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    At one point my profile was quite extensive but, following some comments, I decided to delete it. Here is a 'cut down' version!

    I had a 'life' before this. I was a 'cellist! I studied with Pleeth and am the last English pupil of Pablo Casals.

    B.Mus. - a 'first', Master's (M.A., M.Phil.) and Ph. D level research and RCM/RAM Performer's and Teacher's Diplomas! I was lucky to be taught by and influenced by some of the most distinguished musicians of their day.

    Became an organist through necessity and a very part-time church musician about 30 years ago. I founded and ran a very busy and highly successful adult church choir.

    I have a number of publications to my name and have also been fortunate enough to have given concerts/recitals in some of Europe's most prestigious venues. I no longer play for my living!

    I enjoy this forum but I get frustrated sometimes with the pomposity of some members (and they with me!!!) and with the 'back of fag packet' organ designers!! Sometimes I make comments that infuriate members.

    Some members know who I am and are welcome to contact me via my website. If you want to contact me and don't have my website then you can do it via this board and I will always respond.

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  1. S_L

    Buckfast Abbey

    "wasteful, badly thought-out and, in places, gimmicky" was how the new organ at Buckfast, on paper anyway, was described earlier - and not by me, I hesitate to add! I presume that you wouldn't agree AJJ! I look forward to hearing it one day and I shall make an effort the next time I am in the UK to visit Buckfast. I look forward to hearing other's opinions too once they have had a chance to hear it 'in the flesh'!!!
  2. S_L

    Buckfast Abbey

    Tell us more AJJ!
  3. S_L

    New Organ Piece by Parry

    Absolutely Martin. Thank you for that Vox!!!
  4. S_L


    The website gives the title of Prom 10 as 'Faure, Frank and Widor's Toccata' - so, presumably, she is only playing the last movement of the Widor - at 6 minutes long. The site also gives Iveta Apkalna as the only performer so it looks as if this is one of Bax's arrangements of Bach - for organ!! Bax did arrange BWV572 for piano - perhaps this is an arrangement of an arrangement! But it would appear that no orchestra is involved! I normally comment on the 'Proms' programme because there is, nearly always, so much exciting music to listen to. This year I haven't had a chance to have a look but I did notice that Prom 4 includes Messiaen's Turangalila Sumphony - a singularly amazing piece of music!
  5. S_L

    Hymn tune SALZBURG

    I can't find any reference to Salzburg or any indication that Hintze worked there or had associations there. He seems to have spent his time around Berlin, towns in the North of Germany, around the Baltic and in Denmark. However I did find a source that cast doubts as to his authorship of the tune.
  6. S_L

    Proplem with Registration In Swedish

    It should be played with a 'Romantic registration' (voix celeste or similar!) and the solo can played with an octave. There is a recording of the piece here:
  7. S_L

    Buckfast Abbey

    The opening recital at Buckfast, I read, is to be given by Martin Baker on Friday 20th of April. "To showcase the new instruments, further recitals are planned for 2018, featuring some of the world’s finest organists, including David Briggs, Vincent Dubois, Richard Lea/Matthew Searles, Matthew Martin and Richard Lester" (Lichfield Organists' Association). (Edited to add: the Buckfast Website gives the Recital as 'Sold Out')
  8. As far as the Charpentier is concerned I would have thought that, if you find a simple version and adapt it, half an hour with 'Sibelius' will get you the version that satisfies both you, the trumpet player and the situation you are in. It's not difficult for the trumpet player, and even easier if he has a D trumpet. The trumpet part will need transposing but many trumpet players will read from a Trumpet in C - and, if he/she doesn't, it is a five second job on 'Sibelius' to transpose it! I think there is a lot to be said for making your own version, or arrangement, of music. What you produce suits you and it suits the situation you find yourself in - and 'Sibelius' (I have 'Sibelius 7') or a good music programme is hugely useful in this regard. The other benefit is that you can produce a professional looking copy and playing from a good copy, in my considerable playing experience (as a 'cellist!), produces a better performance from the player.
  9. S_L

    Chester Cathedral Organ

    Sometimes we do come across titulaires who, jealously, guard their instrument - for whatever reason. My experience is that it has usually been their own insecurity! My policy, and I was never in charge of a remarkable instrument but I was responsible for music in a church which guarded its music jealously, was that I expected visiting organists to be able to demonstrate their competence. And that meant holding an organ diploma or playing weekly or even by just a telephone conversation - 'one gets the feeling about these things' It was rare for us to refuse to allow a visitor to play - in fact I think it happened twice in ten years - and, on both occasions, we discovered afterwards, it turned out to be the right decision! When we did have a visitor I didn't get a fee. I'm sorry but I think petulance is the province of children and not professional people - I'm glad, however, that you enjoyed your little victory!!!
  10. S_L

    Organs on Google Street-view

    Mozart - KV399 There is a recording of it here:
  11. S_L

    Organs on Google Street-view

    I'm told that the site now occupied by Morrisons superstore in Wednesbury originally had a Methodist church on the site - hence the organ pipes and the large figure of Wesley.
  12. S_L

    Appointments 2

    Birmingham Cathedral are advertising for a Head of Music, a full time position and they are paying £33,000. No accommodation is offered. I won't work out the Mathematics but I would imagine that equates to very little more - if anything!
  13. S_L

    Organs on Google Street-view

    As you stand facing the main organ case there is an aisle going down the left hand outside of the choir stalls - towards where the Chapter House might have been.. As you go through the entrance to the side aisle the spiral staircase is immediately to your right. I can't get it to show!
  14. S_L

    Organs on Google Street-view

    Thanks for posting those wonderful pictures of one of my all time favourite buildings - I have known Beverley Minster all my life. The late Peter Fletcher, the Minster organist, gave me my first 'cello lesson and I have played 'continuo' in there so many times (usually in the freezing cold!!!) And the pictures of the 'Crumbs Deli' reminds me of things that I miss about the UK - 'Hand raised Pork Pies with cranberry'!!!! Sorry to hijack your thread! - but Beverley Minster (and pork pies!!) mean so much to me!!
  15. Well, Dr. Pykett, that statement will make you popular here! There are quite a number of 'Cathedral' musicians, who style themselves 'Dr', who have never studied to Doctorate level and who have been given an Honorary Doctorate from a local University to the Cathedral in which they have worked for years. Some would argue that it is deserved. I agree that it does debase the whole currency and meaning of academia - but it happens and this profession loves it!!!