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Algernon Ashton & Harold Truscott


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The late Harold Truscott was my friend and colleague. He was a fount of knowledge, an amazing pianist and he introduced me to the works of Algernon Ashton (& Havergal Brian!). Together we gave performances of Ashton's Arioso Op.43, the Phantasiestucke Op 12 and the G maj, 'cello Sonata. We had planned on a performance of the Op. 6 Sonata but Harold died before we were able to complete the task.

I'm trying to find scores of four organ works by Ashton and two by Harold Truscott.

The Ashton works are the: Interludium Op. 11 (1883), Postludium Op. 29 (1886) Andante Pastorale Op 41 and the Minuet Op. 81.

As far as I know, Harold only wrote two works for Organ, a Toccata in A min. in 1956 and a Trio Sonata in E flat in 1971.

If any member could point me in the direction of any of these six scores I would be very grateful.

Many thanks

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Thank you for that. I knew of David Ingate when he was at Beverley but that was in the late 50's early 60's. I shall contact Bardic Edition, and Kevin Bowyer,  today.

I notice that the Trio Sonata, in E flat, was the first of a series of six that he planned to write! I wonder where that influence came from!!!! I also wonder if he ever got around to writing Nos. 2 - 6 and what keys they were to be in - C min., D min., E min., C maj. and G Maj. perhaps!! I know he had cupboards full of manuscript when he was at Huddersfield but none of these other five Sonatas have, apparently, come to light since his retirement in '79 and death in 1992..  

Anyone with thoughts on the Algernon Ashton pieces?

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Thank you for that sjf1967. 'Bardic' were able to furnish me with the two copies of Harold Truscott's music. I have them on my desk in front of me and they are very difficult!!! They were also able to point me in the right direction of three of the Ashton pieces. Only the Op. 81 Minuet has, so far eluded me!


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