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  1. They are not linked, Dave. How strange that they produced anything at all.... I must check that.
  2. Does anyone know which German builder is doing this? A bit of research indicates this, probably: https://www.hwk-ff.de/blog/handwerker/23660-sander-harry/ . Can't say I've heard of them. B
  3. Many many years ago I wrote an article about the history of the organs in the cathedral of Magdeburg, which I've been privileged to serve for just about 15 years now. Life sentence. Anyway, I have totally rewritten it, corrected some errors which resulted from too great a reliance on one particular source, and included quite a lot of new information which should have been staring me in the face but got overlooked. Any interest, here it is: http://www.magdeburgerdommusik.de/html/history.html All best Barry
  4. Yes, but Ladach just sells them on, they don't reinstall them.
  5. I recently added a video of the 113-stop Sauer organ in Berlin cathedral here https://youtu.be/8yybfR8xjyE I will try to upload videos of the other 2 pieces on the programme (William Harris Sonata in a minor, Rheinberger 8th sonata) sometime soon. Fantastic instrument! Happy New Year to all Barry
  6. Perhaps I may be permitted to point all and sundry, as I do once a year, to our schedule here: http://www.magdeburgerdommusik.de/html/konzerte_2009.HTM including not only Martin Setchell but also Jonathan Lilley, Ann Elise Smoot and UK-escapee Iain Quinn. Cynic will be doing the honours across the road at St Sebastians Cathedral, although I am afraid that I don't know the date off the top off my head (as hannibal Lecter reputedly said). Cheers B Um, and may I humbly point out to those who might not read C&Owith all the painstaking attention that it undoubtedly
  7. I am pleased to report that Cynic had a good 400 people here yesterday. B
  8. Apparently the first performance in Merseburg Cathedral took nearly three quarters of an hour. If you play that organ now, you will see why, but it is perhaps a little TOO slow... but I quite agree with you. I recently heard a reading which took a mere 22 minutes. Technically staggering, musically negligible. Cheers barry Icidentally, Michael Schönheit has recently recorded the piece in Merseburg at a (for him) relatively sedate pace. Excellent.
  9. Indeed. It is vital that we learn to sympathise with good instruments whatever their style, but at the same time to remember that there have always been bad organ builders building terrible organs. I am confronted over and over again when wearing my consultant's hat with the situation of a cash-strapped parish deciding to "restore" -meaning repair, more or less - an instrument which has often not been playable for decades, spending (for them at least) a good deal of money on it, and then finding that the action is so terrible that no-one wants to play the thing (in this part of the world t
  10. They have a Boychoir there too, don't they? B
  11. You know, this is one of the things that I think people spout off because they've heard it somewhere...I used to say it too. Now I have three transmissions on my house organ. I do believe that I have quite good ears, and I have never heard any difference ever on any note that would indicate grave problems when both pallets are open. It is important, as has been indicated already, to restrict the foot, but also to get the pallets as far open as they will go. The big Trost organs have lots of transmissions and they work just fine! My house organ, incidentally, has: I: Chimney flute 8
  12. The OD can be a bit loud in a small room, although I don't know how big your spare bedroom is, of course. How about a tapered flute? I would recommend transmissions instead of couplers to the pedals, very good for your trios....you could have pedal Stopt D, rh Man 1 with its only stop, lh with the 4' down an octave. That wouldn't work with your OD though. Cheers B
  13. Period? You want to build a gothic case? You could just get a digital, in that case. The principle is the same, isn't it? Have a good day Barry
  14. Are there ANY Werkprinzip organs which stay in tune when the heating is on? Never heard any myself, and they're two a penny here. There was a time, however, when an organ HAD to be WP in order to be respectable, so citing the RFH isn't really very helpful, it's a totally different kettle of fish! Don't knock Peter Collins too hard, he was a voice in the English wilderness at one time and did things that no-one else at the time was really thinking of! Time has passed him by, which is something that can be said of most European builders at that time too - the big firms (Rieger, Klais, Marcus
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