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Illustration showing Boely at an organ

Denis O'Connor

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The abbreviation "Coll. part.", following the copyright symbol, is short for "collection particulière" - private collection.

What is now needed is to track down 'DR'. Cue our French-based experts ?

That well-upholstered bench is very high for M. Boëly: his foot is fully flexed and only his big toe looks as if it's making contact with the pedal. I presume that apparently empty ironwork brazier is there to provide heat for a chilly loft, when required. No wonder so many churches burned down. There's a candle-holder for the pedals, too; with two behind him, on the Positif de dos.

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The page which I linked above is from M. Ménissier’s website.  It includes a contact form and a wealth of other information about instruments and repertoire is accessible in the usual way from the links across the top of the page. Helpfully, M. Ménissier also provides his personal biography in English.  He has performed in many places and many countries, but only Scotland, it seems, in the UK.  Among different musical ensembles with which M. Ménissier has performed, S_L will particularly note that these include a serpentist!

DR can have several possible meanings (although droits réservés does seem most likely), but contacting M. Ménissier will be the safest way of finding out.  Without actually checking, copyright is claimed, I think, for all of the illustrations.  

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