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  1. Look forward to publication & reading your work.
  2. Hi Talking of extension practice organs, the Grant, Deagans & Bradbeer instrument in the song room at Southwell Cathedral (formerly a house organ) is interesting. There is no adjacent octave extensions on either manual. See NPOR E01317 Every Blessing Tony
  3. Hi I bought the Stanley facsimiles many years ago, and have no great problem playing from them. No great favourites amongst them. I've not come across the T to W edition of them, but I do have a couple of other volumes from that series that get an occasional outing. I've recently purchased some of Fitzjohn Music's editions of early English organ music. I worked through a volume of John Marsh voluntaries before Christmas, and will be looking at various other composer's works this year. Very pleased to have re-discovered this publisher. Every Blessing Tony
  4. Hi This post has reminded me of a couple of broadcasts on BBC radio 3, in the days when there were regular organ broadcasts. I recorded a couple of programmes off air - first on 27th Feb 1984, a broadcast from Leeds Town Hall with Simon Lindley & Keith Swallow - music for piano & organ by Flor Peters. Included his Suite Modale Op 43, Aria Op51 & Concerto for organ & piano Op 74. The 2nd recording dates from 29/1/99 and was part of a short series "Organ & Friends" with David Hill & Stephen Coombes. I didn't note the programme on the cassette insert for this one. I also have a CD which I bought several years ago of organ & piano repertoire. My CD's are upstairs, and currently inaccessible as I have breathing problems (2nd chest infection of the season) and I can't remember any details. On a slightly broader front, there is a body of repertoire for Harmonium & Piano, including works by Cesar Frank, Kerg-Elart & Leferrbe-Wely IIRC. The Scott brothers and others have recorded some of this - but once again, my CD's are currently inaccessible. For those so inclined, there's also a body of works from the Evangelical church tradition - mainly hymn arrangements for piano & organ, and the 2 instruments are often used together to accompany hymns & choral works. Every Blessing Tony
  5. I thoroughly agree. I would also add that the church isn't in the museum business. Every Blessing Tony
  6. Hi The music group I used to run at Rye Baptist Church did play for a couple of weddings of church members (usually with some organ music as well). I can't recall it being requested by non-members, but then we didn't do many non church member weddings anyway! Every Blessing Tony
  7. Nothing. I ended up in hospital on Christmas Eve with complications due to gastroenteritis, and only got hom yesterday evening. Every Blessing Tony
  8. Hi Definitely tracker action. In my opinion, detached consoles are a mixed blessing, and putting the console at the far end of the building means a lag in the sound reaching the player (plus any lag due to the action) - I discovered this as a teenager when the church where I was learning organ - quite a small building, perhaps seating 80 or so - put a 4 rank extension organ in, replacing a 1mp tracker. The pipework of the new organ was in the North West corner, elevated over an area that was used as a choir vestry, console at the East end of the Nave. The first time I played it I found the lag noticeable. With a West End organ, I would also have the choir at the West End. There's no way a west end organ & east end choir are going to sound properly balanced other than at one point somewhere down the Nave. Another factor that I've found problematic is trying to play quietly when people are moving about & talking (pre-service etc.). There have been times when I've not been able to hear the organ at all. Every Blessing Tony
  9. Hi John I no longer live in Yorkshire either. Will go into EMS when we visit the area, although quite when that will be with my wife's illness is anyone's guess. Every Blessing Tony
  10. Hi I've often used it before our main carol service - but not really thought if it's appropriate anywhen else. Every Blessing Tony
  11. Hi I've taken a fair number of Remembrance services in my days as a Baptist Minister. Timing is an issue - especially in one church where the service was held at the war memorial and a clock on the village school across the road chimed the hours - and wasn't always right! As to the 2 minutes silence, a watch with a second hand works well enough - or possible a stop watch discreetly placed on a lacturn. More recently, when our Remembrance services were in church, I used a countdown timer I downloaded from the web on a netbook computer. Personally, I don't think an odd few minutes error is that important, especially on Remembrance Sunday, but at Ashdon for a few years I lead a short service at the war memorial actually on the 11th, mainly for the benefit of the upper classes in the school (the vicar refused to do it!). For that I did make sure I was dead on time. I then had a complaint that I was a few seconds adrift on the Sunday - it happened to be my turn to lead the village service - I just pointed out that I'd made sure we were dead on time on the 11th, which really is the more significant time IMHO. Every Blessing Tony
  12. Hi I came across Mathias Rehfeldt's You Tube channel recently - I find it well worth a listen. Every Blessing Tony
  13. Hi I'd not worry about the key, just find a reasonably reedy sound (a 12th might do the job if you have one). Trumpet is perfectly acceptable - my youngest son will be playing Last Post etc. on his Trumpet tomorrow morning, and I've also seen a trumpet used by an army musician, so no problems there. Every Blessing Tony
  14. Hi A friend arranged a session for me on the Lancing College Chapel Walker back in the '60's when the Walker had been erected on a temporary gallery - in 1914! Not managed to get back since.
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