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  1. In a slightly vague response this occurance of choir pits got me thinking. I have certainly come across choir stalls in chancels of earlier buildings rebuilt/restored in the 19th cent or indeed of wholly new 19th cent buildings where from a solid/tiled floor immediately on entering the choir stalls one stands on floor boards with what would seem like a void underneath. I never really gave it a thought except that there might be some heating pipes underneath. Now I wonder... (Apologies - I can't give you a specific place at the moment, the memory fails!!)
  2. One thought: now that continuity seems to be guaranteed and this forum will continue do you think those that left to join another forum might be tempted back? Could we inform/encourage them?
  3. Swell boxes: opinions, experiences and any factual information please. In particular, a) the real or apparent effect of the Hill style box (cottage roof or Dog Kennel) in contrast to a large rectangular box, b) construction - mainly the substance and interior - painted, lined with paper, reflective paint, plain wood etc., c) Number of shutters in proportion to the frontage and thickness thereof, d) How far they should open and in which direction ie an organ on the north side - should they open eastwards, westwards, upwards or downwards, and how much difference does that make?
  4. Was this not, 'Hear my Words ye people' ?
  5. All Saints' Church, Cheltenham, Glos. Hill organ, 1887. Above shows the main case on the east wall of the north transept (containing the Great) designed by Dr A Hill. Below is the chancel great case designed by H. Prothero (successor to A. Middleton, the architect of the church - 1868). A question: Does anyone know of any other Hill organ cases with integral statuary, or is this unique?
  6. When dealing with undulating ranks, where should the de-tuned rank be placed? I have read that the unison and sharp/flat rank should be separated by (at least?) one other rank. On the other hand there are compound two-rank celestes stops which must have both sets of pipes on the same slide, together. Does it matter? Advice please.
  7. Granted, the specification cited is unusual but it might just have been a 'one-off'. Also, to be noted is that the NPOR cannot, unfortunately, be totally relied upon; there are many errors and a good deal of it is not up-to-date. I understand what you say about the 'Harmonics' and the designation 'Tierce' but I have never seen a even a note made in this way. If it was a 17,19,22 or 17,19,b21,22 mixture then the usual nomenclature is merely 'Harmonics' or if on the pedal and by Compton, 'Harmonics of 32'. The use of 'Harmonic Piccolo 2' is quite a usual label so the noting of stops would be inconsistent - but not impossible! Does anyone know this instrument?
  8. I was desperately trying to remember where this one was and by chance came across it just now! It's not on the great division - to answer the original question - but unusual non-the-less. I think the instrument was listed as redundant a little while ago: I don't know what, if anything, has happened to it. http://www.npor.org.uk/NPORView.html?RI=N01505
  9. Ummmmm....ah....well.....yes...no...maybe...! The Euphonium was added in 1901 as something to back-up the great and be a reed for that division (originally the Tuba Mirabilis was on 8" wind and was supposed to be the final addition to full organ - it wasn't a fog-horn! and has always been enclosed). The Euph. pipes are high up in the chamber behind the wall on the other side of which the great organ is placed. The pipes are noted in the shop book to be of thick plain metal. They are on the same pressure as the tuba (raised to 10" c.1921) and are the same scale with harmonic trebles. It was called Euphonium from the outset but the pipes are marked 'Horn' and since the '50s rebuild have been called Tromba, but it really is nothing like a tromba, thank goodness! How much, if any, revoicing has been done is unknown but it does have a perculiar sonority. An article was written in the 1940s by the, then, assistant organist, Herbert Byard mentioning that this stop was somewhat unusual, clear and not cloying with large chords being very clear when played he likened it to aHarrison small tuba/tromba....I think! I'll see if there's anything else about it. Does anyone know of any other Euphonia?
  10. Ha! Wonderful to be intriguing. It's no secret, in fact it's far better more people know so that they can come along (although Canada is a little far away). All Saints', Cheltenham. Where Gustav Holst was Baptised and grew up, wrote some very early organ pieces, and his father, Adolphe von Holst was married and was first organist. Anyone is very welcome to join us or visit the very fine Grade I church (John Middleton) and play the organ.
  11. That's fascinating. Do tell more; PM me if you'd like!
  12. Well, if it is, there will be far fewer people attending and before that happens there will alomost certainly be a battle or two from members of the congregation, choir and, not least, the D of Mus! We are probably the only church in the area to offer a mass setting and motet, with a fully choral evensing every week! F-W
  13. Thanks to all for the suggestions. I still haven't seen anything concerning the service (which is on Jan 22nd!) but I have learned (3rd hand) that there will be no anthem; just hymns - six of them! Christ triumphant, ever reigning - Great The Lord's my shepherd I'll not want - Not sure I know it (Stuart Townend setting) Be thou my vision - Oh dear, not again! O thou who camest from above - Great I The Lord of sea and sky - Oh no! Let us build a house where love can dwell - What? I don't suppose anyone has an outragious version of 'I the Lord of sea and sky'? We don't have it often, it's not that kind of place. But when we do I'm afraid it's orchestral reeds, nothing above 4' and all the tremulants with chords of added anythings galore! Some love it, the choir think it's hilarious! And what is the last one...?? Anyone have a copy they wouldn't mind scanning please? F-W
  14. Dear all, Following on from the Credo settings I wonder if m'learned friends out there have any suggestions for music for an Induction service? We have a new team rector coming at the end of January. Suggestions for organ music, but more especially choral, would be welcome. It may be that we have to have choir members from the other churches and therefore will limit our contribution but for now any suggestions are welcome! Happy New Year to all! F-W
  15. I don't suppose anyone has an arrangement of the Haydn Trumpet Concerto for organ which they would be willing to scan for me or know of an arrangement available swiftly? I need it for a wedding on Friday(!). F-W
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