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  1. The Early Music Shop sell reproduction serpents if you want to own your own!
  2. Hi No idea about the introduction you're talking about. I thoroughly dislike the usually overblown and bloated arrangements of early English organ music. What's wrong with playing what the composer intended? Using appropriate sounds (and if possible an appropriate organ) and careful phrasing brings the music to life. Every Blessing Tony
  3. I'm reminded of a chap who installed a cinema organ in his terraced house in Folkestone IIRC. Never managed to get to see it. I suspect the "neighbour problem" would be pretty significant, especially these days. It's one reason why my digital home organ is in a converted section of the garage. Every Blessing Tony
  4. Hi Dave Another hymnbook collector - although mine are all English - oldest IIRC is a Methodist book from the late 1800's. Not sure how many I've got - I'll find out soon as I'm planning to relocate them so I can access them better. Every Blessing Tony
  5. My Great-Grandmother had no electricity in her house until she died (early to mid - 1960's). It was a typical fair sized Victorian terraced house. Gas lighting on the ground floor only (which was all that was used by that time). A gas stove in the kitchen, alongside a coal fire range (which I never saw in use). Outside toilet. If you needed to go upstairs in the dark you used a candle. No TV (obviously), but there was a radio - on a "Redifusion" system. Basically a cable relay system. There was a choice of BBC Light programme & home service. My sister & I would regularly go t
  6. He did indeed. There's a synthesiser etc. museum in the States that has one of his organs (an Hammond L100) complete with daggers! I use a pencil if I need to set up a drone. Every Blessing Tony
  7. Hi "As an aside, in the recent rather splendid film of Far from the Madding Crowd, I noticed that the church in Casterbridge was rather bigger than I remembered, looking rather similar to Sherston, and appeared to have a nice electric action organ over the west entrance. Impressive, as it was set in the late 1840s - early adopters, clearly ..." Film & TV Drama makers often drop similar clangers, both in respect of churches, such as a Digital Piano sitting in the chancel in an episode of "Father Brown" - set in the 1950's. Railways are another area where they often get thi
  8. Hi I read somewhere that on average, people are bigger now than in previous generations, and hence, on average, have naturally lower-pitched voices. Add to that the fact that there's far less singing in society, and certainly music teaching in schools has deteriorated (witness the row made by many so-called school choirs consisting of kids bawling at the tops of their voices that often appear on TV news programmes before Christmas. Hence many are neither taught how to sing, and many just don't sing other than in church. I guess the 2 factors together are behind the lowering of pitch.
  9. The important dimension is height of the lower manual above the pedals. There are several web pages with details of console dimensions, for example http://www.organworks.co.uk/brit_console_dimensions.pdf Hope this helps. Every Blessing Tony
  10. Would thumbing down for one of the voices work? Or changing the octave? Just random thoughts - I've not seen the score.
  11. I presume you mean the ones about a young man that I was once asked to play for the funeral of a 90+ year old man! Every Blessing Tony
  12. It definitely looks good, but like David I've not had a chance to read it yet - too many other books this Christmas! Every Blessing Tony
  13. May I echo the Christmas greetings from Rugby.
  14. I suspect there may have been a limited publication around 30 years ago. I certainly bought a copy that included Hark the Herald from my then local music shop. IIRC it was a set of 4 brass intros, copied from a fairly neat handwritten score. I no longer have it - I passed it on to one of my sons when he was involved in a brass band, and he now can't find it (I asked a couple of years ago if I could have it back). I wonder if it might be worth asking your local brass band or other places (schools etc) where there are brass players.
  15. Hi No choir in our small church, so that's one less problem. Family service Sunday week (by invitation) plus a normal set of worship material (usually including hymns that I record & post on You Tube); following Sunday is our carol service (I think the main service will be by invitation, and probably a full-length video version on YT (I've trialled full length YT services over the past few weeks with a couple of full-length videos. Hopefully I won't have to do the whole thing, as I did for Advent Sunday. The video editing can get quite time-consuming! Also a service Christmas Day
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