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  1. That makes me wonder - has anyone managed to design or make a stop with the mouth placed at right-angles to the body, as in the way an orchestral flute is blown? Paul
  2. Plumley's book merely says of each organ (on pp 45 and 156) that they were destroyed in a bombing raid during 1940. No more detail than that. There's no index of dates of destruction, and I don't have time right now to go through the whole book looking... But it may be of interest to know (from p157) that the pipework of the Jordan organ stored but not erected in St Benet Fink was sold for scrap in 1941 to aid the war effort. Paul
  3. My wife has Phonak hearing aids, not for age-related reason, but because of serious life-long deficiencies in her ears. They are bluetooth enabled, but being an older model, the bluetooth functionality is in a separate thingy hung round her neck. She uses the bluetooth capability constantly - to listen to BBC Sounds from her phone, and to use the phone itself. Also to listen to the TV to which we have added a bluetooth audio transmitter. As she has never experienced "normal" hearing, she can't comment on accuracy, but she certainly finds these aids to be the best she's yet had (she's been
  4. I never use FaceBook - it interferes too much with even the process of trying to read it. Meanwhile, I note that the front page of this forum has been updated with information about F H Browne's, and that registration on the forum has been re-enabled. I guess this indicates that the forum is to continue under the new management. Paul
  5. I note that the front page of this forum has been updated with information about F H Browne's, and that registration on the forum has been re-enabled. I guess this indicates that the forum is to continue under the new management. Paul
  6. We all pay for things that cost as much or more - but only for as many things as we feel justified. As for the cost, Steve's offer is presumably free even to himself, apart from the time he spends on it. I would also be happy to set up a forum and run it - free, gratis, on my own equipment - as it would count as a hobby (and not be my first forum either). But (a) I'm 74 (and currently healthy, I hasten to add), so the longevity of my offering could be seen as uncertain, and (b) Steve got his in place first! Paul
  7. I have used another SMF converter - it was easy enough, but the result needed work (at the database level) to get everything just right. Usually the problem with such converters is that they worked when written, but haven't been updated as either the source or the target changed format, even in small ways. Mind you, going from one major version of a forum to the next can be as tricky! But keeping the forum going as is (if that could be arranged with the company's liquidators) would require a commitment to something over $40 a month for hosting (+VAT. I presume). Is anyone here happ
  8. I believe that it would not be hard to convert a backup of this forum into another system, as I offered early on - I already run several forums, including one hosted on my own equipment. My preference is to use the (free) SMF software, and I know that has a (free) converter available - though I have no experience of its quality or completeness. That would not cost anything unless someone else was paid to do the work; but there is the question of whether the liquidators would try to capitalise on the perceived value of the existing content, and so charge for allowing access to it or providing
  9. Last year the blower failed, and a (second) electronic was brought in as an emergency standby: https://viscountorgans.net/organ-hire-999-worcester-cathedral/ Might this have been longer in the fixing than expected? Paul
  10. Liszt looked up to him as an executant. There are quite a number of lovely miniatures which are not especially hard. Paul
  11. From an email sent by Fugue State Films: Three of Alkan's pedal studies: Paul
  12. I note that the first post in this topic contains no link, and that checking the Mander facebook page there appears to be no such post; nor is there any such information on the web site. I'm embarrassed not to have checked for myself earlier. Paul.
  13. As the forum is hosted externally, it would probably not be hard to arrange for control of it to be moved by arrangement with the insolvency practitioners. But someone would have to be prepared to stump up $45 (probably plus VAT) a month for it (or more, but I suspect that the minimum plan would cover our usage). I run a couple of small forums on my home server, but using different software. It would probably be possible to transfer old messages to a newly set up forum, but the details can be a bit tricky, and of course different software gives a different feel to the forum. Paul
  14. He stated: "it has become clear to Chapter that to have any real chance of renewing our choral life so fundamentally, an incremental approach is unlikely to be successful", but no explanation of this was given, and it doesn't seem obvious to me that it is true unless there are significant things being left unsaid. I note also that the "civic community" consulted according to the printed text was only "civic leaders" in what he said. Paul
  15. The volunteer who was questioned and released has now been rearrested and charged with arson. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jul/26/nantes-cathedral-fire-volunteer-arrested-and-charged-with-arson (later) The radio news tells me he's confessed. Paul
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