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  1. ... or possibly Downing, or even Girton!  I wouldn't have though it was your sort of instrument, Nigel.


    I'd forgotten the pedal reed on that recording - I haven't listened to it for decades.  (Makes mental note to get turntable back into working order).  As I remember, it's similar to the Ophicleide at Halifax - rather honky and obliterates anything less than full great coupled to full swell.  What on earth would it have been like if they had installed the 32' Bombardon that was prepared for (presumably a downward extension of the 16' reed).


    Thanks for all these anecdotes... now to find a copy of that Grosvenor LP.


    In the meantime, I'd recommend the following as the most outstanding organ recording I've heard for a long, long time. And certainly the finest recording of this instrument:




    And I'm not on commission.

  2. In an idle moment today I explored the Trinity entry on NPOR.


    The Metzler is widely held to be a superb instrument (whatever one's opinion of its accompanimental utility).


    But I'm fascinated by the Hill it replaced. The spec seems to contain lots of vain repetition, and seems huge for the size of the chapel. I wonder if anyone heard/played this instrument, and has any thoughts on it? Are there any recordings available?





  3. Hi


    I doubt if Peter can add any more, as it was he who tuned the organ in 2005 and supplied the NPOR update.


    I find your comments about NPOR somewhat less than helpful - like any information source, it is only as good as the sources of the information.  We do not have the resources to visit every organ that we get information on to check on the reliability!  (And we certainly can't visit those that are no longer in existence).  Published information is also not always reliable - it's not easy trying to sort out what the truth really is.  The key to using NPOR properly is to take note of the survey date and the latest update, and the recorded "state" of the organ (which, of course is only valid for the time it was seen and recorded, which may be anything up to 100 years ago).  If you have any corrections, then let us know at the NPOR office and we will may corrections - please include the source of your information.


    Every Blessing


    Tony (NPOR Editor)




    Useful information, the NPOR is a great resource.


    About ten years ago I played for a wedding at St Saviour's RC Parish Church, in Lewisham High Street (London SE). The organ was a 3-manual instrument, all in good nick, bearing a Gray and Davison nameplate. I can find no trace of the Church (built c. 1909) on the database. I wonder if anyone else has had a more recent encounter with this instrument?





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