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  1. The organ of Notre-Dame is entirely covered with a layer of dust resulting from the combustion of several elements (wood of the frame, lead of the roof, to which could be added particles of the binder of the joints of stones, etc. .). The impact that this mixture can have on the material (pipes for example) according to its composition and the hygrometric variations that the great organ undergoes, and that it will undergo still from here to its cleaning remains for the moment unknown.Samples of pipes and dust were entrusted for analysis to the Historic Monuments Research Laboratory (LRMH) of the Culture Department.At the same time, and to accelerate the protection of the instrument, a protocol for decontamination, preservation, protection and cleaning measures has been proposed by Mr. Christian Lutz, authorized technical consultant of the Ministry of Culture for the great organ of Notre Dame de Paris, in liaison with the architect of historical monuments in charge of Notre-Dame, Mr. Philippe Villeneuve, who is particularly aware of the situation of the organs in the cathedral. The project management of these operations is under the responsibility of the regional department of cultural affairs of Ile-de-France.(Source: "Organ in France")
  2. The parish. Around 200€/ month for the sunday services in the major churches and nothing for the small ones. The choir organist of Notre-Dame has the highest salary of all the French organists as his presence is (was) required every day for several services!
  3. The Cochereau console was not retained in 1992 because it was built with fragile materials. Only keyboards and registers have been reused. If Cochereau was still alive, he tried to constantly improve his organ by not distorting it as he had done in 1965 with Boisseau.
  4. One of the greatest improviser of our time (able to improvise "Alla Bach" or in symphonic style) and also a very famous interpreter of Widor, Duruflé, Vierne, Alain.... Has been teaching all the young generation in his class of "Contrepoint" at the Paris Conservatory as well as improvisation in Saint-Maur Conservatory. A very big loss for the organ world....
  5. An unknown Cochereau's toccata played In Cathedral of Dijon
  6. Former Dupré's student, same class as Cochereau, Marie-Claire Alain..... A character!!!
  7. Debussy at Saint-Eustache https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLTWNBSMsU0&feature=em-share_video_user
  8. Our organists and our organs are in a better shape than our policemen.....
  9. Awarded to David Cassan and Karol Mossakowski. http://orgues.chartres.free.fr/agocp3.htm
  10. Pierre Pincemaille in Saint-Denis
  11. Widor in Saint-Eustache by Baptiste-Florian Marle-Ouvrard
  12. Vincent Dubois was appointed titular-organist yesterday the 18th of january 2016 in replacement of Jean-Pierre Leguay. https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vincent_Dubois_(organiste)
  13. Cochereau boléro interpreted on the new console of NDDP. Originally, an improvisation (may 1973) retranscribed by his son Jean-Marc.
  14. Pierre Pincemaille improvising in Saint-Denis during a mass.
  15. In the heart of the organ of Notre Dame https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGiGuTEcD-o Mainly Latry and a bit of Cochereau. Latry is wrong when he says that the new electric console was installed in 1970. The right date is 1963 with the Vierne's stops.
  16. Your welcome!! Marle-Ouvrard is indeed a great improviser in a very different style than Guillou. He comes from Pincemaille's school!!
  17. Franck in Saint-Eustache by Baptiste-Florian Marle-Ouvrard, co-titular
  18. It's no longer the case in NDDP. Each co-titular earns monthly around 2 000€ As titular in Saint-Eustache you earn 200€ !!!!
  19. Jean-Pierre Leguay is leaving... Worth noticing that the recruitment process is dealt with by the same person in charge of the hiring one of Saint Eustache titulaires!!!
  20. The condition of this audition was a bit specific and the presentation quite a mess.... La "fille aux cheveux de lin" is an organist and is very familiar with "la tourne"....
  21. Fête de la musique june 21st in Saint Eustache: one of the 2 co-titulars , Baptiste-Florian Marle-Ouvrard playing a hit.
  22. A very short abstract of the 6 may 2 new titulars concert with Thomas Ospital playing the end of Ad Nos: Great success: more than 1000 people attending and several standing ovations!
  23. Sorry: not 30' but only 30 secondes....Quite a difference!!
  24. Baptiste-Florian Marle-Ouvrard still remains titular organist in St Vincent de Paul at Clichy La Garenne (not far away of Paris NW); His organ ABBEY was built for the 1900 universal exposition and transferred to this church a few time after. Noticeable that for ST Eustache appointment, the jury in charge took 30' to deliberate and to award both of the 2 titulars. As the level between them and the third ranked was to large, decision was taken not to appoint a third organist co-titular.
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