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    At one point my profile was quite extensive but, following some comments, I decided to delete it. Here is a 'cut down' version!

    I had a 'life' before this. I was a 'cellist! I studied with Pleeth and am the last English pupil of Pablo Casals.

    B.Mus. - a 'first', Master's (M.A., M.Phil.) and Ph. D level research and RCM/RAM Performer's and Teacher's Diplomas! I was lucky to be taught by and influenced by some of the most distinguished musicians of their day.

    Became an organist through necessity and a very part-time church musician about 30 years ago. I founded and ran a very busy and highly successful adult church choir.

    I have a number of publications to my name and have also been fortunate enough to have given concerts/recitals in some of Europe's most prestigious venues. I no longer play for my living!

    I enjoy this forum but I get frustrated sometimes with the pomposity of some members (and they with me!!!) and with the 'back of fag packet' organ designers!! Sometimes I make comments that infuriate members.

    Some members know who I am and are welcome to contact me via my website. If you want to contact me and don't have my website then you can do it via this board and I will always respond.

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  1. S_L

    List of beautiful English Organs

    LOL - No 6 isn't in London!! St. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury - in Fulton Missouri, USA!!
  2. S_L

    List of beautiful English Organs

    Well - they are all in the City of London - lots of, what looks like Wren! 1) All Hallows London Wall 2) St. Martin's Ludgate Hill 3) St. Mary, Woolnoth 4) St. Stephen's Walbrook 5) St Mary at Hill 6) ? 7) St. Mary le Bow
  3. S_L

    Blind Listening Experiment

    Actually I agree with that! I don't want to get into a 'pipe v electronic' debate but it could very well be that, buying an electronic, shows that the church cares very much about its programme of music. Every circumstance is different and a blanket judgement isn't particularly helpful! Well, that's what I think anyway!!
  4. S_L

    Last Night of the Proms 2018

    In my days, as a member of a professional orchestra, piano parts, such as in Shostakovitch Symphony 5, and organ parts, such as in Elgar Engima Variations, were usually played by someone who was also a member of the percussion section. In truth what, more frequently, happened with the organ parts were that they just were missed out which was a great shame. In Enigma the organ only plays in the last variation and is marked at the beginning of the score as ad lib. I think the majority of performances I took part in missed the organ out but, when it was included, the pedal entry just after Fig. 76, where Elgar marks 16' & 32', is devastating and the long sustained pedal writing, from there to the end of the movement, holds the whole orchestra up! - just like in Pomp & Circumstance last night!
  5. S_L

    Last Night of the Proms 2018

    I don't think that Andrew Davis forgot to thank the organist, being an ex Kings organ scholar I can't imagine him doing that. However the organist was just a member of the orchestra and stood in recognition of the applause like the rest of the band! He didn't thank the timpani player either! As to who was playing? It was probably the organist attached to the BBC Symphony orchestra. His name would be given in the programme if you could get hold of one! On the subject of the 'Proms' I did think that it was one of the most imaginative series for a very long time. Of course there were omissions but lots of amazing performances by amazing musicians and a huge variety of music. I heard quite a lot of it. I think the highlights, for me, were the Messiaen Turangalila symphony and the Tallis scholars evening! The Messiaen is an amazing work!!
  6. S_L

    List of beautiful English Organs

    Beautiful - but where is it?
  7. S_L

    St Asaph

    Notice that it says "the same high standards of music and worship for principal cathedral and diocesan services." not "the same high standards of music".
  8. S_L

    St Asaph

    Posted on the Cathedral Website on 13th August. The Dean and Chapter of St Asaph Cathedral have released the following statement: “Following a reduction in the budget, which has been under financial pressure for some time, we have had to review our financial position. “We have already put in place a number of different cost cutting strategies, including non-staff related cost saving. However, it is with the greatest regret that we now have to consider further cost-cutting measures, which are likely to involve making a small number of redundancies unless any viable alternatives can be found. We can confirm that we have begun the redundancy process but in the interest of those affected, we cannot comment further until that process has been completed. “We can however give our assurances that arrangements will be put in place to ensure that the Cathedral continues to provide the same high standards of music and worship for principal cathedral and diocesan services. I think the last paragraph is the telling one but, perhaps, it would be better not to make comment until the full facts of the matter are known.
  9. S_L

    List of beautiful English Organs

    The donkey, of course, is a major player in the history of religion. He was there at two great moments in the story of Christianity in that he carried Mary to Bethlehem to give birth to the Christ-child and, later, he carried Jesus whilst the Jews shouted 'Hosanna to the Son of David'! My close friend, who is Vicar of a beautiful ancient Abbey in the Midlands always employs a donkey on Palm Sunday. One year the donkey stayed for the whole service and joined in the singing of the hymns with great gusto! I have a vision of the donkey, standing in his field, looking at his calendar and saying "It's that time of the year again!!!" David. Your encyclopedic knowledge always astounds me - but that has to be one of the best I have ever heard!!!
  10. S_L

    Basil Ramsey (C&O)

    I am sorry to hear of Basil Ramsey's death. He was, particularly, kind to me when, a few years ago now, I was having a lot of difficulties with a local musician, who had an overinflated opinion of his playing abilities, wanting to give recitals all over the place and making public and derogatory remarks about those who refused to allow him to do so because they knew the standard of recital to expect!!!! Basil wrote me a lovely, unprompted and extremely witty, letter which gave me the encouragement to 'hold my ground' and kept the said player at bay! I had the impression that he was a nice man! May he rest in peace!
  11. S_L


    Thank you for the explanaiton Colin!! I don't text if I can help it and my mobile phone is of the type that went in, or was it out, two by two!!!
  12. S_L


    Oh dear! I manage to follow most things on here - with the possible exception of when the good Dr. Colin indulges in explanations surrounded by Physics and Maths!! ………………………………………………. but I don't understand any of this!!
  13. S_L

    List of beautiful English Organs

    When I came to live in this little tiny village in South West France my next door neighbour, from half a mile away, Jean-Louis Texier, knocked on my door on the first Sunday afternoon I was here, to welcome me to the village. He was astounded that I was a musician, even more astounded that I played the organ! And he invited me over to his home, across the lake, where he has two Hammond organs - rescued from churches in the North of France!!! Who would have thought it?
  14. S_L

    List of beautiful English Organs

    Sorry! I just thought that, seeing as other Cambridge college chapels and a couple of Cathedrals, had got a mention, I'd put a 'plug' in for my old alma mater!
  15. S_L

    List of beautiful English Organs

    And, just so David doesn't feel he is monopolising the thread, here is one of the most famous sights in the country! I need say no more! - apart from perfect - architecturally totally perfect! http://npor.org.uk/NPORView.html?RI=N05254