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Unwanted books


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I am clearing my shelves and am willing to donate 2 books to the first person/people to PM me (perhaps put a simultaneous reply here so other folk know they have not come first!). I am happy to split the 2.


[1] The Organ Handbook - Klotz (1966)


[2] Playing a church Organ - Marmaduke Conway 1949 reprinted 1960


I will send - post free - within the UK only.

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shame - I have the Conway from years ago, but not Klotz. I read it - borrowed from a library - once or twice.


Hope whoever gets the books enjoys them.


Every Blessing




Me too. I remember borrowing it from Bradford Central Library on more than one occasion.


If you'd like a copy, I have just ordered one here:




for £8 + £2.30 p&p

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