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  1. I loved how that starts with a mobile phone announcement! Paul
  2. Just so; the word is still used for the earth wall at the back of a rifle range. Paul
  3. Sometimes instruments are recorded, to keep a record, when in poor condition. A former board member's recording of the Willis in Reading Minster (known to me in my childhood, when I was in the choir there, as "St Mary's, Butts"*) comes to mind. It's good to have a reminder of the first organ I started to learn on. Paul * Nothing rude - the street it's on was called The Butts**. Also it was necessary to distinguish it from St Mary's, Castle Street, barely 200 yards away. ** Google Maps tells me that the street has been renamed "St Mary's Butts".
  4. Install "Send to Kindle", then you can right-click the file and select "Send to Kindle". You can choose which of your devices it is pushed to immediately as well. It ends up in the "Documents" part of the library. There is probably a way to upload it using the Amazon web interface for your Kindle library, but that's not what I do. Paul
  5. Yes, I've started reading too - It looks very good. I've loaded mine into Kindle. Paul
  6. Multiple pressures, too! Paul
  7. Also while I was a student, the BBC recorded two short concerts played by George Malcolm for separate broadcasts. They were recorded back to back in the Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford. It was possible to get entry tickets free. On the day, we were sitting waiting, and George Malcolm's car had been delayed. So the announcer spoke to us for a time, explaining what was happening, and telling us we shouldn't think of complaining, because "after all, where other than the BBC would you be able to get two concerts for the price of one - for nothing!" Paul (and I have the EP with that recording on, too)
  8. As a student I was buying a copy of the newly published book on harpsichord building by Hubbard and was told that behind me at the till was Michael Thomas, a noted harpsichord builder. We got to talking, and the outcome was that I promised him the wood of a diseased pear tree my parents were about to chop down - he said he used pear just for the jacks (as I recall), and the tree would be enough for the rest of his career. Paul
  9. In the Orthodox and Eastern Catholic churches, this blessed bread is referred to as the Antidoron. Paul
  10. OK; that makes it clear that our difference is more because you are addressing changes in temperature with constant (absolute) humidity, rather than my thinking of changes in humidity with constant temperature. For interest, note also that figure 2 in my second link suggests that at frequencies below about 300Hz and 20°C, the absorption is higher in the very driest air - but RH that close to zero is not common... Paul
  11. Wrong way round; the absorption of sound reduces with increased humidity as water vapour is less dense than air. Simple account Scholarly account Calculator Which is good, because most instruments have wooden parts which suffer if kept too dry! Paui
  12. Not forgetting (though not solo) Rossini's Petite Messe Solennelle. Paul
  13. I'm not sure about that (re tuning), as the difference between equal and historic tunings is so much more apparent on organs, with their held tones, than on pianos, with their dying tones and greater amount of inharmonic sounds. This is presumably the reason that unequal tunings persisted in the organ world longer than anywhere else. But maybe you just meant that the sonic effect of the organ is such as to distract from such considerations till they are pointed out, which may also be true. Paul
  14. I find that piano simulator (just from listening to their samples) rather unconvincing, and their organ version is much worse - not remotely near the same league as the one we all know the name of. Paul
  15. I have barely had time yet to do more than sample (but you'll find my name in the list of subscribers ) Fugue State's other organ recordings and DVD sets are uniformly excellent, and I also recommend their Maximum Reger set. Paul
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