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  1. I hope you’ll forgive a slight diversion, but you might like to check out Gunnar Idenstam’s ‘Cathedral Music’ collections. These pieces are a fusion of French Romantic and rock and pop styles - some of them very effective.
  2. Dear Richard, Thanks for your message. I have indeed seen the Abebooks copy, but having been stung by a less-than-scrupulous seller on that site already, I thought I’d see if I could track down a more ‘local’ copy first! All the best.
  3. Thanks for your help, S_L. I dare say you’ll have discovered quite quickly, as I did, that obtaining the majority of Bingham’s music is a bit of an ordeal. I did indeed get in touch with Dr. Marks, who was most helpful, and confirmed my assumptions that the work is out-of-print and hard to obtain. Unfortunately his copy is stored somewhere inaccessible whilst we’re all in lockdown! Thanks again!
  4. Dear colleagues, I’ve been trying, unsuccessfully, to obtain a copy of this piece. It is in copyright, but out of print. My emails to the publisher haven’t been answered, and I’ve attempted to purchase it from various book-selling websites with no success (even after shelling out some dosh). Does anyone have a copy that they’d be willing to sell/lend/copy? I’d be most grateful. Thanks!
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