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    The work of John Compton and the art of scaling and voicing.
  1. Holy Trinity Coventry

    Thanks for this Dafydd, the £1.4 million is an eye-watering figure for a 50-stop organ. The restoration of aged pipe organs, a great many of them built thanks to generous benefactors, is of particular interest. Digressing, I have a particular interest and concern for the 80-year-old Forster & Andrews/John Compton rebuild organ in Hull Minster - four manuals and 104 speaking stops that has had no major restoration in all those years. It's now crying out for compassion and a generous purse.
  2. Holy Trinity Coventry

    Quite agree about your entombment comments. There were some murmurings just a few years back (or so it would seem) that the Stafford H&H was the serious subject of restoration but I've not heard anything more.
  3. Holy Trinity Coventry

    Not far from my home is another fine H&H that has stood redundant for several years. Another whopper, built in 1909 with 50-plus stops and four manuals it's in St Mary's, Stafford, and is a victim of the ever-increasing problem, MONEY!
  4. Unusual audience member

    Much agreed, John. I wonder how many will turn up at Hull City Hall this coming Friday and Saturday where there's "OrganFest" compered by BBC news reader Huw Edwards. It features some first-class recitalists - John Scott Whiteley, Darius Battiwalla, Gordon Stewart, Kevin Bowyer etc., etc. The occasion is part of Hull's UK City of Culture celebrations.
  5. Buckfast Abbey

    There are so many good organists to choose from. From a Catholic perspective, James Norrey, presently on the staff at Rochester Cathedral, is a very talented young organist. I have wondered about David Patrick, an excellent recitalist and he made an outstanding recording on the former organ at Buckfast. But why look outside when there’s Buckfast’s Richard Lea? Thanks to Spotify I recently listened to his exciting recording on Liverpool Met’s fine Walker organ in Priory’s Great European Organs series. Carol Williams has told me she has much liking for Ruffatti’s output and she could play a wide spectrum of organ music although this might get some looking down their noses.
  6. Buckfast Abbey

    Dave Harries wonders who might give the opening recital. Buckfast's own Richard Lea would be a good choice and Carol Williams tells me she much likes playing organs built by Ruffatti.
  7. York Minster

    That's the second large job I know of in the diocese that PPO have lost. I always considered Walker's rebuild sounded excellent and I am sure H&H will do likewise. It will be interesting to learn of any revisions to the specification.
  8. Hull City Hall

    There's nothing like live music, but for those who have not enjoyed the experience of hearing the magnificent organ of Hull City Hall, here are some audio and combined audio-visual clips featuring Paul Derrett, better known in times past on these pages as "Cynic." They amply give a reasonable impression of the organ's vast resources. http://www.paulderrett.co.uk/multimedia.html
  9. Hull City Hall

    The organ of Hull City Hall is a truly magnificent instrument. As a young boy I was privileged to see Compton’s rebuild and enlarge it in 1950 and got to know Jimmy Taylor, John Compton’s right-hand man. I attended the first recital given by Fernando Germani and Norman Strafford, the City Organist and consultant overseeing the rebuild. Perhaps understandably, nobody has mentioned in this thread the organ in Hull Minster (formerly Holy Trinity Parish Church) which contains yet another masterpiece by way of a rebuild and enlargement by Compton. Having not been rebuilt since 1938 it is presently not in the best of health. The reeds were sublimely voiced by the legendary Billy Jones. When funds are eventually raised for a complete restoration it will be another gem in the Yorkshire organ scene.
  10. Peter Collins...end of an era.

    Yes I realise this. My profession was a PR consultant.
  11. Peter Collins...end of an era.

    So true. I often tune into the news programme, BBC Look North that covers East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, especially because Hull is the so-called City of Culture 2017. You can bet that if there's a twang and bang concert in the city it will be covered by the programme. Yet recently the Hull Philharmonic Orchestra celebrated an anniversary which included a world premiere of Karl Jenkins' "6000 Pipes," a tribute to Hull's magnificent Forster & Andrews/John Compton concert organ in the City Hall and with Jonathan Scott at the console. Did the BBC cover it in their local TV news programme by perhaps interviewing the organist or giving a flavour of the organ piece? Of course not, it's serious culture and it's the BBC!
  12. Appointments 2

  13. Appointments 2

    David Poulter............... I can't believe that the Liverpool Cathedral website is apparently so out of date, but interestingly the list of organists ceases at the name of Ian Tracey, against which it states: 1988 to Present. There is no mention of David Poulter.
  14. "Organ" in King's College Chapel

    Quite a coincidence that you should post such a topic, Colin. Last Saturday I was at a dinner in Hull and one of my table neighbours and I were discussing the state of disrepair of the 104-stop F&A/Compton in the city’s Holy Trinity Church. Apart from tunings it’s not been overhauled in all its 78 years. But as a layman, although university qualified in electronics, my neighbour had not the slightest idea of what might lay behind frontice pipes and how keys and stops transmitted to the organ although he realised electricity was the means. As our conversation developed I found myself explaining the differences between flues and reeds, scaling and methods of tuning. Like you, I sent him some of the H&H videos and stills of what’s taking place at King’s. He’s amazed and keenly wishes us to continue the conversation the next time we’re likely to be dining together.
  15. A new application of physics

    Posted a day too early, perhaps???