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  1. There are a few short cuts for producing accented characters, especially in MS Word. I find the easiest solution is a Windows accessory called "Character Map", which seems to be available on all PC's. That allows you to copy & paste all manner of special characters, and will show aa code for many. Every Blessing Tony
  2. Hi Received the following e-mail yesterday:- " A Fond Farewell from Allegro Music! After just over 34 years in business, Allegro Music is closing its music retail doors to the general public on Friday 8th February 2019 We will be continuing our production of archive reprints on behalf of Oxford University Press, ABRSM and Schott & Co Ltd, but we will no longer supply in-print sheet music from any publisher. Our organ stock has moved to: ChurchOrganWorld Sovereign House 30 Manchester Road Shaw OL2 7DE Tel: 01706 888 100 Email: music@churchorganworld.co.uk www.churchorganworld.co.uk" The end of an era! Every Blessing Tony
  3. Hi Last night's carol service - at which I ended up leading & preaching as well as playing - is the last "big" service for me this year. We're not having anything at church on Christmas Eve, and just a simple service C\christmas Morning. Last night was a little fraught due to various illnesses leading to late changes in readers (& preacher!). Musically it went fairly well with our normal mix of traditional carols plus a handful of "worship" songs. Wishing forum members a happy & blessed Christmas. Tony
  4. Thanks to Fiffaro (David) for his encouragement. Sadly, the hospital in Coventry has a very poor wi-fi system, and an even more unreliable mobile signal. I did try & keep up with various things in the first few weeks, but gave up just before my surgery was due - and I was feeling rather ill. I'm eventually catching up - still some lingering discomfort from the surgery & I'm still getting rather tired - the surgeon told me that recovery would be a long process, and it seems he was right! Every Blessing Tony
  5. Hi I too remember the Organ Gallery R3 series - I think I may still have some that I recorded off-air on cassette. Every Blessing Tony
  6. Hi The only thing I've decided on definitely is Guillmant's Introduction and Variations on a Polish Carol to end the 2 carol services (in different churches) that I'm playing for. My recent illness means that I'm rather rusty and trying to get playing techniques sorted out. I've no service on Christmas Eve this year, and Christmas Day tends to be a short, informal affair, which should be easy enough to find suitable music for. Every Blessing Tony
  7. Hi I agree the forum has been rather slow of late (except when I look this morning!). I'm one of the moderators of another organ forum, and that's been even slower than here - I guess a lot of organists are busy with Christmas service preparations, etc. At least I have an excuse for not posting much recently - I've rather ill, ended up in hospital for 11 weeks, including major surgery - the surgeon said it would take a long time to recover from, and he wasn't joking! I've only got 2 carol services (one in another church that doesn't have a regular organist) and Christmas Day to worry about this year. As to the retention of hand blowing, I was grateful for that feature when we had a power cut during a wedding that I was playing for. I've also played a couple of organs that only have hand blowing - there's a quick demo of one of them (mobile phone recording) on my You Tube channel - . The organ dates from 1851 and is probably the earliest example of John Laycock's work (before the Laycock & Bannister firm was established). The organ has been in Cowling Hill Baptist since 1873, being originally built for Glusburn Baptist. Every Blessing Tony
  8. Hi So far I've only got 4 or 5 of the Priory DVD's. I find them very interesting and intend to buy some more in the future. The section on the Norwich Cathedral DVD where David Dunnett demonstrates how he plays one of the pieces is a masterclass in organ control. Every Blessing Tony
  9. Hi A couple of points re. Colin Pykett's post above. 1) NPOR searches are best if you enter the minimum amount of information. I found the relevant survey very quickly just now by simply entering "King's College" in the search box, and then selecting the relevant entry from the half a dozen or so King's Colleges in the database. As to the county, NPOR locations are based on counties as they were a good few years ago - and updating would be a mammoth job!. Most if not all of London North of the Thames was in Middlesex at one time - areas South of the Thames appear under Kent - but since there's no need normally to specify a county in the search, it really makes little difference. 2) I had a similar problem to that described by Colin when recording a Wurlitzer theatre organ. I traced the problem to running mic. cables parallel and close to the main action cable between console & organ chamber ( and that was using quality balanced microphones). Rerouting the mic cables solved the problem.
  10. Hi I wonder if Mustel - the Harmonium builder who also invented the Celeste - h ad trademarked the term or something similar. Or possibly Wurlitzer didn't want any confusion between pipe Celeste stops & Celesta? Just musing - no proof of either idea! Every Blessing Tony
  11. Hi BOA has a couple of references to St John, Old Colwyn, (but from a secondary source). According to that it was built by Conacher in 1903 & rebuilt be them in c.1913. The NPOR ref is N11752, but it is a 1955 survey. Hopefully, when I'm eventually well enough to get there, Quentin will find time to show me his churches & their organs. Every Blessing Tony
  12. Hi As church organists/musicians, we are there to support the work of the church, and not simply to promote our personal likes/dislikes musically (although inevitably, likes do tend to come to the top). As Zimbelstern says, we need to remember Psalm 150, which mentions all classes of musical instruments - and you could perhaps argue all musical styles.
  13. Hi I suppose having been brought up in a free church that had a worship band of sorts in the 1950's does colour my thinking, but bssically, anything that helps people connect with & worship God is fine (As long as the theology is OK,, but that's a whole different can of worms). I've rregularly played organ in worship bands, as well ass piano/keyboards since I first played in church over 50 years ago. In my experience, finding pipe organs that are in tune with modern instrumental pitch can be difficult, but organ plus works as long as the organist doesn't try to dominate, or to do it all. Every Blessing Tony
  14. The Southfields stop list is derived from the builder's advert in "The Organ", and may well indicate what was planned rather than the final stop nomenclature of what was installed - a not uncommon problem. The only SR I've played regularly is in Burnham on-Crouch Baptist in Essex. See E00328 A mere 11 stops but surprisingly versatile - and the metal flues NEVER drifted out of tune, being cone-tuned pipework. Every Blessing Tony
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