Tuba. It didn't come over as well as the York performance (because of distance from the microphone, I suspect) despite a couple of tuning issues.
  7. You may want to keep a close eye on Peterhouse as they are due to 'rebuild' their organ sometime soon and are fundraising for it. It sounds an 'interesting' project. In the meantime, I am sure you are practising assiduously for your audition! Many years ago, at James Lancelot's audition at King's with Sir David Willcocks, he was required to improvise with a right hand solo on the Nazard transposing down a twelfth, and sight read Brahms' Schm├╝cke dich with the treble part played on the pedals on a 4 ft reed, amongst other things! Heck! But I repeat what I said before - that you shou
  8. Welcome back! I wouldn't make this choice all about the organ but think about who you might get to work with and what the opportunities are at the different colleges. Quite a lot of the best ex-Oxbridge organists around over the last 50/60 years played fairly humble instruments whilst at university.
  9. In answer to yourt query about how many of the pieces are organ, Dafydd... Intrada - two stave - marked for piano or organ Prelude in D flat - piano Pavane Nos 1, 2 & 3 - piano Slow Air - piano or harpsichord - (it looks as though it could work very well on the organ but I haven't tried) Carol - piano In the Style of a Sarabande - piano Sarabande - piano From a Holiday Sketchbook - piano A Little Lyric Piece - piano On a Birthday Morning - piano Serenade - piano Envoi - piano Musical Box - piano On the Triad - marked pia
  10. Yes, 'charming' is just right - though, as it happens, when I needed a piece based on that tune at church recently, I needed something with more 'oomph' and used the Dyson - not the vacuum cleaner, you understand - Dyson, as in George, and 'in D.'
  11. Thanks, Brizzle - it was 'Henderson.'
  12. Does anybody have any idea how I might possibly get hold of a copy of the Prelude and Fugue on the name of BACH by GC Martin, sometime Sub Organist and then Organist of St Paul's Cathedral ? It was published by Novello but it is invisible online.
  13. Thanks, Thierry - I haven't listened to everything yet, but I enjoyed the Toccata and it was good to hear the Prelude en La again.
  14. Thanks Wolsey - so, we're going for Laus Deo as that is the custom with the two local lodges affected. They can't sing, of course, but I will play the verses and then add 'So mote it be' at the end. So, Wolsey, ought I to play this in the same key or will they expect to hear me move to C major (from G) for that?
  15. Thanks, everyone, for your contributions. I have heard a couple of melodies for 'so mote it be' and I think I am aiming for John Morris's version as quoted. But I am still waiting to hear what tune the local masons are familiar with for the hymn. In a youTube version of all of this, they sing the hymn /ode to St Oswald and then wrench themselves into a different key for the 'mote it be' which sounds most odd. I shan't be doing that. So, if we're going for St Oswald in D major, I shall be going for D, B, C sharp, D. and if 'Laus Deo'... G, E. F sharp, G... which shouldn't be too far from the ma
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