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  1. Hi Don't forget when comparing prices that the professional suppliers have to factor in the cost of installation, cables etc, plus any troubleshooting or hand-holding that may be required by users in the first few months. If you go down the DIY route you have to do all that yourself. Any digital system will have a degree of latency - how much and if it will be a problem is down to the usage. I've not tried to set up a CCTV system to see a conductor since analogue days! Every Blessing Tony
  2. Hi I have an older Kevin Mayhew book "64 Hymn Preludes". There's quite a mixture from hymns associated with high Anglicanism, etc., via the Evangelical wing & even a couple of preludes on worship songs. I've recorded a couple recently to go with the hymn/song recordings I've been doing for Wolston Baptist Church. A couple of examples are: and Apologies that the recordings aren't the best. I've not needed any of the more complex ones recently. It might also be worth looking at https://www.martinmans.nl/bladmuziek. I came across his livestreams
  3. Hi Jonathon Scott used the tracker console at Bridgewater Hall for his You Tube recital there recently. It's perhaps also worth remembering that the tracker consoole will be useable if there's aan electronics failure in the detached console! I have the CD of the Dordrecht organ, and listened to it recently. I certainly sounds a good instrument. (I'm in the process of listening to & listing my organ CD's - a long job, especially with so many good livestreams around at the moment.) Every Blessing Tony
  4. Regarding mixtures & mutations drawn from parent 8ft ranks, the 5th sounding pitches (2 2/3 etc) are usually tolerable, the difference between ET & the true harmonic pitch being very small. Tierces and other pitches are a different matter, and probably best used for solo lines, if at all. One solution I have come across is where the builder has used an independent mild string rank to derive both a Tierce & a Celeste. The tuning again is a compromise, but it works well enough for the situation. Sometimes in extension organs, mixtures etc are derived from true-tuned ranks
  5. The missing derivations on NPOR are because no-one has told us what they are!!! As to there being more letters than ranks of the alphabet, as an NPOR editor I have dealt with both SOuthampton Guildhall & the Dome, Brighton organs, where there's a similar problem. I solved it by numbering the chambers, so derivations became A1, etc. The "Further Information" section contains a rank listing (and even some detail on the mixture derivations). The Dome, Brighton has more straight ranks, and I managed with letters - but I did reach Y! (Missing I & O for obvious reasons). Every B
  6. I certainly agree about Facebook and the like. Fine for short-term discussions, but far from friendly if you want to find something from even the recent past. I do hope "organ matters" will grow & thrive. Sadly, I've little to post at present as I've been shielding because of the virus. Every Blessing Tony
  7. Hi I'm not sure where the Drane collection is - I thought it was in the BOA. The NPOR office had a photocopy of it. It's a series of notebooks containing organ specifications, often with abbreviated stop names, and usually with no mention of the source of his information, so very much a secondary source, but useful non-the-less. I know nothing about the Hoar collection other than its existence! Sorry not to be of more help. Every Blessing Tony
  8. There's always "organ Matters" (https://www.organmatters.com/) run by David Pinnegar. I'm one of the moderators. Every Blessing Tony
  9. If anyone wants to investigate the 1960's small pipe organ scene, then I can recommend Alan Kitley's book "The Big Problem of Small Organs" (Colchester, 1966, self published) provides a pretty good overview of what was around up until that time. Every Blessing Tony
  10. Hi There have been plenty of 2 rank extension organs built over the years. The Compton Miniatura range started with a 2 rank, as did Walkers "Positive" range, and I came across a single manual 2 rank organ by Osmonds a few years back. No doubt there were several by other builders too. I remember seeing adverts in the music magazine many years ago (probably 1970's or '80's) for a 2 rank theatre - style organ for home installation (1 rank a flute & the other a string IIRC) - I wonder if they ever sold any? Obviously, I can't comment on the instruments mentioned by Niccolo, but i
  11. Hi That's what all the organ tuners I've dealt with (including Peter!) have used - apart from the one who never cleaned the console at all! Every Blessing Tony
  12. Hi Strange you should mention that bam, last Thursdays edition of "The Organist Encores" podcast does just that - albeit with archive tracks and very much in the lighter style. It also includes tracks of the BBC's theatre organs. https://organistencores.co.uk/episode-361 Every Blessing Tony
  13. Hi The Coventry & Warwickshire Organists' Association had a visit to Guildford last year. The idea of a 2m organ in the choir was mentioned - but I gather it's a very long way down the list of things to find finance for. I have memories of seeing the Cathedral being built - from across the valley, when visiting relatives as a child, and had visited a couple of times over the years but not heard the organ before. I was particularly interested as the Guildford organ had started life in a Shipley Baptist Church - just down the road from my last pastorate. Every Blessing Tony
  14. Hi I've not listened to David's clips - I don't see the point when the audio will have been mangled by You Tube. However, I am a little surprised at Colin's comments on dynamic mics having poor bass response - it's certainly not true of D202's. I've used a pair of (borrowed) D202's many times for organ recording with no issues regarding bass response. Yes, decent capacitor mics might have been slightly better for the top end, but I didn't have ready access to any at the time. Every Blessing Tony
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