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Rochester Choral Evensong

Guest delvin146

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Guest delvin146


Well, I hope the music is good....I quite like jazz and blues.


That apart, I note that it is still a BCP service, which makes it no different to any other apart from the apparent absence of the canticles.


Therefore, one must assume that any element of risk or any evidence of  thinking, would seem to be restricted entirely to the music.


As usual, the music promises to be ahead of the words.




Having listened to the excellent programme linked by another thread on these discussion boards about theatre organs, I'm now firmly of the opinion of what we should do. This will keep the music exciting for both organists and clergy and get toes tapping with bums on pews. A friend who is not a churchgoer commented that if the music sounded like that then they'd come to church. Therefore I propose we do a Worcester with all our cathedral organs and replace them with Wurlitzers.


Cathedral Choral Evensong could come out thus:


Organ Processional: I've never seen a straight banana

Introit: Somewhere over the rainbow - (From Wizard of Oz)

Preces and Responses: Usher

Psalm: 137 - By the Rivers of Babylon - Boney M

Canticles: Whitlock in D

Office Hymn: Rule Britannia - Traditional

Anthem: Bring me a higher love - Steve Winwood

Organ Voluntary: -Itsy Bitsy, Teeny Weeny,Yellow Polka Dot Bikini arr. traditional

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