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  1. Catching up on my reading, I have finally reached volume 40 of the BIOS Journal - 2016. In it, there is a very interesting article about the organ music of T Tertius Noble of York Minster and St Thomas Fifth Avenue fame. I have virtually no organ music by him - there's the piece in the Novello Canterbury Album, a couple of bits and pieces in IMSLP and then I picked a Choral Prelude on Melcombe on eBay a few years back. I am very keen to get hold of a copy of his piece Autumn written in 1932 but publish by Schmidt in the USA. I am sorry that this request also appears on the 'other site' but I j
  2. That was most useful, Steve, thank you. Could a small set up like this be of any use as a CCTV system between organist and conductor or is there a delay?
  3. Sorry - here's the link - http://www.purr-n-fur.org.uk/famous/faith.html
  4. Do tell us more about Paul Hale's experiences with it.
  5. Do tell us more about your interest in these organs, Achiles. Are you a cat lover as well, by any chance? This site tells the story of Faith the cat at St Augustine's and it seems the air raid was on Monday 9th September. It's a lovely story.
  6. Your a not alone in your findings!
  7. Very apposite that Joseph Wicks' organ arrangement of the Elgar orchestration has just been published - see here.
  8. Reading Hart's Rules, it's embarrassing to find that I have been addressing envelopes incorrectly all my life - no commas on an envelope... anywhere... apparently! Who knew?
  9. .... and there's a book on the subject, by Giles Brandreth... Have you eaten Grandma?
  10. In the 70s, there was an Abbey Records LP played by Murray Sommerville at New College. I haven't got it any more, but the Teint may well have had an outing on this. One of the pieces for for organ and tape by Richard Stewart. In view of all the weird and wonderful sounds required in this piece, it would seem surprising if an experimental mutation were not employed, but would we know?! The noteworthy track on this record was a compelling performance of Reger's Hallelujah! Gott zu loben.
  11. The 1962 Nicholson in St Michael's, Newquay (subsequently destroyed by fire) had a None on the Choir. With 8,4,2,2 2/3, it made a delightful bell like sound. I remember using it for the opening right hand part in the Rutter Sans Day carol, for example. It added a bit of magic.
  12. Indeed, they don't! It's not completely silent, though - see page 24.
  13. Ha! No cause for alarm... I was mistaken! The style guide in question makes clear that the opposite of what I said is correct. It doesn't actually say forums/fora, but it does give stratum/strata as one of several examples. Mind you, it does qualify its guidance by saying that foreign plurals apply 'where still in common usage.' Lord knows who decides which of these is in common usage. It's here if you fancy a good read!
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