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  1. Holy Trinity Coventry

    I think the church has now got it (in storage somewhere) awaiting funds to restore. I'm certain you are bang on with your guess Paul - despite saying in my first post that I have no connection with the church, I do have friends who have close connections!
  2. Holy Trinity Coventry

    Sounds likely doesn't it - and probably the right size for the building too. Depending on where they position it, it should sound stunning (hopefully not where the old organ was). Richard Harrison
  3. Holy Trinity Coventry

    I notice from the Church website that a 2nd hand Harrison organ has been purchased for the Church from a redundant building "up North". This could be good news. It's a lovely church which once housed a 4-manual Willis (1960's) which was scrapped in or around 2008. Since then, a toaster has been in use. I don't know any more than this, and have no direct connections with the church, but thought people might like to know about it, given an appeal for money has been launched!
  4. The Lewis At Teddington

    Yes I know - I was just thinking about large Victorian Churches in general, not so much whether they were still in use or not!
  5. The Lewis At Teddington

    I think I am right in saying St Jude's Thornton Heath sold their (large) organ to Carlo Curley and it was shipped to the USA awaiting rebuild there? I might be completely wrong and if so, no doubt, someone will put me right! Richard
  6. The Lewis At Teddington

    Other large Victorian piles........All Saint's Leamington Spa, St Matthew's Northampton, St Stephen's Bournemouth, Doncaster Minster, All Saint's Hove, etc. There must be loads! Most named so far also have stone vaults which is a relatively rare in a parish church? The main topic of this thread (Teddington), reminds me of a huge church in Southend on Sea which suffered a similar fate, though this church was demolished (however, the organ was rescued and rehomed).
  7. Restoration Reports

    I think so Colin - RAC (a member of this forum), I am sure will confirm this at some point soon as he is organist! Speaking of the 32' trombone, I am sure I read somewhere that Ralph Downes had a less-than favourable opinion of the rank when he was playing there during the war years and said words to the effect that he had never heard such an unmusical noise! I cannot remember where I read this, and would also add that my words are an approximation of what I can remember! We have a 16' posaune on our pedal organ which, to me is a most unmusical sound!
  8. Restoration Reports

    You might be interested to know Colin that some of the pipework from the Walker organ in St Mary's Nottingham found its way into our organ at St Francis Welwyn Garden City!
  9. Hull City Hall

    St Peter's - yes I remember now. Also, I think the Church I was thinking of is St Wilfred's, and it is actually a Temple Moore Church - not Pearson, but still very impressive. I have just looked on NPOR and see that the organ in there is a 3 manual Harrison. It is situated in the North Transept and clothed in a rather ugly pipe rack!
  10. Hull City Hall

    I wasn't suggesting York was in the North-East though it might look like that from my reply. Shropshire Lad was asking for organs of interest "up north" and he mentioned Ripon as a possible candidate, so surely it would not be unreasonable to then list some good organs not a million miles from Ripon (which is what I did)? I should have then just said that I didn't mention York Minster as it was so well known already, and further up the Country, Durham! There are two organs of note in Harrogate I think, though I cannot remember enough detail - a four-manual in a church in the town centre and a fine 3 manual just out of town in what my memory tells me might be a Pearson church with a fine stone vault and good acoustic?
  11. Music That We'd Rather Not Play

    Regarding The Crucifixon (Stainer), for me, like any piece of music, it much depends on the performance. I completely understand why a lot of people wince at the mention, but when you listen to a performance such as Guildford Cathedral Choir with Barry Rose (late 1960's I think), it seems to elevate itself from the mundane to something rather special.
  12. Hull City Hall

    If you are going to Yorkshire and surrounding areas, then Bridlington Priory is quite a thrilling instrument, so too is the large Walker in Ampleforth Abbey (not far from Ripon). Doncaster Minster, Selby Abbey (very recently rebuilt), Beverley Minster and perhaps the RC Cathedral in Leeds. I have deliberately not mentioned the obvious ones in the North East (eg Durham, York etc)! Richard
  13. Canterbury Cathedral & Manchester Cathedral, New organs

    Is it anywhere else, or just the OCJ?
  14. Balfour Gardiner's Evening Hymn

    Fascinating! I must admit then whenever I conduct this piece with my choir (on a fairly regular basis as the trebles like it so much!), I am often moaned at by the men because I insist on singing it using the English translation rather than the Latin! The only reasons I give is that I like the English, it fits the music well (especially the middle section), and nowhere in the score does it gives the composers preference to the language to use in performance! We sang it recently in a West Country Cathedral where the Precentor announced it, and continued to give a full translation of the Latin for the benefit of the congregation. It was mildly amusing to see his face when he heard the English in the opening bars of the choral entry!
  15. Nave Booster Organs

    Forgive the odd topic title, and also if this has been covered before! We have just returned from a week singing the services at Winchester Cathedral. As many of you know the organ there is fine indeed, and with the addition of the "Nave" section (which is in the Quire, but speaks West rather boldly), seems to hold it's own in both parts of the building - especially Sunday Eucharist in the Nave. There are many other Cathedrals which have, in recent times, either added a West End section, or a Nave division to help with the singing throughout the building. Off the top of my head I can think of St Paul's Cathedral, Lichfield, Canterbury, Chichester and Exeter. There are also those who have independent organs such as Chelmsford and Southwell Then there are Bradford and Llandaff who used to have them but now don't And finally, those who have them planned - Worcester and Portsmouth spring to mind (the latter are gaining some fanfare trumpets at the West end apparently). So that leads me to those cathedrals whose organs are self-contained in the Choir - amongst which are Salisbury, Truro, Lincoln, Hereford, Ely..... I wonder whether it is simply a matter of time before these Cathedrals find the money to provide a nave division, or perhaps the instrument in the Choir copes more than happily without one (Ripon I would say is a good example of that - not a huge building, with the organ speaking East and West on the screen)?