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  1. Thank you Martin for Andrew Lucas' account of the use of the royal Trumpets. I never said that they Royal Trumpets were banned! I said that Her Majesty was 'a little taken aback' and that a request was made that they weren't used when she was underneath them - which is, in effect, what Andrew wrote.
  2. I am reliably told that the first time 'herself' heard the Royal Trumpets she was somewhat taken aback by the noise they made and the 'old Duke' was a little more forthright about them!!! I'm also told that a request came, from 'Buck house' that they be not used when the two, aforesaid mentioned persons are directly underneath them!!! Only gossip of course but it's a good story with, I understand, an element of truth!
  3. Yes - I'm not quite sure what the video was designed to tell me - apart from the French tend to have, in their cathedrals, two organs, le grande orgue at the west End and the orgue de choeur in the choir. Despite this seemingly preponderance of organs, the French don't have strong choral tradition. I'll be willing to bet that, prior to the Widor you post from the cathedral in Nancy the noises that preceded it at Holy Mass were a little grim. I've been in a very well-known Paris church on a Sunday morning attempting to sing Credo III, accompanied, antiphonally, by the two organs (and two organi
  4. Perhaps you would like to tell us more!!!
  5. Sorry - it still shows as: "This attachment is not available. It may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it to this location." Perhaps it's my computer!!!
  6. I knew Raymond Sunderland well. He was my close friend and I was, I know like yourself, devastated that Christmas morning in 1977. I'd love to read the enclosure - but unfortunately it won't show on my computer!!!
  7. One of my ex-colleagues had been a student of Thiman at the RAM. At Vespers we used to, occasionally, sing, as an Introit, one from the book of 24 Introits published by Novello. They were, mostly, sight-readable, quite short, beautifully crafted and well worth singing
  8. Martin. I think there are two of them. I seem to remember I have copies of both somewhere here! Oecumuse - of blessed memory!!
  9. There are two Carillons in Birmingham to my knowledge. One is the famous Bournville Carillion, the other is in the RC church of the Holy Rosary in Saltley. I was once invited to play them both - but, somehow, never got around to it!!
  10. I performed his Mass in Memory of Benjamin Britten in St. Chad's cathedral in Birmingham around about 1983. It wasn't easy, a good piece and I remember the choir, who had never attempted anything like that before, enjoyed it! And it worked in the resonance of the old St. Chad's cathedral. I also, at different times, used some of his descants and fanfares - all very well crafted! Requiem Aeternum
  11. He is also selling an ARCO and ARCM hood
  12. Thank you Rowland, I appreciate that! I was sure that it was Raymond Sunderland had told me that FJ had some input into the new FRCO hood but was slightly wary of mentioning it because, on here, people are so quick to refute what one writes!! Of course, I've never worn one and am amazed at the cost. As I said my Ph.D hood cost me, I think £75 and, of the innumerable hoods that I have earned I don't think I ever paid more than £50 for one. I can't remember the last time I wore a hood - perhaps Evensong at Kings in the last century!!!
  13. Most unlikely as you say Martin - because VW died in 1958 and didn't the new hood come in about early 1970!! It could have been Howells, I suppose - he died in 1983!! The old hood was turquoise and brown, my Grandmother had one!!! Someone told me that the new hood was inspired (or even designed) by Francis Jackson - no doubt I'll be corrected on that!!!
  14. £155 now - and 19 bids!! I can't believe there are 19 FRCO's out there needing a hood and being prepared to pay that kind of money!! How much is a new one? I only paid £95 for my Ph.D. hood!
  15. I watched this last night. I have a 'soft spot' for the Durufle Requiem, and I can think of a not very 'pc' word to describe the Kyries - orgasmic!! (I hope this word doesn't cause offence!) Trinity college chapel is not large by any stretch of the imagination but, given social distancing etc. I thought this to be an splendid performance, recorded live nearly a fortnight ago on September 30th. I thought both the Metzler and the organist coped very well, there are easier organs in Cambridge to play this music on. And, on a very personal note, September 30th was the ninth anniversary
  16. I suggested that you might contact JSW in the Tertius Noble thread but, there, you said that you were reticent. JSW's phone number is in the BT book where you will also find his address. He is also on Linkedin but his website seems to be down at the moment
  17. What a wonderful present from a local Organist's Association to it's most distinguished and oldest member and one time President. And, for me, lots of memories of continuo playing at York in FJ's day. Belated Happy Birthday Francis!
  18. I don't normally listen to Choral Evensong! Despite it being one of the glories of the 1549/1552/1662 Prayer Book and the English Reformation it is not part of my tradition. However on Darius' recommendation I listened to the recording from Guildford. I have to say that it was as fine as any I have heard for a very, very long time. Thank you Darius - and to KD-W and the choir from Guildford. Sitting in the middle of rural France listening to English Liturgical practice and, particularly to Coe Fen seemed slightly bizarre but brought back all kinds of feelings and happy memories!
  19. LOL. I remember, many years ago, playing the piano for a violinist, now a professional violist, who was doing his Grade VIII. Two of the pieces spring to mind. The first was a Mozart Rondo with a very long piano introduction. the second was some Poulenc, I can't remember the piece, but I do remember the piano part was horrendous. It was a piece that needed considerable preparation on my part before we even thought about putting it with the violin. Anyway it all worked out quite well and we went to the exam. We arrived at the exam room and, as we were going into the exam I asked the steward wh
  20. John Scott Whiteley has recorded Autumn. (Naxos) Have you thought of contacting him. I suspect he might have quite a number of the Choral Preludes too! And if he hasn't he might be able to point you in the right direction. You could even try speaking to FJ who, I have always found to be most accommodating!
  21. In the true tradition of the board, for diverting away from the topic in discussion, can I say that I have always found the 'attendants' at Norwich incredibly helpful. I visited there quite a few years ago with a close friend, an African Bishop, in full episcopal dress!! A few days earlier we had been at Coventry where the Bishop was insulted by the 'attendants'. (Them) "He'll have to pay the £8 entry fee!" (Me) "It is customary to waive the fee for visiting clergy". (Them) "He's not one of ours!!!" He was - we left!!! At Norwich they were helpful without being overpowering and we had a
  22. It was good to hear the Albert Hall organ leading the singing of 'Jerusalem' last night rather than the Elgar orchestration usually used. And, what seems to have become the norm, to hear the hauntingly beautiful rendition of the National Anthem by Benjamin Britten.
  23. I have a ceremony to play the organ for next Tuesday - it's for the installation of a Hermit within the Archdiocese of Bordeaux. I was planning to improvise on the sequence 'Stabat Mater dolorosa' (page 1634 - Liber Usualis) - the phrasing and structure of the sequence does rather lend itself to an improvisation
  24. No Martin - it isn't - I've got part of the tune in my head - and I'll grant you that 'A virgin most pure' is a very definite possibility - but it isn't that! The first three notes repeat and then go up and down the run - and then repeat again!! Of course - I may be wrong!
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