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  1. I see, in the 'Church Times' today there is an advert for Dean of Sheffield. "Previous Cathedral experience is not essential"
  2. Direct quotation from 'Wikipedia'
  3. The only authority I know on Masonic music is John Morehen, formerly Professor at Nottingham. I was going to suggest that you contacted him via his website but I hear, from a friend in the UK, that Prof. Morehen died on March 25th. FRCO (Chm) and FRCCO as well as MA and Ph.D from King's College, Cambridge, he was an important figure in music in Nottingham. May he rest in peace.
  4. Thank you Rowland for that picture of Amiens, which I know well, complete with serpents! I think we had this discussion before but I wonder how many there are still lurking in cases and cupboards up and down the country. I know of one at Berkswell near to Coventry and at Selby Abbey and I've seen one somewhere else - but I can't think where! Is there an Anaconda anywhere around? But, as usual, we digress!
  5. Interesting reading. There was much discussion on here of this in 2015 with reference to Couperin Masses. Both Vox and I made a quite substantial contribution to that discussion - in my case, probably muddying the waters!! As I said at the time, it's not my area of expertise! Couperin Organ Masses - The Organ - Mander Organ Builders Forum (invisionzone.com)
  6. Perhaps an email to Francois Menissier, the titulaire at St. Nicolas des Champs in Paris. The photograph appears on his website so he, presumably, can tell you where it came from. There is a Contact page on the website. Francois also has a facebook page François Ménissier | Facebook
  7. NPOR Ref: 2004 - Church to be taken over by Romanian Orthodox congregation 2004 - Organ no longer required - will be removed in due course I wonder where it went!
  8. I agree. The French seem to have a fondness for introducing something modern, edgy, perhaps outrageous and controversial into a traditional scene. Chinese architect (I. M. Pei), I know, but look at the Louvre - two huge glass pyramids in the middle of an essentially 17th/18th century building facade! And I remember the heated discussion on this board about the latest console at Notre Dame de Paris - another 'Marmite thing'!
  9. S_L

    B minor

    Me neither! - ............ but I've emailed my friend and asked him to tell me the connection! Meanwhile another five more works in B minor - there isn't much more! Tchaikovsky - Symphony 6 Berg - Piano Sonata Op. 1 (a single movement nominally in B min. - although Berg uses extensive chromaticism, whole tone scales etc.) Paganini - La Campanella Brahms - Clarinet Quintet Sibelius - Tapiola Beethoven called an idea of his in one of his sketch-books- 'a black key'!
  10. S_L

    B minor

    Correct on both counts Martin! ................. but that connection between B min. and Palm Sunday anyone?
  11. S_L

    B minor

    I have been having a discussion with a friend over what he plans to play over Easter. He said that he would rather like to play the Bach B minor Prelude and Fugue because of the associations of the key of B minor with Palm Sunday. I have never heard of this! Irrespective of our different traditions and whether our tradition has it that the organ is used or is not used on Palm Sunday I wonder if any other forumites have heard of the association of the key of B minor with Palm Sunday - and where the association/tradition/custom comes from. ..............................................
  12. Thank you for that!
  13. Thank you Choir Man for posting that. As those who know me will testify, I have a certain affection for the Chapel at King's College Cambridge. Except for when I was away, or stuck in a practice room, I attended Evensong and Mass there, almost daily, for, I suspect, nearly five years. In my day Ian Hare followed by James Lancelot were Organ Scholars. I thoroughly enjoyed the film - but I think there must be more to come? And, if there is, does anyone know where it is to be found?
  14. Martin. Thanks for the link to the Doctorate thesis. I read it, entirely, this morning. I thought it a bit 'lightweight' to be honest but it was a jolly good read!
  15. Some fascinating videos which I found most interesting on a number of levels! Thank you Rwolff
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