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    I had a 'life' before this. I was a 'cellist! I studied with Pleeth and am the last English pupil of Pablo Casals.

    B.A. (M.A.) a 'double first'. Mus. B., M. Mus., M.Phil. and Ph. D. level research (RCM - Cambridge) and RCM/RAM Performer's and Teacher's Diplomas! I was lucky to be taught by and influenced by some of the most distinguished musicians of their day.

    Became an organist through necessity and a very part-time church musician about 40 years ago. I founded and ran a very busy and highly successful adult church choir. Nowadays I, very occasionally, accompany, and improvise on, the Plainsong of the day in Notre Dame d'Oberzine, Angouleme

    I have a number of publications to my name and have also been fortunate enough to have given concerts/recitals in some of Europe's most prestigious venues. I am now retired and live in the peace and quiet of a little French village. I no longer play for my living!

    Some members know who I am and are welcome to contact me via my website. If you want to contact me and don't have my website then you can do it via this board and I will always respond.

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  1. Yes!! Wow!! That is stunning, I think that's the word I want!! I'm not sure I could live with it though!!
  2. What a fascinating little book - a good read!!
  3. S_L


    Absolutely - and what a performance!!!
  4. S_L


    It is to my shame that I have to say that I find 'Matthew Passion' heavy going! I listened to 'John' on Good Friday - it was sublime!
  5. S_L


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P97d0Y8Hx_g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgDE3klkmtQ I'm sorry but the Netherlands Bach Society has told me what I always knew. I loved the following quote under the above recording! When eminent biologist and author Lewis Thomas was asked what message he would choose to send from Earth into outer space in the Voyager spacecraft, he answered, "I would send the complete works of Johann Sebastian Bach." After a pause, he added, "But that would be boasting." .......................... and some of the performances of the choral works are just as good
  6. S_L


    I suppose that I am way behind with this but I have just come across the Netherlands 'All of Bach' project and there are some amazing performances. I found this recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ES7fN2lXWHU Some might criticise the tempi of the Prelude - personally I thought it to be superbly played.
  7. …………………….. and are largely without organs! Fortunately I don't have to but if I did have to go out to practice the nearest organ is 10 miles - after that 25 miles - and, in a 25 mile radius of my home, there might be 3 organs - and 100 churches!
  8. I read that some time ago! If it is still the case I can't understand why my friend, a Parish Priest, would communicate the information he did to me!
  9. I have just had an email from an Anglican Priest friend of mine. As well as degrees in Music and Theology he also holds the ARCO. He tells me, in his own inimitable style, that: "The Church of England has now decided that church organs need to be started up and the notes pushed down …. so we are doing organ practice now" It may be just Diocesan (Birmingham Diocese) or it may be national - I don[t know! Hope that might help some readers!
  10. S_L

    Notre Dame

    I have to say that there is a lot of this post that I don't agree with! Where do you get that the French people are not interested? It might be a slightly romantic view but I would say that Notre Dame is at the heart of the French nation! And M. Macron is incompetent? I think there is a good deal more interest, from the French people, in the rebuilding of Notre Dame than there was in the UK after the fire at York Minster - or Windsor! True that within the French population there is a sizeable anti-religion group. My next door neighbour's wife said "Let it burn!" But he was in tears! Sizeable audiences attend the organ recitals on a Sunday afternoon, and up and down the country, far more than ever would in the UK and, whilst the French don't go to church they pack the place on August 15th or at Toussaint
  11. S_L

    Notre Dame

    Super little video! I liked the bits where some of the large pedal pipes were being 'roped' over gallery down into the nave and you could see tourists still flocking around the side aisles. And also when the old console went over the side too! You don't realise how high up it all is until you either go into Notre Dame or see a video like this! No hard hats either!! M. Macron's 'five years' was always optimistic and the current situation will have put a lot of pressure on that. Ten years may be a little pessimistic but I'll bet it is nearer the mark for when the 'monster' does roar again! We shall see!
  12. I dug around as, I suspect, you did. It was published by H. W. Gray in 1959. A little further digging led me to 'Presto Music' and to 'Jubilate' Music but I can't find the title in any of their catalogues. The 'Six pieces for Organ' op. 9 are on IMSLP. Seth Bingham, of course is dead (in 1972) as is the dedicatee Leonard Raver, who died in 1992. Have you tried contacting Christopher Marks? - who, in 2011, presented to the New York AGO Presidents Day, a paper on the works of Seth Bingham. His email address is: csmarks.organ@gmail.com He has also recorded the work in Vol 3 'Cathedral Strains' - the organ works of Seth Bingham - available from Raven CD's - so he will, no doubt, have a manuscript!
  13. Thank you for that sjf1967. 'Bardic' were able to furnish me with the two copies of Harold Truscott's music. I have them on my desk in front of me and they are very difficult!!! They were also able to point me in the right direction of three of the Ashton pieces. Only the Op. 81 Minuet has, so far eluded me!
  14. The Instruction from the RC Bishop's conference is as follows: "Priests (parish priest and assistant priests) who hold parochial office should continue to celebrate Mass in a church within their parish without the faithful on a daily basis. Other priests (i.e. retired from office or entrusted with a non-parochial ministry) may celebrate Mass without the faithful in a church, chapel or their private home." - which is why clergy are saying Mass in their churches and live-streaming on the Internet The second part of my comment concerned the Church of England and, reading the C of E website it is a requirement "Our church buildings are therefore now closed for public worship, private prayer and all other meetings and activities except for vital community services until further notice"
  15. In the Roman Catholic church the clergy are allowed into church to say Mass which is, often, live-streamed via the Internet. I have seen Masses said/sung with the aid of a curate or server. My understanding, I think I read it in the Church Times, but I might be completely wrong, is that the Archbishops of Canterbury and York recommended but did not instruct, that churches should be closed. Perhaps your incumbent is being very cautious!
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