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Recently, on a business trip to Brussels, I saw a notice advertising an organ recital (including a soprano) in the Church of SS-Jean et Etienne aux Minimes.


I arrived, somewhat tired, at a massively built, depressing and rather run down church. The organ, on a west end gallery, consisted of a central portion in a gloomy brown wood case, but on either side their were shining pedal towers enclosed in perspex! There was a positive division also enclosed in perspex. :P


No one was around so I waited outside. A few minutes before the advertised start two people arrived who looked as though they might sell the tickets. But only two other people arrived.


:D As well as being tired, I felt uncomfortable about being in such a tiny audience and walked back to my hotel. I also wondered whether the lack of interest said something about the organ?


Does anyone know if the organ was worth listening to?


Would others find it uncomfortable to be in a tiny audience?

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It does seem a shame that there were apparently so few people there. I am aware that the French generally have a relaxed attitude towards attending concerts (and the time at which they choose to arrive) - but this is incredible.


Perhaps the organ and soloist were known to be of uneven performance - or perhaps it was just a bad night.


I can sympathise, though. If I were tired and faced with the prospect of becoming 33.3% of an audience for an organ recital in which the main attraction was partly encased in perspex, I too would have beaten a hasty retreat to my hotel room and whiled away a relaxing evening using all the male-oriented toiletries provided in a refreshing bath - and followed up (by way of an encore) by working my way steadily through the contents of the mini-bar.


Of course, it would be necessary to be somewhat disingenuous the next morning when confronted by a bill for €134.50. Probably something along the lines of: "Mini-bar? No - that was empty when I looked...."

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"Does anyone know if the organ was worth listening to?"



WELL..... :D


Ahem, ahem!

How to express that.....Mmmmmmmh, let us say this thing might

not be one of the first I would present you in Belgium; we may

possibly have some slightly more interesting organs.



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