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  1. Very surprised to hear that, given the instrument is only 12 or so years old.
  2. I remember hearing the old organ in the 90's - we were sitting at the top of the nave near the Transept case. The organist was using the Solo reeds exclusively for certain passages in a "call and answer" duel with the Quire sections. It was bloody loud! I remember the Quire sections seeming a bit distant, might have been better if we were sitting under the crossing as opposed to the top of the south Nave aisle.
  3. I must admit, that having heard the Tickell in the flesh and on recordings, I've always been a bit underwhelmed by it. It has some lovely individual tonal colours, but the chorus seems a bit bland and homogenous and it lacks any real character. That said, I've not heard it in person since it was first installed and I expect its "developed" somewhat since then. Hard to believe it's now over a decade old. I remember the furore over the destruction of its predecessor, the 2001 Adrian Lucas recording of which is a personal favourite of mine.
  4. I found the paper programme from Thomas Trotter's opening recital at Worcester on the installation of the new Tickell Quire organ the other day. I realised it is nearly a decade since the old organ was thrown out and the Tickell installed. I listened to Adrian Lucas' excellent CD of Reubke and Vierne to remind myself of the sound of the new organ. I recall feeling that the instrument had many stunning individual tones but a slightly unexciting chorus when I heard it live, a view which was reinforced by listening to the CD. It seems a bit "generic" to me against instruments such as Coventr
  5. Thank God they're not chucking it out and replacing it with a brand new one!
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