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  1. I'm interested to learn Germani's toccata op 12 but I can't seem to find it avaliable anywhere online. Does anyone know the publisher or a website its avaliable from?
  2. Never heard of these. Any more details?
  3. SinaL


    Is only the east end organ played for services? When do they use the West-end one? I've heard, its under Mr. Cleobury's control.
  4. SinaL


    I agree. I liked Emmanuel when I played it, although it sounded rather out of tune, maybe this has something to do with the "winding" of the instrument which may be the reason for that "wind control" stop. Clare is way too bright, and has an awful swell.
  5. SinaL


    Interested to know the view of members of this board on the Oxbridge organs. I personally like Queens, Cambridge and New and Exeter in Oxford very much. Don't particularly fancy Christ Church. Which ones do you find the best, and which ones should go to the scrap.
  6. Personent Hodie was found to be quite fun!
  7. Quite right, as well a few other famous musical figures before.
  8. For the past 10 years or so, the old 4 manual Hill organ at St Mary Abbots, Kensington has been out of action, and a small electronic has been in use for some time. I remember being told a few years ago about a "restoration project", and rebuilding the organ up in the Triforium of the church. Does anyone know the status of this project, or if the Hill will be put back in working order anytime? A pipe organ is definately needed in a church of this scale!
  9. Quite right, it certainly isn't anything remarkable and coming to remember it, the organ contains some of the most loud and horrible trumpets! Maybe I shouldn't have recommended this one! But they are quite good for bookings, and the acoustic is an advantage.
  10. St John the Baptist, Holland Road in West London springs to mind. 4 manual Willis organ, with solo reed and only 1 Sunday service at 18:30, if I remember correctly, so that could be an option. Holy Trinity South Kensington, St Peter Eaton Square, and St Stephen Gloucester road, all in West London too are also options for making bookings, and have suitable organs (3 manual R&D, new 4 manual Jones, and 3 manual N&B, respectively) with solo reeds, and all in good acoustics. Many churches in the City of London, such as St. Stephen Walbrook that you've mentioned do not have service
  11. The vicar told me that the whole church will be going through refurbishment within the next few months (or years!), I cant remember which one exactly. It will be closed within that time. Having played the organ there very shortly before the start of this work it was well well-sounding,no problems with the pipes, but there were major problems with the blower, which couldnt even hold just full swell together. I think that St Jude is unfortunately following in the footsteps of HTB. There is more contemporary music and instruments being used during services, and as the church website says, the c
  12. That sounds like a good option. I have never seen such a pedal "P.U" on any german organ before.
  13. Could the Quire organ sufficiently accompany the congregation by itself? I realise there would be some time delay problems though.
  14. Is the rodgers controllable from the tickell console aswell because in a major eucharist they must be used together?
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