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  1. Thank you both very much indeed. I think I may have the Hinrichsen book (in the loft) but I'm going to see if I can make my own arrangement based on the solution David reports from AMT.
  2. There is an interesting article on Nicholsons website here all about the considerable amount of work that they have been doing at St George's over the autumn. Some of the most interesting stuff is revealed by clicking on the Specification tab which reveals an annotated spec with details of their work. I don't know the instrument at all ,and have only heard it in the flesh once. It is, to my mind, amazing how much has been done in a comparatively short time.
  3. Somewhere, I am (reasonably) convinced that I have seen an arrangement of the first section of this that tweaks the music back to F major so that it doesn't end in the dominant to lead into section 2. Can anybody point me in the right direction for this, please? It's not that I can't play section 2 or 3 (though 3 needs a bit of work) it's all a matter of time before a service. Many thanks in case you can help. (I worry that I may be thinking of a different piece of well known music entirely which in some arrangement or other prevents closure other than in the tonic).
  4. I would find that maddening. These so called 'eclectic' instruments are all very well, but it is, surely, utterly bonkers that they have to be supported by a digital instrument for the very use for which they are primarily intended - the accompaniment of worship. I can fully understand the situation at, for example, Chichester, where concerts are held at the west end and the good old Allen is kept at that end for that sort of usage. (Though, of course, the pipe organ scarcely carries down the cathedral for 'normal use.')
  5. Yes, lovely. It's a pity that Stephen didn't do more actual composing. I love his Be Merry but it only featured one year.
  6. Actually, I have just found a Mayhew album entitled Fanfares and Finales which I bought in 1992 but haven't used, and there are some very atmospheric items in there - ideal pre-Evensong music in a darkened church in the winter months, creeping about on Swell 8fts with the occasional solo passage. These are written on two staves but with clear pedal indications - judicious use of odd bits of 32ft tone would add to the atmosphere too.
  7. Thank you so much to those who have contributed to this thread. I have enough material now for my purposes, so please don't feel you need to keep going on my behalf. What an amazing variety there is.
  8. Everyone has probably heard that Colin Mawby has also, very sadly, died in the last few days. I know very little about him apart, rather obviously, from his tenure of the Westminster Cathedral post. In 1968, in my St Paul's chorister days, there was a big City of London Festival, and the Abbey, W Cathedral and St Paul's all sang in a concert at St Paul's. The major item was a new, commissioned Magnificat by Lennox Berkeley (conducted by the composer) which has never really made it into the mainstream, repertoire. The only recording available is a live one of this occasion. But, each of the choirs sang a sequence of their own and I remember being very struck by the different tone of the Westminster Cathedral choir and the conducting style of Colin Mawby. I can't remember what we sang, but I suspect it included one or two of the Mendelssohn psalms which Christopher Dearnley newly introduced at around that time. What I am getting around to is asking is if anyone has favourite organ music (out of a huge selection) of Colin Mawby's that they could point us in the direction of. I know his Ave Verum (choral) is widely known and liked, but I have never settled to learning any of the organ music. I have, though, found a nice little manuals only piece based on the Coventry Carol which I look forward to squeezing into my Christmas organ repertoire. We're singing Torches in memory of John Joubert and I am playing a little Noel Rawsthorne piece based on the Ord Adam lay y-bounden before the Advent Carol Service on Sunday. I don't think we can manage any of the Stephen Cleobury arrangements, and in any case, haven't copies, but I might play an organ only arrangement of his Suo Gan at some stage and, as above, I have Colin MAwby covered, too. A friend said, don't forget Jessye Norman... Heck!
  9. Perfect, everyone - many thanks - keep them coming!
  10. I could do with some help! Can anyone help with photos or drawings of non-pipe organ screens/cases? I just need some help to get the juices flowing for a small project I am engaged on. I remember in my boyhood, when I collected specifications, I seem to recall instruments by Rushworth and Dreaper (?) where there seemed to be organ screens made up of laths and strips of wood of different sizes. Perhaps it wasn't R&D. Any help with illustrations of this sort would be much appreciated. Again, as a boy, I visited Spalding church and played the organ. The console was in a rather lovely loft on the south side (with the drawstops curiously arranged in an unorthodox manner) - but I am sure that the pipework, on the north side was hidden behind a screen such as I have rather glibly described.
  11. Thank you, Dave, for reproducing that link. What very sad and upsetting news this is, and how keenly the people of King's and the thousands of others with whom Sir Stephen worked will be feeling his loss. Strangely, only this week I had re-watched some of Sir Stephen's Priory Records DVD - I was especially listening to the Reger Weihnachten. In the course of wondering what I might play, this morning as a mark of respect, I have decided to keep it simple and play another of the pieces from that DVD, the Thalben-Ball Elegy.
  12. Hello Tim - you can get the Paul Edwards Contemplation from Geoffrey Atkinson at Fagus Music.
  13. All of this might be of interest... https://www.stpauls.co.uk/worship-music/music/concerts-and-events/vierne-150-festival
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