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  1. That's great thank you. You mention about soft pieces after service, they would suitable for the end of evening services (once a church I play at starts them again).
  2. I had looked at the book you mentioned (online). Reading your summary, I'm currently pleased I didn't order it. However, at the time I was mostly after the first piece in the 1st six short preludes and postludes book. My old photocopy from my organ teacher has eventually bit the dust. I just checked my book and an old photocopied (35 years old) page from 1st Prelude in F. It still has I II and III. I thought I was playing the first section on the great all those years back, so took I, II and III as Swell, Great, Choir. Top to bottom. I'm going to have to try it with the suggestion above that makes sense, order of importance. Perhaps I started on the swell. Also in the book there are swell, great and choir indications for other pieces. Perhaps, it's not important which keyboard, just a different registration. What is the 105 book like? Difficulty level and types of pieces. I'm trying to find end of service voluntaries.
  3. Thank you everyone for your replies and input. I've had a couple of PM's as well. All being well I should have parts I need to fix the organ myself. I'll update the thread with the outcome. The organ is maintained regularly, they have a chap that isn't particularly local (2 1/2 - 3 hour drive). He hadn't long attended to the organ, replaced a pipe and fixed a few notes that sounded with no key being pressed. I wanted to try and avoid getting him back until the next scheduled visit. As this looks straight forward, I figured it wouldn't be to hard to replace the part myself. Also not sure if he approve of someone else (myself) trying to fix it, otherwise I would contact him for the part. I had considered that. I decided against it. Just incase it doesn't fix it, and for some reason the part works itself off again. Also didn't want to risk dropping the donor part. Lastly, I'd probably need the top not next time I play the organ. It only goes to top F.
  4. The organ I play at my local church (Enfield) has a note stuck down. Fortunately it's not sounding as it's come detached from the tracker in the organ loft. The nut has either deteriorated, or worked itself off and fallen into the organ never to be found again. I looks likes I could fix it myself, but I don't know where to get the part I need. I've added a picture of the part at the keyboard level. It looks like a leather (or cork) nut with a felt washer. Any suggestions. There is a Mander Organ van down the bottom of my road and I've considered putting a note on his window.
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