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Redundant Organ available

Tony Newnham

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At risk of being out of line on this board, the following has come to my attention and needs to be removed within the next 3 weeks.


Every Blessing




Redundant Pipe Organ - Jardine c.1900 - Platt Lane Methodist - Manchester UK - M0180



Enquiries have unfortunately not matured and the church advises that building work will commence on 21st Feb. The organ is available for parts until that date, otherwise it is, sadly, to be scrapped.


Graham Jones


Graham Jones

32 Harington Road


L37 1NU

Tel. 01704 876 134

BB Talk. 01704 826 475

Redundant Pipe Organ M0180


Jardine & Co c.1900


Platt Lane Methodist Church Manchester UK

Fallowfield Manchester M14 7BU


NPOR K00476


2 manuals with pedals

17 speaking stops


Tracker manual key action

Pneumatic pedal note action

(1/4 in bore lead tubing)

Mechanical stop action


Compass 30/56



Width 18ft

Depth 12ft

Height 20ft



Bourdon 16

Bass flute 8



Open Diapason 8

Stopped Diapason 8

Dulciana 8

Principal 4

Harmonic Flute 4

Fifteenth 2



Lieblich Bourdon 16

Open Diapason 8

Hohl Flute 8

Echo Gamba 8

Voix Celeste 8 also draws Echo Gamba

Geigen Principal 4

Dulciana Mixture II

Cornopean 8

Oboe 8

Tremulant whole organ


Swell Octave

Swell to Great

Great to Pedal

Swell to Pedal


Drawstop console


Central balanced swell pedal


6 composition pedal levers


Radiating Concave pedals


Three combination pedals each to Great and Swell


2 wind reservoirs


Electric motor/blower


The 6 front pipes on each side of the console are dummies; the rest of the pipes in the display wings and the upper flat, are speaking.


The organ was brought from the Heyrod Street Mission in Ancoats in 1933 to serve the newly built church at Platt Lane. Jardine & Co of Manchester have maintained this organ since building it more than 100 years ago, and offered inter alia the following remarks after an inspection in 2008.


'The organ was built around 1900 by Jardine and Co Ltd Manchester, and installed in Platt Lane Methodist Church in 1933. It is a fine example of its type and is in original condition with all its action intact. It is however, showing signs of its age with general wear and tear. The main part of its deterioration is the pedal organ which has a pneumatic action. The original leathers have lasted well but they are now porous and in need of replacement. We have patched the odd one where we can access but the whole pedal organ and pipework require an overhaul. The second item is the fact that the organ has not been cleaned for many years, the pipework is quite dusty and there are a number of reed pipes collapsing due to broken support tapes and metal fatigue. The mechanical actions to the manuals are quite worn, the regulating buttons are of leather and perished, which makes adjustments difficult. Whilst this report does highlight a few failings, we can assure you that the organ is not going to pack up in the short term. A thorough restoration will give the organ a further 50 years of useful service.'


The church is to be refurbished and downsized in early 2011. There will then be no space for the instrument and the organ is to be replaced.


It is immediately available.


Buyer makes all arrangements for dismantling, packing and transport


Care has been taken to see that the information provided is correct but the Methodist Church Organ Advisory Service takes no responsibility for errors.


Offers and enquiries to the church contact, please.


Church Contact:

Mary Fair

Tel. 07951 785788

Email: iandmfair at email.com




Graham Jones

32 Harington Road


L37 1NU

Tel. 01704 876 134

BB Talk. 01704 826 475

Email: g.mjones at btinternet.com

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UPDATE - 10th February 2011

Thanks to Tony's efforts to publicise this case, and the good sense and generosity of the people at Platt Lane Methodist Church (which is being rebuilt and changed in a dramatic way) a home has been found for the vast majority of the pipework of the Jardine instrument described above. Sadly we were not able to enjoy the pipework before it came out because practically every note was cyphering by that point. Mind you, builders have been at work on site for some time now; the original church part of the building now contains only the organ and staging upon which it stood.


I went with a (famous player) friend and his wife yesterday and between us we managed to save everything we considered fit for reuse. I am due to install for him (with his help) a house organ of some twenty or so stops, and several of the Jardine ranks will come in very handy to 'develop' and enhance the instrument we have already arranged to adopt.


Everyone we met at Platt Lane was both kind and helpful. It was a pleasure to be able to rescue an instrument that is not being wantonly thrown out and about which several church people still obviously cared.


[sorry, 'father.willis', no redundant 32' stops. :o ]

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