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Mount St Bernards, Leicester


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Does anyone on this forum know anything about the organ imported in 2014 from Munich to Mount St Bernard, the Cistercian Abbey in Leicestershire?

Someone I know plays there occasionally but has struggled with it, and I felt as though I ought to be able to give some advice as to repertoire,registration etc. I didn't want to press him for details, but I wondered if I could help him more by knowing what he's up against! I'm guessing it's a neo-baroque job because one complaint was that there's no Swell pedal, but don't know any more than that.

Google not much good and NPOR not updated yet - any other leads much appreciated!


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I went to None (it might have been Sext!) there twice (prior to 2014) - I have to say that, on both occasions, it wasn't very inspiring and, both times, was accompanied by the Abbot - playing a guitar! I told a Priest friend and he said that he had had a similar experience! I shall be in the UK and in the area around Toussaint and will try to pay a visit.


The church, from the congregation seating seems vast and, if my memory serves me correctly, has a considerable echo. I would imagine a carefully voiced neo-classical instrument would sound very fine in there.

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