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  1. I don't think that the console at Sheffield is adjacent to choir at all, but sits one bay further east, tucked away behind one of the pillars supporting the tower (the choir seats are at the east end of the Nave). Some of the organ's speakers are quite close to the console and the organ's sound is set up to be very loud in order to project into the building, so I doubt that the organist stands a chance of hearing the choir (and the organ in balance with the choir) without using the headphones. Some cathedral (pipe) organs have a sound relay of the choir through speakers to the organ lof
  2. Roy Goodman was head chorister and the soloist in the famous old recording of the Allegri Miserere. Now he's a world famous violinist. But I don't think he was ever Organ Scholar of Kings as he was an RCM student (though he is an FRCO!) (Davis is already on the original list btw)
  3. I don't think you are quite right about Liddle or Bertalot. Liddle read music at St John's College and was what they called an assisting organ scholar at Kings, but I think that his blindness precluded him from having an accompanying role. I'm pretty sure that Bertalot was not at Kings.
  4. Adrian Partington is missing from the list too.
  5. No - Ben lives in London and amongst many things runs an orchestra, The Orchestra of the City and the Saraband Consort.
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