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  1. I rather fear that I have not adequately explained that (Willis) Clarions, where they broke from reeds to flues, continued at 4ft pitch and did not break back to 8ft.
  2. Well, now we are uncertain about the work going on at Enfield. We can argue for or against a well expressed opinion, but what can we do when we are unsettled by an ambiguity and left in doubt by an unremark? MF
  3. Ah..., so it is. Yet I was sure... The light is very bad round here. MF
  4. Are there two Michael Hoegs? A Michael Hoeg was awarded an MBE in the Birthday Honours list for 2010. MF
  5. This interest in 'sources' is curious. Much of what is posted on this Forum is speculation, or opinion (that is, up market speculation) or anecdote, all of which can be and are tested by list members. The source is most cases is the poster. Wolsey argues from the particular to the general (unlike his eminent avatar who was prone to argue the other way round) and asserts that the Internet is subject to the Laws of Libel. No it's not. People and Corporations of people using the Internet may be subject to Laws of libel in some jurisdictions. The Internet is indifferent to what message it carr
  6. No it's not! There is no moral. This is life. Or, if you want to be high-minded, this is Life imitating Art. This Forum serves many needs and one of them is GOSSIP - the third oldest profession in the world. MF
  7. Well, I had better keep quiet about the Royal Baby. MF
  8. They say that Roger Sayer http://www.rogersayer.org is the new man at the Temple MF
  9. St Andrew's Luton has or had wooden pipes, I think pedal basses, with mechanically adjustable cut-ups. MF
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