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    I had a 'life' before this. I was a 'cellist! I studied with Pleeth and am the last English pupil of Pablo Casals.

    B.A. (M.A.) a 'double first'. Mus. B., M. Mus., M.Phil. and Ph. D. level research (RCM - Cambridge) and RCM/RAM Performer's and Teacher's Diplomas! I was lucky to be taught by and influenced by some of the most distinguished musicians of their day.

    Became an organist through necessity and a very part-time church musician about 40 years ago. I founded and ran a very busy and highly successful adult church choir. Nowadays I, very occasionally, accompany, and improvise on, the Plainsong of the day in Notre Dame d'Oberzine, Angouleme

    I have a number of publications to my name and have also been fortunate enough to have given concerts/recitals in some of Europe's most prestigious venues. I am now retired and live in the peace and quiet of a little French village. I no longer play for my living!

    Some members know who I am and are welcome to contact me via my website. If you want to contact me and don't have my website then you can do it via this board and I will always respond.

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  1. Maths was never my strong point!!!
  2. Better than the two jobs mentioned above!!!
  3. The Roman Catholic Cathedral in Nottingham are looking for a Director of Music - part time - approx. 16 hours a week - £28,500
  4. The Roman Catholic Church in the UK has also suspended public worship as from Friday of this week. The church in France, last week did the same.
  5. Banks were always excellent! I remember, a very long time ago, when they were in Stonegate in York, I forgot to pay a bill. The next time I was in there I was summoned into Miss Banks' office for a telling off "Really", she said, "You must pay your bills on time!!" I felt like a naughty schoolboy being sent to my Headmaster!! Miss Banks, sadly, went to another great publishing house in another place many, many years ago but Nicholas, who I think, spent his entire working life working for Banks, and another guy, who names escapes me for the moment, were there years and years after the move from Stonegate to Lendal. And what an excellent service they always gave!!
  6. Obviously not. Many thanks for the 'facebook' link. Excellent pictures of before and after. And the link brought back quite a few memories of the 'High' church of England that some of us, living where we do, dearly miss!!!
  7. S_L


    I thought it was brilliant - beautifully played on the violin and nice pedal phrasing too! Not something I ever thought of doing but, being a 'cellist, it might cause a few problems!!!
  8. Didn't the 'Copeman Hart' have a terraced console? I seem to remember a picture of the console, in a gallery, looking down towards the high altar and a lot being made of the fact that the organist could see over the top of the console at the unfolding liturgy. There is also a nice little one manual chamber organ dating from about 1772 and, partially, restored by our hosts in 2010.
  9. In keeping with the customs of the board I won't answer your question!!! Not sure about music shops - I 'googled' "Music shop - Breda", as I'm sure you did, and several places came up - with websites! One was a 'drum salon' the rest seemed to be leaning more towards the more contemporary popular style of music!! If I had a couple of spare hours to spend I would make my way to the Grotekerk to see the four manual Flentrop put in there in 1969. It is quite stunning. http://orguesfrance.com/BredaGroteKerk.html There is also the orgue du choeur from 1778 by Strumphler which is rather spectacular - in a very different way! It was originally a house organ. The Kathedrale Kerk has a two manual organ by Loret dating from 1858 About 12km away there is Oosterhout with several interesting instruments. Beware though. The Dutch are closing quite a few 'public' places because of the Coronavirus - you may be unlucky!! I haven't been to Breda for a very long time. The last time I was there was because of taking a wrong turning on the Antwerp ring-road!!! Enjoy your trip!
  10. I thought so!!!
  11. La Madeleine is the most beautiful church in a rather chic quarter of Paris!!! Odile Pierre's successor, Francois-Henri Houbart is still, I think, in residence. He was most welcoming when I visited in the 1980's. Past distinguished titulaires have included Lefebure-Wely, Saint-Saens, Dubois and Faure. Odile Pierre was there for 10 years succeeding Jeanne Demessieux in 1969.
  12. I have it in my mind, and I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, that some of the 32' pedal pipes of the Klais organ in Symphony Hall in Birmingham came to the hall by canal. I'm sure I saw a local news programme about it in 2001. It is logical - there is a canal immediately behind Symphony Hall ……………….. but I might be imagining it!!!
  13. I remember the old Mander organ at Sheffield. Graham Matthews showed it to me in about 1972/73, I would think. I also remember a recital by Jean Langlais at which I acted as registrant for him. The rehearsal was fascinating because he felt his way around the stops knobs playing and listening as he went. It was all a slightly nerve-wracking experience! There was a Tuba that, if I remember rightly, was en chamade and, sitting at the console, it nearly parted your hair!! I never got to play it but I did play the organ in the RC Cathedral in Sheffield - in 1975 - for the wedding of my brother in law.
  14. S_L

    Your Ideal Evensong!

    There is also a Magnificat in B flat - a capella - for double choir - set in Latin - difficult music! The recording I listened to was Christopher Robinson - but with St. John's and the BBC Philharmonic - it was excellent. But I can't find the Kings CD with the other three settings with orchestra. Perhaps, Rowland, you might point me in the right direction.
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