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  1. pwhodges

    Can we all try a bit harder?

    On a PC you can type any character if you know its value in the Unicode table (and it will appear if your font contains it); but of course remembering enough codes is rather a problem - there are about 110,000 at present! Standard instructions for umlauts on PC or Mac are summarised on this page: http://www.nthuleen.com/teach/misc/typingumlauts.html However, on my PCs I use a small program called WizKey which uses simple mnemonic combinations to get a wide range of characters used in European languages; the idea is similar to how the Norsk Data terminals I used in the mid-1980s worked, though that used a special key: https://antibody-software.com/web/software/software/wizkey-makes-it-easy-to-type-accented-and-other-special-unicode-characters/ On British (not American) PC keyboards it is handy to know that acute accents can be typed simply by holding the "Alt Gr" key while typing the vowel concerned. But sometimes I just Google the word without the accent and copy and paste from a search result that has the accents in! Paul
  2. pwhodges

    Death of a major Compton announced

    The obvious one is simply philistinism. Paul
  3. pwhodges

    Recitals for children

    Second-hand copies come up occasionally; e.g.: https://www.amazon.com/Organ-Sanity-Madness-Organists-Centenary/dp/B00A4EB56K Paul
  4. pwhodges

    Henry Ley

    Around that time the Oxford Psalter came out with pointing which tended towards a shorter reciting note and more syllables on the later notes in each part. Use of such pointing might make some discords uncomfortable if they needed to be repeated a couple of times. Well, it's a theory, anyway. Paul
  5. pwhodges

    Henry Ley

    Well, my copy is in his manuscript, presumably from sometime well before the end of his tenure at Ch Ch (1909-1926)*; it doesn't have the other changes you mention either. Paul * Edit: Inside the front cover he dates the book as "compiled in 1910 & revised in August 1923". The revision was the addition of a few alternative chants on spare lines, and in a couple of places a whole sheet of newly written out chants for a service glued over the old. On reflection, the change in writing style (specifically of the capital letter B ) means that my comment above about "another hand" was wrong, and the change I first remarked on was his (but either later or undecided, as it's in pencil). P
  6. pwhodges

    Henry Ley

    That chant (I presume it's the same, as he gives it to Ps 138 - it starts with an upward arpeggio) is in Db in Ley's book that I have. For some reason, it has been slightly altered in Ley's copy, in pencil by another hand, changing the Alto's Db in the antepenultimate chord to Bb. Paul
  7. pwhodges

    Henry Ley

    I have only ever heard "Lee". Paul
  8. pwhodges

    Recitals for children

    I have the recording of this event. It was clearly a lot of fun! Paul
  9. pwhodges

    Henry Ley

    That's a good thought. Yes, I still have it (it's hardbound with a crest on the front). It's time I got in contact with the organist anyway (for other personal reasons). Paul
  10. pwhodges

    Henry Ley

    When a choir boy at Christ Church I rescued from a pile of rubbish Ley's chant book. All the psalm chants and responses for every day and every special occasion that can be imagined, written in beautiful script with not a correction required from one end of the book to the other. Each chant written by an organist of Ch Ch was meticulously marked as such in red ink. Paul
  11. pwhodges

    Hull Minster

    Do minsters always have organs in dire need of restoration? The Willis in Reading Minster (St Mary's, Butts as I knew it in childhood) is another example. Paul
  12. pwhodges

    List of beautiful English Organs

    Well, Hampton Gay, just outside Oxford, has no other pipe organ than its barrel organ - but it does have a harmonium, so the above is not quite challenged by it.
  13. pwhodges

    NEH v Common Praise hymn books

    Interesting decision to include several hymns in Welsh. Paul
  14. pwhodges

    Flamboyant showpieces

    Yes - Canada is life+50 years, USA is life+75 years. Both have provision for unknown artists, in which case it is the shorter of 50 years from publication or 75 from creation (Canada) or 95/120 (USA). Some people in the US are pushing for copyright to be extended to 144 years (basically, they're looking for nothing ever to come out of copyright again, you might think), but this is widely expected to fail. Recordings here in the UK are now 70 years, not 50 (a recent EU change), except broadcasts are still 50. Paul
  15. pwhodges


    How much of that is the cost of the work required, and how much for the transfer of ownership (the "value" of the instrument)? After all, if the total cost of preserving the instrument makes it not happen, then its value plummets. Paul