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  1. Martin Cooke

    School choirs and organ suggestions

    Thanks, Fiffaro for trying harder! A thought or two as an immediate response... Parry - I was glad, Parry - Blest pair of Sirens Parry - Hear my words ye people Rutter - Gloria Rutter - Te Deum Schubert - Mass in G Fauré - Requiem Handel - some Messiah choruses Haydn - Insanae et vanae curae Stanford - Te Deum in B flat Handel - Let the bright seraphim - (an opportunity for a soprano solist) & Let their celestial concerts Handel - The heavens are telling and/or Achieved is the glorious work Berstein - Chichester Psalms - All of these (except possibly the Rutter Gloria) can easily be organ only and they are all things I have done in the past with school choirs. Is this the sort of thing that you might have been looking for? Martin.
  2. Martin Cooke

    "THE" Toccata

    I think I have commented along these lines before but at our church, we go firmly along with the hope in the Resurrection, and therefore, the closing music is always a 'confident' sounding piece - think Bach Great E minor or B minor. So, 'confident' rather than 'happy' - I have been asked to play the Widor but I think that is just a little too much, but all these things are a matter of personal taste and preference. 'Jesu joy', though pleasant enough, wouldn't fit the mould for me. I hope the service goes well.
  3. Martin Cooke

    Christmas music 2018

    Thanks for your response, Richard - and for introducing two very interesting pieces I had never heard of before. Just the sort of thing of which we need more! (Would hate to think, though, that my original post was imprecatious!)
  4. Martin Cooke

    Priory Records DVDs

    I think I remember the Full Organ piston or a red indicator light playing a part in one of these programmes.
  5. Martin Cooke

    Priory Records DVDs

    And as a follow through to the above... I wonder what we would like to see filmed next? I'm hoping for Truro and then a new one of Canterbury when the new organ has settled down in a year or two's time.
  6. Martin Cooke

    Priory Records DVDs

    Priory have announced the availability of their new Westminster Abbey DVD which Daniel Cook features in. Interesting that he has come back to do this, or perhaps he had started it before he left. Anyway, it looks like an excellent programme and it's firmly on my Christmas list. I have all the Priory DVDs and I wonder what others have made of them. I have found some of the organ tours a bit stilted - nobody better than Ian Tracey on the very first one and Simon Johnson at St Paul's - and some of the choices of music a bit weird. I do have an affinity to St Paul's but I think that, so far, at any rate, it is the best of all of them. By the way, you can see and hear a snippet from WA on the Priory website - Daniel Cook plays the Dignity and Impudence March.
  7. Martin Cooke

    Can we all try a bit harder?

    I think it's a shame that this is the case, but I cannot help but feel that this forum is dying on its feet. Days go past when no new contributions appear and although lots of forumites clearly look in from time to time, they don't appear to want to contribute or start new topics - and I do feel that I have tried over the years. Perhaps everyone is just too busy. Instead of looking forward to reading new thoughts from fellow members each day, I now turn to the site with the expectation that there will be nothing new to read. I would just say "well done' to the young organist from Harrow who started a number of interesting and popular topics but, enthusiast though he doubtless is, he even seems to have dried up now. Perhaps we are just in a rut! I would love to feel that everyone might be stirred to think of something and I might have a go at starting a few new topics over the next few days.
  8. Martin Cooke

    Westminster Abbey

    I am sure that many forum members watched/listened to the service from the Abbey last evening. If you didn't, there were any number of points of interest, musically - a new anthem by Judith Weir which sounded to me as if it would repay a further visit, but especially, an exquisite performance of Elgar's The Spirit of the Lord - and Peter Holder's accompaniment of it was simply wonderful. You can catch the Westminster Abbey Solo French Horn twice during the performance - just towards the end of the organ introduction, and then again a few seconds or two before the end of the anthem... and very good it sounds, too. I believe French Horns are not always very convincing - as choristers at St Paul's, we used to listen out for it in this anthem, but I remember it being rather a weak and quiet stop, but my memory could easily be playing tricks. Whatever, the Abbey's can be heard by all in this broadcast and it sounds spot on to me. And then, I was sent running to the internet to find out what the organ voluntary was... York Bowen, Fantasia in G minor - what a piece!
  9. Martin Cooke

    Ecce Sacerdos Magnus

    Nail... head... a truly grim experience listening to that clip! An awful way to start a Sunday morning. Don't do it to yourself!
  10. Martin Cooke

    Cathedral organ activity

    Amazing - York, Salisbury, Canterbury and Edinburgh all in Durham at the same time!
  11. Martin Cooke

    Wedding Music - bridal processions

    Following on from yesterday, Princess Eugenie's marriage service (ITV) is well worth a listen - two magnificent descants by James Vivian (to be published by Encore), beautiful performances by the choir of a Gaelic Blessing, My Spirit sang all day and Ubi Caritas... and an exquisite little improvised filler by Luke Bond taking on from the orchestra's Pieds en l'air - a magical example of just how it should be done - and the whole service accompanied outstandingly by him, too.
  12. Martin Cooke

    Wedding Music - bridal processions

    We've just had some of the middle movement of Pièce d'Orgue for the way in, and the Vierne Final from Symphonie 1 to retreat to, at St George's, WIndsor, today. Great choices as far as I am concerned and a successful 'splice' in the Bach to accommodate the length of the aisle. Mind you, you would need a heck of an aisle for a bridal procession to take in the whole of that!!
  13. Martin Cooke

    Cathedral organ activity

    Any idea as to who will be undertaking this work, Dave?
  14. Martin Cooke

    Cathedral organ activity

    Ah - any more details/links?
  15. Martin Cooke

    Cathedral organ activity

    Interesting to note that from today, two of our most important cathedrals (Canterbury and York) are without their pipe organs for quite a while, with Salisbury joining them in January. Do we know if major work is scheduled for any other cathedrals or major churches over the next couple of years?