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  1. Celestes

    Perhaps what's really wanted is a celeste with two dedicated ranks (i.e. not used with any other), one tuned sharp and the other flat, so that the mean pitch remains accurate. Tuning each rank sharp or flat relative to another rank as reference at half the required beat rate should do it. Paul
  2. Tewkesbury Abbey Grove Organ

    When I spoke to the Tewkesbury organist last year about the Grove organ, he seemed to indicate that it was in OK condition (he was surprised that I commented that it had, from my memory of hearing it quite some years earlier, more wind noise than I expected). Paul
  3. Kodaly Missa Brevis

    This is certainly true: http://www.boosey.com/shop/prod/Kod-ly-Zoltan-Organoedia/620933. I have two recordings of this version (an old Hungarian LP and a 2006 CD from a church in Massachusetts). Paul
  4. Bridlington Priory - Solo Clarinet

    Too many Paul H's here, it seems! Paul
  5. Psalters

    ebay has several at around £30: https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw="oxford+psalter"&_sacat=0 Paul
  6. Unusual audience member

    At one of our cathedrals - Lincoln perhaps? - I was able to take my dogs (two) round with me when visiting. Paul
  7. Though it was also reported that they were asking if people would give up their bookings. Paul
  8. Salisbury Cathedral

    The sample set was commercially made while he was there, and is available to buy. But he constructed his own replica of the console to play it from, which they used while the blower room was being repaired. Paul
  9. Caleb Simper

    It's also not in 2-5 (I have 1-6). Paul
  10. "Clutch and windshield" looks like meaning "coupling/connection to the windchest". I.e. the top three keys of the pedalboard are dummies. "Mechanical trolley" is presumably just "mechanical action". Paul
  11. Youtube

    Yes, it's dialect. Here's a translation: https://americangeissbock.wordpress.com/2014/07/02/by-special-request-mer-stonn-zo-dir-fc-kolle-our-hymn-in-english/
  12. Youtube

    It's Loch Lomond. When I was at primary school, it was what the teacher who could play the piano played for us to walk in and out of assembly to, so it got pretty ingrained!
  13. Buckfast Abbey

    I was interested to note this paragraph at the end: Paul
  14. Youtube

    But is that not a well-known Scottish tune? Paul
  15. Organists with hearing problems

    My wife has been largely deaf from childhood. In her 40s I persuaded her to change from relying on lip-reading and old NHS aids to having top-end in-ear ones. She started with some from Resound, which proved the point but turned out to be embarrassingly likely to fall apart - I got quite adept with the superglue! We also had trouble with their agents back then, which their European MD sorted effectively. But since then she has had Siemens aids. Her current ones cost about £4,000, I think. They have a number of programs for different environments, including one for music which as a music lover she finds well worth-while in most circumstances. She only has to set one aid, as they communicate. She also has a Phonak device which hangs around her neck and translates between Bluetooth and whatever the aids detect, which can link them to her phone for use as a radio (she can be listening to the radio without any visible or audible clue, which before I got used to it led to some strange interactions) - it also has a built-in microphone, but that's not as good as the aids themselves.