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  1. I wholeheartedly agree with you, Bach can be incredibly beautiful, but it can also become overly repetitious, and frenetic. It can be a big turn-off. I have heard several outstanding recitalists echo these thoughts.
  2. Equally sadly, I have none of her recordings. Without question she was one of the world's top recitalists, men and women. I have had to resort to YouTube to hear her once again but don't think the Blackburn recording is listed. I shall have to try Spotify.
  3. https://slippedisc.com/2020/06/sudden-death-of-an-organ-star/
  4. Have just learned some sad news that Jane Parker-Smith has died.
  5. Circa 30 years is nothing compared with Hull Minster's Forster & Andrews/John Compton organ that's not been touched for over 80 years. It has now lain silent for several years until the money can be raised for an extensive clean and overhaul. It's amazing how multi-millions can be found almost at the drop of a hat to restore organs in our cathedrals, whilst seemingly lesser buildings struggle to raise the funds. Hull Minster is the city's "cathedral."
  6. I wonder if Sheffield Cathedral is aware of this? Having promised to replace it's former Mander organ that disappeared many moons ago, this organ could form the basis of a much larger instrument suitable for the cathedral.
  7. Norman Strafford was also the City Organist, consultant for the rebuilt organ and shared the recital with Germani. I was there. I definitely don't recall the console having "rounded ends."
  8. I understand that when the Forster & Andrews/John Compton organ, including the console, in Hull Minster is overhauled, cleaned and renovated, the Compton luminous stopheads are to be retrofitted with LED’s. Have, I wonder, any other similar Compton consoles been so retrofitted? When, in 1939, the console was first used, the intensity of incoming natural light was so strong that it neutered the stops’ tungsten light output and individual brown paper discs were cut and inserted to produce warm glows when stops were actuated.
  9. Jonathan has been a long time growing on me, but this recital has finally brought home to me what a fine organist he is. Like most highly talented people there comes across strong evidence of humility.
  10. What a most highly talented lady.
  11. In terms of an organ stop I cannot find any reference to a Saxhorn, even in the Encyclopaedia of Organ Stops. But apparently its modern-day equivalent is the Tenor Horn, a core instrument found in brass bands. I'm not surprised that it sits well on a Solo division.
  12. The T C Lewis organ at St Marie's RC Cathedral, Sheffield was in a dreadful state in the 1990's, essentially the mechanical action. It was then maintained by a firm of local bodgers, the unreliable aluminium connections to rollers affixed by Araldite. It has since been rebuilt in conjunction with Andrew Carter and Nicholson's. Not an organ I find particularly inspiring.
  13. The Mander organ eventually disappeared several years ago, I believe acquired by Henry Willis's after several rumoured and failed attempts to sell it to another venue. High on the list was a church in Newquay, Cornwall, but nothing ever came of it.
  14. Directors of Music at Sheffield Cathedral don't seem to stay for long periods, arguably the last being Graham Mathews. Is it because the long-promised pipe organ has never materialised?
  15. Thanks, Tony, I had already seen what You Tube had to offer but wondered if there were any MP3 recordings that would have given better quality. I may, though, have to go down the route you suggest. Barry.
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