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  1. Having read the various documents, I can't help but feel that the scheme all seems rather extravagant.
  2. Thank you very much for all of that, Andrew - most interesting. It is not hard to imagine that the RBC might have higher ideals in terms of a departmental instrument or instruments. Does anyone know of any announcement regarding the commissioning of a new instrument?
  3. Ah, yes - you're right, AJJ... see here where they mention that the instrument will need some work in the medium future. I wonder what the plans are for organ development at RBC?
  4. This is interesting. The RBC is disposing of the SJ organ which was only moved into the new building two years ago. I don't know the instrument but recall the old pic of Susi Jeans sitting at it when it was installed in her home, Cleveland Lodge. Has anyone played it? On paper, at least, and because it has only just been rebuilt by Nicholsons, it would seem a very good option for someone seeking a pipe organ - rather like the Turner Sims/Orford story.
  5. That's great, Rowland - thank you so much, and, thanks, too, of course to Dr Tracey. The Wachet Auf story is very much akin to that of the Fanfare he wrote for Gordon Stewart to play at the 'opening' of the new chamade stop (Trompette de Maris) at Portsmouth Cathedral - NR didn't wish it to be published. And I have a copy of IT's Aria (in E flat) which is a lovely miniature. Thanks again. Martin.
  6. I suppose you don't remember which key it's in, by any chance, Z? There is a well known one in F major, which I have - (it's in a volume called 'Organ Music by NR' or something like that) - but I have never seen one by NR in E flat. This slightly highlights one of the difficulties with Mayhew publications - and OUP, actually - that the same piece is published in several different volumes and you don't know if you will be doubling up.
  7. Indeed - and fingers crossed that the opening recital is to feature a major new work on 'Shine, Jesus, shine'!
  8. The RSCM is advertising a new Denis Bedard volume - Contrastes. If you want to sample the goods, go here. Have a listen to the Tarentelle which is rather exciting. And after I had finished listening to this, a Gymnopodie-like piece came on on YouTube. A tiny bit of research led me to this free PDF album. Have a look. And have a listen to the piece that caught my ear.
  9. 1. Forumites might like attention their drawn to videos on the H&H website of Andrew Scott showing off some of the new and newly-installed pipework at Canterbury Cathedral. See here and again here. 2. And if you haven't already visited the site, amongst other things, you can see the new Canterbury console here. 3. Meanwhile, the RCO, through its iRCO site have produced and published 8 excellent films aimed at prospective organ scholars which are full of interest and very educational for all. Thoroughly recommended. 4. OUP have flagged up some interesting new publications and some reprints. So there is to be a second volume of Ceremonial Music edited by Robert Gower - to be published in August, and then some music by John Rutter and David Bednall + some other bits and bobs- all of which, I think, are single copies of late 20th century items - eg Mathias Processional and Rutter Toccata in Seven. All info here. 5. FInally, some interesting changes with the major digital organ firms - Richard Copeland has joined Makin, Richard Goodall has moved from Makin to Viscount, and Jeremy Meager who was Managing Director of Viscount Organs has set up his own firm - http://www.cotswoldorgans.co.uk/. And Wyvern, on their recently updated website, are also just promulgating some interesting looking new Hauptwerk consoles.
  10. Thanks, Rowland - I have never heard of those pieces by Noel. Does anyone know who publishes these? If Kevin Mayhew, they are not listed there, unfortunately.
  11. Well, from the website, it looks as though "it's all happening." Not my scene in terms of church and music but it looks lively and busy which is more than can be said for many churches, unfortunately.
  12. Yes - both will be very interesting - and we mustn't forget Robert Sharpe's most generous offer to host us at York one day!
  13. Very interesting, David. Henry IV tried to sell me something akin to this once - it was a bit like someone going into a car showroom to look at a Jaguar being told they'd be ok with a used Bedford Beagle. (Those were the days!). And I believe there is one in a church just up the road here in Wiltshire. In all seriousness, HW's suggestion wasn't, at the time, going to be adequate for a school chapel full of lusty singers, but I can certainly see this one's attractions as a practice instrument... I think. The question for me is, assuming I had the space, would I rather have something like this as a practice instrument, pure and beautiful sounding, I expect, but with limited tonal possibilities, or a 2/3 manual Viscount, assuming I had the funds. I suppose it's apples and pears to some extent - the pipe organ would take up a lot of room, but the Viscount would cost a lot more money... and so on... I certainly wouldn't write off extension organs. I played a Walker for four years and it was extraordinary how versatile it was, but it was one of the bigger ones. The biggest weakness for me was the Lieblich rank which served (until Willises fettled a 16ft bottom octave for the trumpet rank when they rebuilt it) as the only 16ft. It really was very weak - great to go with the quiet stuff, but when you had the full swell coupled to the two unenclosed diapason ranks on the great, it was inadequate. But, all in all, a great and very enjoyable compromise.
  14. And Joseph Wicks (ADoM) is leaving Truro Cathedral to go freelance - https://www.trurocathedral.org.uk/news/leaving-truro-cathedral.
  15. Thanks, Damian - really interesting and nicely presented by Fraser - well worth watching!
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